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  1. maceffects

    A/UX running on SE/30

    Great looking machine! Glad to see she is up and running.
  2. maceffects

    SCSI2SD Issues

    So I bought 5 SCSI2SD boards and have had major issues getting them to work. I am trying on 3 different SE/30 machines. I followed the instructions on how to flash it to work with Macs, but when installed in an SE/30 it doesn't show up (using Apple Drive software and Lido). They do sometimes produce a steady but slow flash of the activity LED light. Am I missing something?
  3. maceffects

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    I know that @Bolle is developing a much better board, but I still hate leaving projects unfinished. I'm going to try wire wrapping this myself, once I can find the right wire wrap capable 120 pin right angle card. Or maybe I'll just make a PCB to try it. I'll be using the approach @Trash80toHP_Mini discussed on page six. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  4. maceffects

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

    They have leaked without a doubt, but without dust it is very hard to observe the leaks. Please, don't wait to recap this SE/30!
  5. maceffects

    ProtoCache1.1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype

    That’s true as he designed it is very optimized to have the most functions.
  6. maceffects

    ProtoCache1.1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype

    This looks very interesting. I had pondered if something like the 10/100 board someone here developed (I think Mac to the Future). It would be nice and not terrible to integrate both. Though I wonder if something likes @ants did could be integrated with WiFi. That would bypass the need for other stuff
  7. maceffects

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    @pcamen I should mention that there are 2 things preventing us from proceeding with the actual board itself. 1) a significant sum of reverse engineering money 2) someone who is willing to donate their board to be destroyed. I contacted the place that quoted me in the past for the chip I had reverse engineered in the past. I'm told the chip on this Xceed card is more advanced and would be more expensive
  8. maceffects

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    I should have been more clear, they can also create a CAD from an original PCB then make a sample board. It would be cheaper than reverse engineering a chip. It can be rather time consuming and I'd like to keep tedious tasks away from the talented people on here who could better be used for figuring how how to convert things to make them work for the SE/30.
  9. maceffects

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    @pcamen I am happy to make use of some of my contacts in China to have the PCB reverse engineered and have a sample board made. However, my skills of soldering and modifying things are very limited. Plus, I would like to finish the SE/30>LC PDS project first. @Bolle @Trash80toHP_Mini since we have the gate chip and the diagram whats holding us up from making a prototype of that? I have someone who can do the actual CAD work I just need to tell them what to do.
  10. maceffects

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    I’m not really sure but I know it’s not cheap. Actually I think $600-$800 per chip.
  11. maceffects

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    I think we should design a card that has WiFi, processor upgrade, and video all in one! Just kidding, though I wish it was possible. Scope creep should be my middle name. But realistically, if we find an electrical engineer who is also familar with Macs I think we can do this. I know I can have a board sent to a place I know in China for reasonable reverse engineering including some of the chips. But, it would result in the card sent being a sacrificial lamb.
  12. maceffects

    IIgs Prototype

    I'm not sure if its a prototype or early production unit. Withe way, they are not common in general so it is a good find!
  13. maceffects

    Major Setback!

    I should also mention that if I use an aftermarket ROM I do get a chime, but the screen is still distorted. See attached.
  14. maceffects

    Major Setback!

    I'm going to be attending VCF Mid-west and since my last board I sent out for recapping appears to be stolen, I found someone else to recap my last SE/30 board so I would at least have one for the show to display my new case... Well, I got it back and here is what is on the screen. Any help troubleshooting this would be VERY appreciated
  15. Thank you for sharing this. I believe I have the carrier card somewhere and several ZIF G3/G4 CPUs. So I am sure this will be handy for me in the future.