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  1. maceffects

    China Ebay 68040 processor

    I agree, it may actually be reading an FPU as others have mentioned. I would try a few options before jumping the gun.
  2. maceffects

    SE/30 versus Classic II speed

    Interesting hypothesis, though I must admit that non-statistically I feel that the SE/30 is faster. That said, the Classic II us certainty more limited in terms of expandability, thus allowing for less possible overall speed.
  3. maceffects

    Dual / Multi LC PDS slot

    @Trash80toHP_Mini if you want me to send you a free new LC PDS card with driver disk, send me a PM.
  4. I’ll be watching this thread carefully because having good NuBus cards would be fantastic.
  5. maceffects

    Fixing up a IIvx

    You are quite correct. It amazes me how things change. I remember slide of LC and Compact Macs being trashed along with Apple IIe and IIgs. Now many of these are well excess of $100 when fully working. I have tossed several machines I regret as well.
  6. I think the earlier ones had caddy CD-ROM and auto-injection floppy drive. It changed midway though I think to match all their other offerings which also shifted with respect to the drives. I think for the IIvx I’ve seen more of the earlier style myself. The Quadra 650 I’ve seen more of the newer style.
  7. maceffects

    MiniScribe arrive Lubrication Method

    @cj_reha yes, I think the stepper motors need libricsfed. I suppose my primary question is where to insert the lubcriant.
  8. maceffects

    Very quiet sound on SE/30

    If then capacitors haven’t been changed yet, that’s the first place to start as well as cleaning the board.
  9. I recall there being some method by which the MiniScribe drives can be lubricated and functional. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the procedure. Does anyone happen to know the process or have a link to instructions?
  10. maceffects

    Mac Plus floppy drive jammed shut?

    Its not locking in the upright position, most likely because of needing cleaned and lubricated its not getting fully in the right position.
  11. maceffects

    Dual / Multi LC PDS slot

    Yeah, I have tons of those cards, and they are Farallon and share the same driver as the NuBus ones, not sure about the SE/30 version, but I think they are slightly different. It would be nice to find more uses for these cards.
  12. maceffects

    Custom ROM for SE FDHD?

    Has anyone ever made a custom ROM for the SE FDHD? Particularly to allow use of the PC 5.25 card Apple had (apparently only works with 800k ROM).
  13. maceffects

    Damaged iMac G3 Fruit?

    Sadly, this is too common with the 350mhz and faster iMac G3’s. Very sad as it’s a personal favorite of mine having bought some new. @EvilCapitalist is right, worse than any Spindler plastics. Shipping them = broken plastic.
  14. @ants how did you do the WiFi on this? I am working on developing a clear case for the Mac SE/30 and I think it would be neat to showcase the machine with WiFi! Would you consider assisting with setting on up for a cost?
  15. maceffects

    Regular PDS Cards in Compact Macs

    Great work, unfortunately I’m not sure what I can do, as it’s above my eltrecial skill level, but I hope someone steps up to the plate to put jumpers and try with the drivers.