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  1. Nathan

    Is the Wiki dead?

    Is there any kind of consensus on what's going on or what the plan is going forward? The 'wiki' seems to be stagnant and honestly the 'articles' feature provided by the forum software seems visually subpar. What's the point of having either if neither is useful or getting contributed to? I'm willing to be there is a lot of at least nominally useful information that's either buried in forum threads or only out there in print form or on some random, and really anicent, website that may nor may not continue to exist.
  2. Nathan

    AppleTalk net cable

    Not sure on the date, but I ran across the following yesterday. http://www.tmetz.net/os/Apple/Inside_AppleTalk.pdf That might be useful. Appendix A: LocalTalk Hardware Specifications begins on page 520 of the PDF. So, I take it that for a proper network you need the little adapter boxes one way or the other? The advantage of PhoneNET being that you don't need the special 3pin miniDIN cables?
  3. I think they called it ROMFixer? In my case I've got a Power Mac 6100/66 with a Crescendo/Nubus G3 (250/512K). Of course it's a PDS card despite the name.
  4. No idea if there's any relation, but somebody on Reddit was saying to me that there's some kind of extension to disable speculative execution on the G3. I doubt that would cause any problems at boot time, but maybe try booting without any extensions (or whatever the absolute minimum possible is)?
  5. Nathan

    Performa 640CD Won't Run DOS after 52 Mb Upgrade

    If this is still an issue: Did you thoroughly test the Macintosh sides of things with something that uses a lot of ram all at once? The basic OS load doesn't really use that much memory. If DOS has problems it might indicate an issue in the region of RAM allocated to it. And since that RAM is borrowed from the Mac side unless you have a dedicated stick on the board, it follows that it might just seem fine under 7.5.1 as long as you aren't trying to use that bit of RAM. Of course, as the other guy said it could have something to do with a wonky connector that's unreliably passing signal because the connection is poor, possibly due to oxidation on either the card edge or inside the connector.
  6. Maybe it's hardware dependent or processor specific, but I would expect it to be able to see/handle at least two CPUs as there are dual-processor G4 machines (like the PM G4 Quicksilver DP 800 I have). Not sure how much it utilizes that hardware in general though.
  7. Hopefully you are disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard end. I have heard it's pretty easy to toast the ADB controller on some systems by hotplugging devices.... Regarding CD-ROM drives, as I mentioned before I have a 12x SCSI drive in my 6100 (not sure the model, but it is an Apple branded one). No idea how speed would affect games as I have no CD games for that era of Macintosh. I can confirm that booting a disc works fine as I used a MacOS 7.6.1 install disc to fix the OS install awhile ago (thought the drive was dead for a couple years, turned out the OS was just borked somehow and wasn't being detected or booting). It also plays music cds just fine. Incidentally I also have the AV PDS card (7100?), minus the necessary adapter cables to use the other functions sadly. I have chosen not to have it installed, because I have no support bracket to hold the card. I don't like it just hanging off the G3. It also doesn't reach the outside of the case when plugged into the Sonnet G3's passthru slot, which necessitates the monitor cable and/or VGA adapter sticking into the computer's internals. Said configuration also adds yet more pull/pressure on the G3...
  8. Very nice setup there! That's quite a speed and storage upgrade you have. I've got a 6100 myself, but not quite as fancy and I use an AEK and a vga lcd. - Sonnet G3 250 MHz (well 33x8=264). - 136mb ram - 12x scsi cd-rom ^ everything else is basically stock No experience to quote but if you can find a reasonable price on a pair of compatible 128mb sticks I'd say go for it. l
  9. Nathan

    Replacement video port for IIe?

    I don't know exactly what the original jack is, but the output is just an RCA jack for composite video afaik so you could probably buy one from Mouser or Digikey. Sparkfun even sells one: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8631You should check the pinout though. It might be worth trying to reflow the solder on the original (or remove it and resolder it) in case it's just gotten loose over time, although it's possible the part is just worn out. What are you using for a monitor? I find that my composite monitor has a loose input jack as opposed to the Apple IIe's which is fairly snug.
  10. Nathan

    iBook G4 Problem Diagnosis

    I think the normal chime is supposed to mean it passed at least a basic hardware test and is working. Is it possible the backlight is off or that it has failed (try the flashlight test)? I know on mine (iBook G4 14" 1.42) the lowest backlight setting (using keyboard brightness controls) is basically OFF. If you've got the miniVGA to VGA adapter it might be worth a try to see if you get external video.
  11. I assume you tried the non-working drive in the working LC II?
  12. Did you test the -5 V line? You don't mention it as far as I can tell. Maybe do a PSU recap? I would think if the drive spins up then things were okay initially. Can you boot from floppy and if so does the drive mount and is it readable?
  13. I recently obtained a replacement used SCSI cdrom drive for my Power Mac 6100/66. The previous drive (original I think) had a problem with not ejecting the tray (made motor noises but no eject). Unfortunately in the process of using the newer one (which does work at least) I discovered that it's disc tray has a crack down the center (horizontal, parallel to case front). It's not quite broken, but still... Is there a solution for this besides hoping for the best and/or stealing a tray from a different drive? Could it be glued? Any chance I could swap out the tray from the other drive (assuming that one's not damaged in some other way)? old: AppleCD 300i Plus CR-503 new: AppleCD 12X CR-507-C
  14. Ah, well, same difference anyway. I don't care much one way or the other, but I agree the fan wouldn't do any good in a 6100 anyway. No idea about voltage or compatibility, but here's someone selling (on ebay) what looks like the other guy's suggestion. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kingston-Turbo-Chip-TC5X86-133-/332289628369 $22.99 ^ they say untested, but anything could be dead by now, so it'd be a gamble either way. certainly more affordable than similar chips (compatible or not).
  15. Nathan

    SCSI drive won't spin up! Ideas?

    Those "SCSI Connectors" you removed aren't some sort of external termination block/pack, right? Any pictures of what you're talking about? I'd also second the suggestion of a replacement. I have an 80mb and 500mb scsi drive in my LCIII, Power Mac 6100 respectively and while they still spin up and run it's probably only a matter of time before they give out.