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  1. MattB

    PB190 Battery Leak

    I have a working 190 that I salvaged from my high school several years when they were disposing of old hardware. When I got it the battery had already leaked slightly and it hasn't gotten any worse over time since I pulled the battery out and store it separately, but now I'm on a restoration kick after doing some work on my Kanga and I want to bring my 190 back up to factory condition. The condition of both the battery and the bay is in the attached images. The machine works properly on AC power with no issues and for obvious reasons the battery is never inserted. Given the current condition, how should I go about cleaning up the battery bay? Or has the acid done too much damage to the contacts to ever run on battery power again?
  2. MattB

    Kanga not booting

    The machine still is not responding after being plugged in all day and overnight. I opened it up again and there does appear to be some corrosion from an exploded PRAM battery which has long since been removed. I’m going to take a closer look at that today after work and try to post some pictures. The good news though is that my working Kanga has no noticeable corrosion on its board. I pulled the PRAM battery from that unit as well to preclude an explosion. Strangely it has a slightly different internal layout than the non working unit. Were there multiple revisions of Kanga?
  3. MattB

    Kanga not booting

    I’ve got it plugged in now and am leaving it to sit that way all day while I’m at work. Hopefully it will fire up when I get home. I opened it up again this morning and checked the RAM card seating and all of the internal connections I could find. Nothing visually wrong. I did notice that the PRAM battery had leaked (as had the one I pulled from my working Kanga) but there are no signs of acid having touched the board in either machine thankfully. Its symptoms seem to be very similar to the so called “green light of death” that some 2400s experience. Does Kanga need a charged main battery to work?
  4. MattB

    Kanga not booting

    In addition to my working Kanga, I’ve got a second complete machine that won’t boot. When I push the power key nothing happens, and when I push the reset button on the back there’s a click from the speakers and nothing else. Pushing the reset button a second time causes the sleep light to illuminate green and stay lit until the machine is unplugged or the reset button is pushed again. I’ve opened it up and pulled the PRAM battery out, and there doesn’t appear to be acid leakage into the main board. Everything else looks complete. I’m stumped. Anyone have any ideas on what to try next? This machine is actually in better physical shape than my working machine so I’d like to get it running if possible.
  5. I have a Kanga that is in good working order, but I think the two speakers above the keyboard are not functioning. Is there any way to run diagnostics on the individual speakers or to disable the screen mounted speakers to test the keyboard mounted ones?
  6. MattB

    Trying to restore a Kanga

    While I'm in the guts of these machines, is their any way to tighten the screen hinges? The working Kanga I have has a screen that will stay up but it can get wobbly and I'd like to fix it if possible.
  7. That name looks really familiar for some reason. I feel like I know someone by that name but I can't remember from where.
  8. MattB

    Trying to restore a Kanga

    Pulling the PRAM battery from the malfunctioning computer may have saved my second working Kanga. I pulled the PRAM battery from the second unit and it too was starting to show signs of leaking. The only problem with that unit is that the hinges on the screen are weak. That may be the next problem I tackle. Also interestingly the internal layouts are different between the two. Were there multiple revisions of Kanga?
  9. MattB

    Trying to restore a Kanga

    I pulled the RAM out with no success, so I continued deeper into the machine and removed the PRAM battery. I think I caught it just in time, as while it had leaked it had not exploded and there appears to be no damage to the logic board as shown in the attached pictures. With the PRAM battery removed it still won't boot. Is the best thing to do right now to install a new PRAM battery and reset the power management unit?
  10. MattB

    Trying to restore a Kanga

    Great. Thanks. I'm just hoping I don't get into the guts of this thing and find an exploded PRAM battery and damaged logic board.
  11. MattB

    Trying to restore a Kanga

    I'll give that a try. I've got a replacement PRAM battery from new old stock so I might as well put it in anyway as part of the restoration of the machine. Anything I should be careful of when pulling the RAM card? It looks straightforward but you never know with old computers.
  12. Call me crazy, but I prefer the G3 Kanga/3500. It's design is not sexy. It is not thin. But it's an interesting footnote in Apple history and represents the last PowerBook before the shift to the curvier design language.
  13. MattB

    Trying to restore a Kanga

    Left the machine plugged in overnight. Still exhibiting the same behavior. But even weirder, when I unplugged the power cable and hit the reset button it made the same click noise followed by a short screech from the speakers. I'm going to disassemble it again this afternoon and check the RAM and PRAM battery. It's possible I may have unseated it when accessing the ribbon cables for the keyboard. The machine has also been sitting for almost three years so I suspect the PRAM battery may be too far gone to even charge.
  14. I've got a Kanga that I'm trying to put back into working order. It's in great physical shape but it won't boot. It booted previously but the keyboard was defective, so I replaced it with an NOS one. I've taken out the keyboard and cleaned the insides and everything looks good, but when I plug it into power it makes one clicking noise from the speakers and then does nothing. If I press the reset button on the back the green light above the display comes on but it still won't boot. Would a loose keyboard ribbon cable cause this behavior? Any other ways to troubleshoot one of these things? EDIT: I should also note that the machine has been sitting for probably about two years. But that said I don't think the PRAM battery or any of the caps exploded. Everything looked clean under the keyboard. I'm going to plug it in and leave it for a while and see what happens...from what I've read that may solve the issue since the PRAM battery needs a bit of a charge to boot the machine.
  15. MattB

    A rescued relic (Macintosh Classic)

    +1 for the E-series. I have a pair of E6410s (one from work, one for personal use) with the i5-560m (2.5Ghz). Both have been rock solid reliable, with the only issues being caused by software. My personal machine has the nVidia NVS3100m discrete graphics card, and while it won't be able to run the latest games with all graphics options on, it does a decent job with almost everything I throw at it. One other thing I like about the E6410 is that unlike the HP 8440p the E6410 still has a 16:10 aspect ratio screen rather than the squashed 16:9 that is now so popular.