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  1. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    So the best video cards for Mac OS 9 for the beige G3 are the Ati Radeon 9200 and 7000?
  2. Thank you for the answers. They really helped me. I want my sonnet g3 installed. It is the best buy I have ever done for my Performa. The computer is fast and stable and as you say so responsive. It is really great for gaming with this configuration. The games look also great with the Macintosh colour display although I 've always wanted an audiovision display 14.
  3. The switch works almost perfectly. I have turned on both computers and usually when I change position of the switch it works. I say almost perfectly because sometimes when I change position, the keyboard and mouse don't work at all. Then I disconnect the serial cable from the switch, i reconnect it and it works again. I bought the switch because I don't have space and I wanted to find a way to use the most computers that I have. To the left I have a powerbook 540c, below my office is a powermac g4 mdd and at the basement I have an IMac g3 in great condition and a power Macintosh g3 beige that I want to try after my vacation. The truth is that I wanted the Dr Bott moniswitch where you can connect up to 4 Macs with adb port using only one monitor, keyboard and mouse but is expensive for me.
  4. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Interesting. I will test the powermac when I return from vacation. If it works I will try to put stuff on it. My purpose is to make it faster than my Imac G3 if it is possible. IMac configuration G3 at 500 mhz 1 gb ram 40 gb hard drive 16mb ati video card Slot cd Rom drive
  5. My daughter playing with the Performa
  6. I am really happy with this machine. Without the sonnet g3 is really slow. Monkey island 1-2, Gabriel Knight, Doom high detailed graphics, Dark Forces high detailed graphics, King' s Quest 7 and other games run from slow to extremely slow (some of these are made for motorola and are not suitable for the architecture of ppc, they run better on my LC475). But the powermac 6100 is a machine that although it does not have a lot of space for upgrades, you can make it lot faster. Long live the Sonnet.
  7. I have the apple 8100 video card which is installed on the slot of the sonnet g3. I have installed 4mb vram. Some period I had connected both monitors. The Macintosh colour display at the port of the onboard video card and a Samsung LCD 15 inches monitor at the port of the apple 8100 video card. So I could play games that require at least 800x600 resolution or play games in bigger resolution like Civilization 2, Championship Manager or Duke Nukem 3D. It was nice, some games before they start they were asking which monitor do you want to use. Or I could run Gobliiins with the one monitor and I could drag the file with the codes on the other in order to pass the protection. Now the Samsung monitor is connected to the Performa on the apple 8100 video card and the Macintosh colour display at my LC475. I use the same keyboard and mouse for both computers which are connected via a switch with 2 positions so I can chance position depending on which computer I want to use.
  8. Dimitris1980

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Are there pci sound cards and what are these for? I guess they have nothing to do with the games.
  9. Thank you. I really like my Performa. Especially the sonnet g3 is the best buy. I bought it only 66$ including the transportation from New Jersey to Greece. It is really difficult to find one and usually is very expensive.
  10. Hello, since 2010 i am a user of a Macintosh Performa 6116CD with lot of changes since then. Below is my configuration: Perfoma 6116CD Sonnet Nubus G3 at 500 Mhz installed Apple 8100 video card with 4mb ram 72gb hard drive 136mb ram Apple Keyboard M3501 Macintosh Color Display Monitor & Samsung 15" monitor Roland MT32 connected via the Macintosh MACMAN midi interface 4x scsi cd rom drive I am really happy with my computer, i use it for retro gaming and it is really great with this configuration. I would like to push it a little further but not in the near future. Also i know about Steven Kan's upgrade site but i would like also an opinion from you because the site is a little old now. So, let's begin: 1) Memory: i know that this machine can have totally 264 mb of ram. Am i going to see difference if i put two sticks of 128mb? The sticks where i need must be 128mb 72-pin 60ns? And every type of these sticks that i find on ebay are suitable for the Performa? 2) Optical drive: i used to have an apple 24x scsi cd rom drive but unfortunately is off so i have installed again the apple 4x cd rom drive. I would like again a faster cd rom drive. Is 12x or 8x cd rom drives enough? I can say that almost all games run great with the 4x cd rom drive except few like Diablo where it takes some time for the loads. I remember i had a big difference with the 24x cd drom drive on this game. I would like also to check a cd recordable drive or also a dvd drive. I have read that maybe there are some heat issues. Is it better to have an external drive? I have read also that maybe there are some boot issues when the drive is not apple, 3) Graphics card: I have the Apple 8100 with 4mb of video ram installed. I use it on my Samsung Monitor in order to have more colours and bigger resolutions and i can play some games that require at least 800x600 resolution. Also i use classilla 9.3.3 for internet. Are there better video cards than this? Well, ok, i use my machine for retro gaming and it is really does not matter, especially from the moment that i have the sonnet g3 installed, the machine flies. But what about the Radius Thunder GX IV? What do you earn from this card? I have read good opinions. Can this card be connected on the sonnet nubus? Is this the best video card? Also as i know you cannot install a 3d card on Powermac 6100. 4) Peripherals: i love retro machines and i love when they are complete. What do you suggest for a nice retro scanner and printer (especially from apple)? I rarely print and scan but if i have to i would like to do these kind of things with my Performa. I would like to have the ability to print text and photos in colour, also scan in colour. I do not know the difference between the Apple Styler Writer Printer and the Apple Image Writer Printer. Regarding the Appledesign Powered speakers now. I have seen that there are two versions. Also one version has the ability to connect a subwoofer? How is their quality? I use the logitech X230 and i wouldn't want to change them with something with lower quality, Also, do you have an opinion regarding the apple quicktake cameras and the connectix quickcam? 5) If you have something else to add i would love to read it. Thanks and Regards Dimitris from Greece
  11. Dimitris1980

    Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    Until yesterday everything was working perfectly. The problem now is that i do not hear sound from the external speakers when i restart from Mac Os 8.1. I have 3 partitions on my hard drive, in the one i have games and programs installed, in the other i have mac os 8.1 installed and in the third one i have mac os 8.6 installed. When i run mac os 8.1 the sound is always muted and when i turn it on i can hear sound only from the macintosh built in sound. From the external logitech speakers that i have connected there is no sound at all. When i run mac os 8.6 the sound works perfectly. Is there a solution for this?
  12. Thank you for the answer. I will take my powermac mdd from the basement and i will check it.
  13. This card is bought from ebay: Below are the photos and the info. If you see, it says that does not work with G4 Cube and MDD but in one picture you can see the compatible mac models and G4 MDD is in the list.
  14. Hello, i have an nVidia Gforce 6200 256mb PCI Graphics Video Card for Apple PowerMac. I would like to ask if this card can be installed in Powermac G4 MDD single cpu 1,25ghz. Thank you Dimitris from Greece
  15. Dimitris1980

    Performa 6116 video and sound issues

    Well, i did a fresh install of Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS 8.5.1. I have three partitions in my hard disk. At the 3rd partition i will install Mac OS 7.6. The sound is ok now. The only thing i want to check is the resolution and the colours. Can i have million colours at 1024x768 resolution with this monitor which is connected to my apple 8100 video card? I use my performa for games and with the sonnet g3 500 mhz installed is really a beast. I guess it is not necessary but i would like to push the machine more. Now, I have my LC475 connected to the macintosh colour display where the resolution is fixed 640x480. So, with the other monitor connected to Performa, i can play some games that require at least 800x600 resolution with thousand colours. Some say that the Radius Thunder GX IV is nice card but it is difficult to find one.