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  1. Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    Until yesterday everything was working perfectly. The problem now is that i do not hear sound from the external speakers when i restart from Mac Os 8.1. I have 3 partitions on my hard drive, in the one i have games and programs installed, in the other i have mac os 8.1 installed and in the third one i have mac os 8.6 installed. When i run mac os 8.1 the sound is always muted and when i turn it on i can hear sound only from the macintosh built in sound. From the external logitech speakers that i have connected there is no sound at all. When i run mac os 8.6 the sound works perfectly. Is there a solution for this?
  2. Thank you for the answer. I will take my powermac mdd from the basement and i will check it.
  3. This card is bought from ebay: Below are the photos and the info. If you see, it says that does not work with G4 Cube and MDD but in one picture you can see the compatible mac models and G4 MDD is in the list.
  4. Hello, i have an nVidia Gforce 6200 256mb PCI Graphics Video Card for Apple PowerMac. I would like to ask if this card can be installed in Powermac G4 MDD single cpu 1,25ghz. Thank you Dimitris from Greece
  5. Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    Well, i did a fresh install of Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS 8.5.1. I have three partitions in my hard disk. At the 3rd partition i will install Mac OS 7.6. The sound is ok now. The only thing i want to check is the resolution and the colours. Can i have million colours at 1024x768 resolution with this monitor which is connected to my apple 8100 video card? I use my performa for games and with the sonnet g3 500 mhz installed is really a beast. I guess it is not necessary but i would like to push the machine more. Now, I have my LC475 connected to the macintosh colour display where the resolution is fixed 640x480. So, with the other monitor connected to Performa, i can play some games that require at least 800x600 resolution with thousand colours. Some say that the Radius Thunder GX IV is nice card but it is difficult to find one.
  6. I had at the ice for some months my performa 6116 because i was using my LC475. Yesterday i connected it again and i change the pram battery because the old one was dead. I did a fresh format and installation of mac os 8.1 but i have some issues. I have an apple 8100 video card with 4mb ram and i connected it to a 15" samsung monitor SyncMaster 152v via a mac-vga adapter. The best i get is 832x624 resolution with million colours. I tried to change the connectors of the adapter. Some times i don't get a screen at all and only once i managed to have 1024x768 resolution but with thousand of colours, not millions. Which connectors must be on to have the best of the resolution and colours? Second issue is the sound. All this years i was getting sound only from my external speakers. Now i have to turn on the built in sound and i have both of the machine internal speaker and of the external. If i choose the mute then i do not have sound at all. I want sound only from the external speakers, not the built in computer. What can i do?
  7. MDD Ultimate OS9 Machine Upgrades

    Very nice post! I have also the single 1,25 ghz Powermac G4. I bought it some years before because i was looking the last machine that can boot from mac os 9. I have increased the ram to 1,768mb if i remember correctly and i can also remember that mac os 9 was really fast! I would like to upgrade it with better graphics card (now i have a geforce 32mb ram) and a sonnet encore accelerator for mac os leopard but it is really hard and expensive to find one.
  8. I use my macintosh color display (m1212) on my lc475 or on my performa 6116. It has fixed resolution 640x480 and the quality is really great. Retro games like monkey island look so nice. The width is the same like the lc475 and looks very nice on it.
  9. Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    update=upgrade. How much ram has the Rage128?
  10. Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    It is really good that you can do a very nice update on this computer. Firstly i have to test it and see if it works. I have it still at the basement and i cannot get it yet cause i had a surgery some days before.
  11. Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Thank you for the answers. Are there pci video cards with 64mb ram or more (even 256mb) that can be installed on power macintosh g3?
  12. A friend of mine some years (8 years ago i think) before gave me a power macintosh computer but he didn't know if it is working. I didn't know then so much regarding the retro macintosh computers like now where i have 5 working macs (LC475, Performa 6116, Powerbook 540c, Imac G3 & Power Macintosh G4 MDD. So i checked my basement and i found that this mac is a power macintosh G3 minitower. When i find time i would like to test it and if it works i will try to fully upgrade it. So what upgrades can i do with this machine? I guess that it cannot be faster than my Imac G3 (500 Mhz, 1 gb ram, 40gb hard drive, 16mb video card) (for the G4 MDD no comments) but probably it is (or can be) faster than my performa 6116? On my performa i have installed a sonnet nubus G3 at 500mhz card, 136mb of ram, 73gb hard drive and it really flies. Also i have an apple 8100 video card with 4mb and i can connect two monitors. I use all my macintosh computers for retro gaming from games like monkey island to games like Carmageddon 2 so the good thing is that i can use the most suitable computer depending the requirement of a game. So i am asking again, what upgrades can i do for this computer to make it the fastest as possible? For instance the power macintosh 9600 is a great machine because is extremely expendable and you can also upgrade it with a sonnet g4 card and upgrade the memory to 1,5gb. I thank all in advance for the answers because i know that you will do it with pleasure. Regards Dimitris from Greece
  13. LC 475 & Performa 6116 connected with one monitor.

    Yes i have already seen that. It seems nice but no cables.
  14. LC 475 & Performa 6116 connected with one monitor.

    I found that for old macs there is the Dr Bott Moniswitch ADB switch box. http://catalog.drbott.info/
  15. Is there a way (a peripheral probably) to connect my Macintosh LC475 and Performa 6116 with one monitor(Macintosh color display M1212)? A Macintosh switch maybe?