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  1. maceffects

    PPC Powerbook PRAM Battery Sources

    Syntho, here is a source, I use his batteries in my 3400c https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Clock-PRAM-Battery-Apple-Powerbook-3400c-G3-Kanga-Varta-NiMH-6-V70H-922-2692/332873433472?hash=item4d80cd8180:g:YYgAAOSwDmBY4pZC:sc:USPSFirstClass!46350!US!-1
  2. I am not sure which brown screw you are referring too, however, I would attempt to spin the screw while having someone pull on the case (gently at first - then gradually more). If this doesn't work I would suggest drilling it out. There are special bits for this purpose.
  3. maceffects

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    I'd be interested helping any developers bring their product to market if they have completed development. If they do not wish to pursue it themselves, I'd be keen on purchasing rights as well. I think we need to keep the vintage Mac community alive.
  4. maceffects

    Mac SE/30 with MicroTouch touchscreen

    Wow, that thing is amazing, I am jealous. I must admit I've never heard of that upgrade but if I find one I'll snag it up for sure.
  5. Great video, thanks for sharing. I commented about the 6115cd I had.
  6. maceffects

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    I got it today and looks like fun, I was able to remove the memory which some have said it’s easy to break. Does anyone know the max size? Yes, I should have noticed the difference of the cards. I did find a nice list of audio cards that anyone viewing this forum should use for future reference. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=30840
  7. maceffects

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    Interesting, I think there is a lot of incorrect info about the 200 series online. I am thinking of finding a Sound Blaster PCMICA card, but I am not sure which might work for this unit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Creative-PCMCIA-Sound-Blaster-Audigy2-ZS-Notebook-Sound-Card/263890061942?epid=1808107520&hash=item3d7112ca76:g:zd8AAOSwV01bewRN&autorefresh=true This one is PCMICA but shows it requires Windows XP... I think I would be using Windows 95 so I am not sure if it would work.
  8. maceffects

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    Thanks for the help, I totally forgot about the internet archive. I thought the higher end models had connectors not just PCMICA like this one appears. I won it for $100 which is pretty fair considering the rarity. I have like $650 into my Quadra 950 and this will be the finishing touch.
  9. I just found and bought an Orange Micro OrangePC NuBus 66mhz card, the seller says it looks like the 220 version but since it only has PCMICA card slots and no external connectors, I would assume it is actually just a 200. Anyway, long story short, I am trying to figure out what software/drivers I need, and where to obtain them. Member Charlieman stated in an earlier post: *** OrangePC NuBus 200 Series With the NuBus 200 Series, Orange adopted a "pick and mix" approach to features and processor speed. Depending on your budget, you could buy a 486 card with VGA or SVGA graphics, real serial and parallel ports and a PCMCIA expansion connector. The VGA/SVGA chip is provided by Video 7. The PCMCIA connector, which replaced the ISA slot on previous NuBus cards, was intended for a sound or network card, but other devices may work. Orange Micro advised users to use monolithic network drivers, rather than installing Card Bus or PCMCIA management drivers. Almost everyone who managed networked PCs in the early 1990s will agree with this recommendation. The cards have a single 72 pin SIMM slot and the processor can be upgraded. Orange Micro specified 32MB as the largest SIMM but it would be worth trying a 64MB or 128MB SIMM if you have one lying around. The 210 is the entry level model with limited graphics capability (VGA) but a real serial and parallel port. The 250 has better graphics (SVGA) and a PCMCIA connector, but no serial or parallel ports. The 290 is the top of the range model with all of the functionality provided by cheaper models. A 220 model later appeared with similar functionality to the 210 but with SVGA graphics. Orange Micro's cards were more expensive than an Apple Houdini card of the same period, but had more PC compatibility (eg the ability to support software protection dongles). The 200 series cannot use a separate monitor and video is displayed in a window on the Macintosh desktop or, for best performance, in full screen mode. A multiscan monitor that supports 640x480 and 800x600 resolution is required. For your interest, this is the card I just purchased (https://www.ebay.com/itm/302849838866)
  10. maceffects

    OMP glitching?

    I did hear that some people were reporting issues with capacitors on the earlier Newtons, not sure which as I have no recent experience. Just something to be aware of.
  11. maceffects

    G4 Cube or G3 iMac for Gaming?

    The beige G3 would be a good machine to upgrade with a faster processor, tons of ram, and a good video card.
  12. maceffects

    G4 Cube or G3 iMac for Gaming?

    Both are a good choice with pros and cons, but the Cube can have a bigger external monitor which is nice. While the iMacs can run on the hotter side, I wouldn't worry too much as long as you have a solid a/b.
  13. maceffects

    Apple ImageWriter II ribbon not adavncing

    If it’s genuine Apple it’s common the foam is bad, some aftermarket have this problem too. Most ribbons are well expired. If you need color ribbions made in 2018, let me know I had a small batch produced.
  14. maceffects

    My mac lc III cannot detect my scsi dvd-rom

    Yes it should unless you don’t have CD-Rom drivers, that said I’m sure you can find one cheaper somewhere else. Heck, I’ve been selling Apple external CD drives for $50. $100 is too much.
  15. maceffects

    Vertical bars on an SE

    If you decide not to invest more into it and want to sell it to someone who has plenty of parts to fix it, let me know.