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    Mac Computers, 128k, 512k, Plus, SE/30, Color Classic, Power PC, 3400C, iMac G4, Titanium PB, iMac intel, Saxophones, Big Band Music
  1. kelmac

    SE/30 "simasimac" problem

    If you have an SE/30 with the "no" sound problem. I can recommend an excellent person that can clean, recap and test your logic board for a very reasonable cost. His PM name is Phreakout and he is an expert working on SE/30 logic boards. He just restored 3 SE/30 logic boards for me within a 2 week time frame. Phreakout you are an awesome member of this liberation army of mac nuts. Thanks for the great job!!!
  2. kelmac

    SE/30 "simasimac" problem

    I have 2 SE/30 macs. Both run fine except for no sound. I can heard faint sound when plugging into the auxially jack with my iPod ear phones. I think the C6 cap needs to be replaced on each logic board. Do you know of any skilled technicians that I could send my logic boards to get recapped? I appreciate all the expert advise, but my skills are limited to replacing boards. I live in Peoria IL and am will to pay for getting these logic boards recapped. I am a Mac nut from 1985. I just bought some SE/30 on eBay. They really scream compared to my 4 meg Mac Plus. Please advise. Keith