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  1. maceffects

    IIgs Prototype

    I'm not sure if its a prototype or early production unit. Withe way, they are not common in general so it is a good find!
  2. maceffects

    Major Setback!

    I should also mention that if I use an aftermarket ROM I do get a chime, but the screen is still distorted. See attached.
  3. maceffects

    Major Setback!

    I'm going to be attending VCF Mid-west and since my last board I sent out for recapping appears to be stolen, I found someone else to recap my last SE/30 board so I would at least have one for the show to display my new case... Well, I got it back and here is what is on the screen. Any help troubleshooting this would be VERY appreciated
  4. Thank you for sharing this. I believe I have the carrier card somewhere and several ZIF G3/G4 CPUs. So I am sure this will be handy for me in the future.
  5. maceffects

    New case of Simasimac -- at my wit's end!

    Nice cap job! Very clean. Many times in cases like these the issue is actually a trace, VIA, et al. that is damaged causing the issue. Please rest assured, you are not the only vintage Mac owner whose reached your wit's end. Also, please don't fear to ask for help. The SE/30 is a favorite around here and we are all happy to help. That said, I'm not the most experience in this department as I've given up on more than my fair share of SE/30 boards. But trust me, it will be worth it once you fix the issues.
  6. maceffects

    Little plastic Apple emblem

    Yes that should pop off with a paperclip and can be reattached with glue.
  7. maceffects

    IIci with a surprise inside!

    Wow, what an amazing find! The upgrade card exceeds the value of the whole system.
  8. I've often worried about the degradation issue so I can't comment on the topic. I did have some ArtMix SCSI > CF and they never had an issue. But I do not use them much. I could never quite figure out how to setup the SCSI2SD to form an opinion on the subject.
  9. maceffects

    Classic II weird issues after analogue board recap

    This is really a strange condition, though I am certain it is related to the analog board. I've never seen such a situation so I don't want to speculate as to what it might be on the board but I'm going to follow this thread so if there is a resolution I will know for future reference.
  10. maceffects

    Soph's mac finds

    Welcome to the forums! Those Radius rockets are a good find. Not easy to get anywhere in the world!
  11. maceffects

    New 1400 Battery?

    There was a few years back but I can't find it now. I think putting new cells in the battery case is the only thing that can be done at this point, unfortunately.
  12. @AlpineRaven I agree 100% that cap goo is toxic as well as any trace things found on the board like lead. NEVER wash in a household dish washer. Just buy a cheap ultrasonic cleaner.
  13. maceffects

    Apple Network Server (ANS) 700/200 repair

    In that case rebuilding the power supply is what I would do, there may be a fuse in there. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to schematics.
  14. maceffects

    Apple Network Server (ANS) 700/200 repair

    Yes that machine has a few interlocks if I recall correctly. Many of which appear to be a power supply issue when in fact it’s just not closed or locked.
  15. If this was recapped I’d happily pay $200!