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  1. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Yes they are the plastic type. So i guess i have to cut them and replace them with new. The one seems a little difficult because it is secured on the internal chassis.
  2. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    I want to replace the power supply of my powermac minitower. I have never ever changed power supply, i read the manual and it says somewhere that you have to release the cables from the tie wraps. Question is, is there a way to do that without cutting the tie wraps or i have to cut them and and then use ones?
  3. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Today the Ati Radeon 7000 Mac Edition 32mb ram delivered to my home. I connected it and It is great. I have also connected a dvd drive pulled from a Pentium III and also an ide 120gb hard drive bought some years ago from eBay. The G3 beige has also connected from the previous user an Ethernet card and a usb card. The machine feels great and is really responsive. Next step is to install 768mb ram (now it has 256mb) and maybe a sonnet g4 accelerator. Also i have a Roland MT32 device connected via the Macman Midi Interface and It plays great with some Sierra On Line games that support it.
  4. Dimitris1980

    Powerbook 540c and Apple 4x CD Rom drive

    I switch the adaptor to the off position, the powermac boots normally but i cannot see any cd on desktop. I have Dark Seed original cd inside the cd rom drive
  5. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Today I bought an ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition 32mb ram, used complete with box and drivers. I will have it probably in the middle of December. The box says that it needs at least Mac OS 9. I would like to ask how is this card going to work on Mac OS 8.1. I have two partitions on my hard drive, the one has Mac OS 8.1 installed and the other one Mac OS 9.2.2. Will Mac OS 8.1 recognize it?
  6. Dimitris1980

    SSD for Powermac G3 beige minitower

    So, which adapter is the most economic?
  7. Hello, i disconnected my Apple 4x scsi cd rom drive from Macintosh LC475 and i connected it on my Powerbook 540c via the Apple Powerbook HDI-30 adaptor. On my LC475 was working perfectly but on my Powerbook when i connect the adaptor and turn it on, the machine does not boot, a symbol with number 2 comes on screen. Do i have to do some adjustment in order to make my Powerbook continue to boot? I have System 7.1 installed. Thank you Dimitris from Greece
  8. I would like to ask if an sdd can be installed in a powermac g3 beige minitower, what card is needed for the connection and if is it possible to install and run classic mac os. Thank you Dimitris ftom Greece
  9. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Is an ATI Radeon Sapphire 7000 64mb PCI ( probably a PC version that's been flashed) suitable for the G3 Beige Minitower 333mhz?
  10. Dimitris1980

    LC 475 black screen on boot

    Problem solved. I had connected the battery in wrong way. You can say whatever you want and you will be right. Thank you
  11. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Finally i managed to make it work properly although it has some issues. I have this computer at the basement since 2009. A friend gave it to me and told me then that it does not work.
  12. Dimitris1980

    LC 475 black screen on boot

    i have the same problem as described below: - I hooked up my old LC 475, and when i turn it on the start chime sound plays, but the screen remains black. The green power light on the monitor is on, and the monitor is properly connected to the computer. Anyone know whats wrong, or if there are steps I can take to trouble shoot it? Answers: - Since you just hooked it up, I assume that it was in storage for a while and disconnected from electrical power. If this is the case, the internal battery probably has been drained down to a very weak level (if not dead). A black screen at startup is a typical symptom of this. You need to get a 3.6-volt, ½AA lithium battery, available from battery retailers, online dealers, and Radio Shack (overpriced - last resort). - My 475 did the same thing after being unplugged for several weeks. The new battery fixed it. You get maximum battery life by leaving the computer plugged into the wall at all time. When you store a computer, remove the battery and tape it to the outside of the case. Finally: so, recently (only some months) i had replaced the battery with new and everything was ok. I left for vacation in 1st of August and unplugged all the computers and televisions. Yesterday i was testing my powermac g3 beige, i used the macintosh color display and also the new battery from my LC475 and then i reconnected them again. I turned on the LC to test it after my vacation but unfortunately i see only black screen. I turned it off and after 2 seconds i turned it on again but the problem remains. What should i do?
  13. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Well, i connected the hard drive with the master/slave ide cable and with the P3 cable and it works. I reset the date and the battery works. I still haven't managed to run both hard drive dvd drive. The dvd drive works when the ide cable is connected and with the p3 or p2 cable but only when the hard drive is disconnected.
  14. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    So. I took my powermac from the basement. I was hearing the start up sound but no screen. Until i disconnected the one stick of 128 mb ram (now it has 256 mb ram) and it worked but the disk appeared because no hard drive. The dvd drive was also not connected so i plugged it in but i couldn't boot with apple legacy cd that i have. Then i tried some hard drives from Imac G3 and suddenly with the 20gb hard drive the macintosh booted at 9.2 OS (i had this OS installed for my imac g3, also has a version of mac os 10). It is a powerpc 333mhz, 256 ram and video card with 6mb ram. It was really fast in mac os 9.2, i tried some installed games. I can say that quake 2 ran greatly. For the monitor i used the macintosh color display. It needs a pram battery because it resets the date and time. After all these i couldn't do anything. I tried again the dvd with no success, i disconnected again the hard drive to test others with no success again. I would like to ask if it is important which cables do you have to use for the connection of the dvd and the hard drive. The only thing that i managed is to connect my 20gb hard drive but a white screen comes with the following: open firmware 2,4 to continue booting the macos type: BYE (return) to continue boot from the default boot device type: BOOT (return) For open firmware serial I/O type: TTYA IO (return) ok when i type "BYE" it starts when i type "BOOT" a msg comes up"boot CLAIM failed when i type TTYA IO the screen becomes black i disconnected all again (no hard drives, dvd etc) and left the mac with the 256 mb of ram but at this time the mac couldn't start, only black screen