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  1. Dimitris1980

    Best all-round Apple CRT monitor?

    After 10 years with retro Macintosh gaming, the time has come to put also my dos computer on my office. On the dos pc i have a 15" sony trinitron monitor and on my Macintosh Performa 6116 i have the Macintosh Color Display Monitor M1212. I can say that the quality of the graphics of most mac games is better and everything looks amazing on the Macintosh Color Display. Small, sharp colors and pictures. Some games look lot better than dos version (for instance Flashback, Day of the Tentacle, Gobliiins etc.) I have used also the Sony Trinitron 15" on my Powermac G3 Beige but i think the Macintosh Color Display has better picture. It is just like it made for Macs.
  2. Dimitris1980

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Do you know where i can find one sticker like that? My Performa 6116 has the sonnet g3 500mhz.
  3. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    I found what it happens. When i have the 3.5mm cable full connected in the adapter then the sound comes only from one speaker. I tested with one more set of speakers and i had the same problem. I tried to connect the 3.5mm jack having it little outside, not complete connection in the adapter and it works! Something has to do with the contact i guess. Below is the photo with the connection. I did that with three adapters and with all i had to play a little with the connection in order to hear both speakers. The same with my both cables, one cheap and one of good quality.
  4. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    I will give it a try. The Logitech x230 speakers play normally directly connected to the sound port of the Macintosh LC475. Sound from both speakers. Also the same from one cheap of speakers I had recently. I will try later a set of headphones.
  5. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    I've just tested the amplifier with the Roland MT32 and the sound is coming from both speakers. Great quality and so much louder. Only from my Mac computer the sound is coming only from one speaker. All tests with cheap adapters
  6. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    Cheesestraws, the truth is that all the 3.5mm female - 1/4" male adapters that i have are the cheapest - lowest quality. Maybe i need something like that : https://www.thomann.de/gr/the_tbone_headphone_adapter.htm?glp=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAuefvBRDXARIsAFEOQ9EaOm-I3nFodDvClGMULEbfTwXf9CUuobdSay2QbSAMneWeqXDBaGYaAhycEALw_wcB i believe the clicktronic 3.5mm male - 3.5mm male cable is good, i bought it today and they told me that it is a very good quality and also was the most expensive.
  7. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    At the sound out panel there are permanently on the following options which cannot be changed: Rate: 22.254 Khz Size: 8 bit Use: Stereo At the sound in panel there is nothing to choose.
  8. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    You mean the 3.5mm female - 1/4" male adaptor? Regarding the cables i have two of them, one cheap low quality and the other is a clicktronic cable.
  9. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    Today i got a mini stereo amplifier, the Behringer HA400 which has one 1/4" input port and four 1/4" output ports. I tested it with my external 4x apple cd drive with music cds and games that play music directly from the cd and i also tested it with the Macintosh LC475 computer. Below the connection: 1) For the cd: rca cable to 3.5mm male connected in the 1/4" input port of the amplifier via an adaptor 3.5mm female to 1/4" male. 2) For the Mac computer: one 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable connected the one edge in the sound out port of Mac and the other edge in the 1/4" input port of the amplifier via an adaptor 3.5mm female to 1/4" male. For the Mac there is sound only on one speaker. For the cd there is sound on both speakers. Do i have to so something to hear on both speakers from the Mac? I connected again my speakers in the sound out port of the Mac without using the 3.5mm cable and the amplifier and the sound was again from both speakers. The amplifier does a good job, the sound is so much louder but i would like sound on both speakers.
  10. Dimitris1980

    Mac 68k MT-32 emulation piping through MUNT

    I like what you have done. Very nice job. I haven't used my Roland MT32 via programs like Munt or Dosbox. I have used it with success on my Performa 6116, Power Macintosh G3 Minitower and now with the big help of this forum on my Macintosh LC475. These days i am looking for an audio mixer in order to use one pair of speakers with my Macintosh LC, Roland MT32 and the external Apple SCSI cd rom drive. But also i am close to acquire a midi interface card in order to connect it on my Dos/Windows 95 computer. I like a lot my Macintosh computers, lots of games have better graphics and sound than the other formats but unfortunately only few games of Sierra Online support Roland. So i think it is better to connect it on my Dos PC. The quality of Roland is superb.
  11. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    Hello, today i tried the following on my Macintosh LC475. I connected one cheap pair of speakers in the computer's sound port and then i connected my logitech X230 speakers in the phone jack's port of the cheap speakers. So the sound was coming from the logitech speakers and it was a lot louder. It was great. Then i did the same connection on the Roland MT32 and it was amazing. So much louder and so clear sound from the Roland music on Sierra On Line games. Is there also another easy way to make the volume louder without using two pair of speakers? I am not familiar with sound stuff.
  12. Dimitris1980

    Macintosh LC475 upgrades

    Thank you for your answers. I will check sometime the video card to see how much memory there is. Maybe this has to do with the graphic smoothing of some of the Lucasarts adventure games (Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, The Dig) where there is not an option for graphics smoothing. Generally is a nice small and light computer. Most Motorola games run well and it is a very nice retro gaming machine.
  13. Dimitris1980

    Macintosh LC475 upgrades

    I own the following computer: Macintosh LC475 36mb of ram 4,5gb hard drive 4x Apple external scsi cd rom drive Roland MT32 midi device (i thank you for the helpful answers in another topic) Macally mouse Macintosh Color Display M1212 Monitor Logitech speakers with subwoofer I use my computer mainly for retro gaming and i think it might be better (for my taste) than my Performa 6116 (but without the Sonnet G3 at 500 mhz installed). I say that because some old games are very slow on the Performa because they are made for motorola cpus. For instance Monkey Island 1-2, Fate of Atlantis floppy version, Gabriel Knight, King's Quest 7. Also most of Sierra On Line adventure games of this era have problem with the powerpc and all the time a system error comes on the screen. These problems do not happen on the LC475. Of course the Performa 6116 with the Sonnet G3 installed is an amazing machine, so fast and responsive, i really love it. But the essence of the subject is other: Can you propose me some upgrades that i can do on my LC475? I'v read that it can take an 128mb memory stick but also that maybe there is delay in startup for memory test. Also on some Lucasarts games there is not the option for graphic smoothing. This option is on all my powerpc computers. Why is that? Do i need to put another video card to see that as an option? And of course i mean also other upgrades like a PPC card etc. Thank you Greetings from Greec
  14. Dimitris1980

    Macintosh LC475 & Apple 7100 video card

    Thank you for the helpful answers.
  15. Hello, in my basement i have an Apple 7100 video card 1mb that it was connected in my Performa 6116 until i replaced it with the Apple 8100 video card with full 4mb. Can i connect the Apple 7100 video card on my Macintosh LC475?