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  1. maceffects

    Are vintage injket printers useable still?

    If I can find a source for newly made ink, I have a few new old stock StyleWriters I'd love to use.
  2. maceffects

    Free Clamshell iBook!

    I always liked those cases that looked like the iBook. This is a fantastic deal. I am trying to collect all the colored iBooks in mint shape. Half way there...
  3. maceffects

    Mac Classic II randomly restarts

    Probably a bad solder joint, the Mac 128k-Plus had that issue, often detected if hitting the side by the analog board fixed or worsened the issue. Doesn’t seem to be the same issue as the OP.
  4. I replaced one in the IIgs System Saver without issues, the foam was another story.
  5. For a case project I am working on, I am looking for a good spot to plug in some LED strip lights which are 12v DC, is there a good spot on the SE/30 to hook up for this purpose?
  6. maceffects

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    I had a SCSI to IDE adapter I once found in a PowerBook 100 series of all things. Wish someone would reproduce these.
  7. maceffects

    CRT problems Macintosh plus!

    These Macs were designed to reduce their voltage when turned off, but you never know. As long as you pull gently and evenly you should be ok.
  8. maceffects

    CRT problems Macintosh plus!

    Well, you need to use your hands to click the disconnect and also pull up, but you must be gentle, avoid pulling to hard and hitting the CRT.
  9. maceffects

    CRT problems Macintosh plus!

    The only hard part is not pulling too hard on the power cable and hitting the yolk/tube area
  10. maceffects

    CRT problems Macintosh plus!

    You may find this video helpful for evaluating the risks - it really is an easy job, just have to be careful it
  11. maceffects

    CRT problems Macintosh plus!

    It was once easy to solve that by going to your local Radio Shack and picking up alligator clips; however, it is not so easy now. As such, I would consider ordering cheap online or if you are on a tight time table other stores should have something. If you just want to swap the main board, know the risks are lower for that than the analog board.
  12. maceffects

    CRT problems Macintosh plus!

    It depends upon your skill and comfort level. It also depends if you mean analog board or logic board. I would feel quite confident in my skills and the risk level for replacing the logic board, but not the analog board. PS: It's not hard to discharge the CRT
  13. maceffects

    Street value for Apple IIc in December 2018?

    Watch those keyboard, they are tricky because they can be sticky from sitting as well as storage conditions. I've seen some that were near unusable.
  14. maceffects

    PPC Powerbook PRAM Battery Sources

    Syntho, here is a source, I use his batteries in my 3400c https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Clock-PRAM-Battery-Apple-Powerbook-3400c-G3-Kanga-Varta-NiMH-6-V70H-922-2692/332873433472?hash=item4d80cd8180:g:YYgAAOSwDmBY4pZC:sc:USPSFirstClass!46350!US!-1
  15. I am not sure which brown screw you are referring too, however, I would attempt to spin the screw while having someone pull on the case (gently at first - then gradually more). If this doesn't work I would suggest drilling it out. There are special bits for this purpose.