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  1. Info needed

    Yes, that’s pretty much it. Keep an eye on their twitter feed https://mobile.twitter.com/retrochallenge for the sign up announcement which is usually a month before the event starts.
  2. Info needed

    Check out the website here: http://www.retrochallenge.org, especially the entrants page for the last retrochallenge: http://www.retrochallenge.org/p/entrants-list-201710_5.html. You can see what some of the projects were and a summary of how they progressed. Every entrant has a blog set up to document their progress. I think the next one is in April? They run it every 6 months.
  3. IIsi power supply recap?

    So true...
  4. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    Cool! The lwip http server does have some support for SSI (server side includes), which I disabled due to memory issues. However, I have saved a lot of ram since I started, so I will give it a try it again. Date/ time would be a good first test.
  5. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    I found a bug that can cause an incomplete file read on certain size files, which was causing your index.html to not load correctly. I updated the download : http://apple-crapple.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_19.html
  6. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    minivmac should start pppd if your ttyprog.sh is configured correctly. do you get any errors in syslog? also, I noticed that I am not seeing all of the html.: This is made possible by the lightweight TCP/IP stack <a href="htt[Connection closed by foreign host.] Does the file really stop there or is the server stopping early?
  7. attachments

  8. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    OK, I added some features including HEAD requests. http://apple-crapple.blogspot.com/2015/02/elwhip-007-with-new-features.html A server status window is probably next, but it may take a while...
  9. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    I shifted a bunch more PPP code into a segment that I can unload. I will see if I can fit dynamic headers in. This will make serving images easier. I also have an idea for fixing the crash on quit on 128k. Any other requests? I may have enough memory to fit a small web browser.
  10. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    I had a very similar problem with my 128k a while back. A slap would make it work for a while. The transistor (?) at CR-1 had a cracked solder joint.
  11. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    Nice Job! This has been a 2 month project of mine, so it is really great to see it up and running on a real Mac 128K. FYI: Safari is stalling about 3/4 way through that page and keeping the connection open. If I use TELNET, it looks correct, except I do not see the HTTP header (which may be the problem with Safari). You should consider putting a fan on it it you are running it full time, like a Kensington System Saver or a Fanny Mac.
  12. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    Did you use your own html or the ones that came with the program? Double check the http header of the html, and make sure it is 200 report code. Telnet to port 80, and GET / enter, enter
  13. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    Your video is great. I am glad somebody is using it!
  14. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    And now with external HTML files! http://apple-crapple.blogspot.com/2015/02/elwhip-006-download-available.html
  15. Web server for Macintosh 512K

    I was able to get a web server running on a Mini vMac virtual Macintosh 128K... Virtual Macintosh 128K 404 Error server!