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  1. maceffects

    G4 Cube or G3 iMac for Gaming?

    The beige G3 would be a good machine to upgrade with a faster processor, tons of ram, and a good video card.
  2. maceffects

    G4 Cube or G3 iMac for Gaming?

    Both are a good choice with pros and cons, but the Cube can have a bigger external monitor which is nice. While the iMacs can run on the hotter side, I wouldn't worry too much as long as you have a solid a/b.
  3. maceffects

    Apple ImageWriter II ribbon not adavncing

    If it’s genuine Apple it’s common the foam is bad, some aftermarket have this problem too. Most ribbons are well expired. If you need color ribbions made in 2018, let me know I had a small batch produced.
  4. maceffects

    My mac lc III cannot detect my scsi dvd-rom

    Yes it should unless you don’t have CD-Rom drivers, that said I’m sure you can find one cheaper somewhere else. Heck, I’ve been selling Apple external CD drives for $50. $100 is too much.
  5. maceffects

    Vertical bars on an SE

    If you decide not to invest more into it and want to sell it to someone who has plenty of parts to fix it, let me know.
  6. maceffects

    Marathon Computer iRack DV

    If you ever want to sell or trade, please keep me in mind
  7. maceffects

    Picked up an SE, simm memory tab broke, any ideas?

    I have a new old stock one if you are good with soldering, free just pay postage.
  8. maceffects

    MDD Dual G4 ATX Power Supply swap

    On the MDD this is the best investment, I bought 5 new old stock power supplies as spares for my new old stock 1.25ghz FW400 machine, and already used one...
  9. I am looking to buy a power supply, which is the best. I've heard bad things about TDK, but what about the others?
  10. Its probably either the caps in the AC brick unit or on the board inside the computer, both are common. I would start with a good recap job.
  11. Yes Dexcool is very sensative and it will certainly gel up if mixed with traditional ethylene glycol coolant (green). Actually, many things can cause this coolant to change state. I can't tell you how many cars I've witnessed have major issues related to Dexcool and/or improper mixing.
  12. maceffects

    Pippin Floppy Connector Replica

    Dandu, keep up the great work I think those Pippin's are underrated.
  13. I'm looking for a solution to a replacement PRAM for PowerBook G3 as well. So, if anyone knows a good source I'd be quite interested.
  14. maceffects

    My Pride and Joy Conquest - Complete

    They still make these Sound Sticks as this is the 3rd revision. They sound great, my brothers from about 2000 still sound good too. Same speakers from the iMac I think. Mine have a manufacture date of 2017.
  15. maceffects

    My Pride and Joy Conquest - Complete

    For those wondering about the power supply and the ADC display, I should clarify. I plugged in the ADC Studio Display and it killed the power supply, I suppose it could be a coincidence, but think about it, its taxing the already fragile power supply by driving the montior. The ADC > DVI has its own power supply to the monitor. Only the MDD has issues with power supplies that I'm aware of the other G4 towers were robust. I bought 3 extra power supplies because I knew this going into it, of course, they are loud too as Floofies mentioned. I don't have any plans to reduce the noise, I'd rather have it out of lots of CFM to protect the unit than to reduce the noise. The Sound Sticks and sub are amazing, well worth the money. My brother has an original set when they first came out around 2000, he loves them and they still work great. Apple was responsible for the industrial design and Harmon Kardon did the sound components.