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  1. maceffects

    eBay find: upgraded SE

    Great system at a fair price. Very strange video issue. I’m not really sure the cause of that. I’ve seen many issues, but none like this. Hope others will chime in.
  2. maceffects

    Apple Set Top Box

    Please keep us posted, I’ve had many over the years and always wondered what it could do. I’m certain *something* could be done.
  3. maceffects

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    A new frame and some MB work and it will be good as new. Also, if the AEK II is in good shape that’s at least worth $40. So it’s like getting an SE for free
  4. maceffects

    Wooden 1400c lid cover ?

    I think it was aftermarket and I remember seeing them on eBay a lot more common years ago.
  5. So I finally managed to obtain a Micron xceed with the Grayscale adapter, it set me back $1000 which I considered a bargain compared to the one that sold on the Bay for $2000+. My question is, is the card plug and play or are drivers needed before installing? If required, what version (if any) should I use? And lastly can it be used in conjunction with the TwinSpark plus 50mhz upgrade?
  6. Yeah, I may hook it up to the machine and see. It needs a recap so I may just put it in my LC 475. Amazingly I have the drive that came with it so I probably have the drivers that came with it.
  7. maceffects

    PowerBook 180c Won't Turn On

    I agree just watch the brittle plastics. Check all the SMD capacitors while you’re inside.
  8. The strange thing is that the DB-9 connector is removable.
  9. I ordered an LC with what I assumed was a co-processor card from a birds eye photo. However, once I got it, it appears to be a video card. The only marking is on the main chip but Googling the sticker revealed nothing. It is a DB-9 style monitor connector and has 4 hm53461zp-12 video memory chips. Anyone see one of these before? Is it a single page display card?
  10. maceffects

    PowerBook 180c Won't Turn On

    Could be an issue with the connector on the laptop or the AC if OEM. That said it will need new capacitors regardless. Also, make sure to boot without battery if it’s dead. The HD is probably sticky and needs work or replaced. Regarding the disk, that’s too old of an OS to boot this machine. Likewise, floppy drive issues are common with this series. Have you tried the paperclip method to remove the disk?
  11. I agree with Bolle, it’s entirely possible for it to have 2 cards and the connector to be modified. It looks different from any I’ve seen close up.
  12. maceffects

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    That is an interesting situation, I think you may be right. I am willing to sacrifice one of my boards if it will lead to learning something useful.
  13. maceffects

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    So with the video ROM pulled it should yield favorable test results? Would adding a custom ROM be of use? Just trying to brainstorm. I have some machines I can use for testing too if we get to that point.
  14. You are not alone. I really wish I could do this...
  15. maceffects

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    Was that testing a card with the jumper/switch or did you try to use the prototype card? Looks interesting. I’m certainly no expert but I think it sounds like there must be a way given the results.