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  1. Daxeria

    Unique Japanese Mac Plus ROM?

    From Tech Note #138: The Japanese Macintosh Plus has the Kanji 12 and 18 point fonts in ROM [...] Note that the Japanese Macintosh is unique; Apple has not produced other foreign versions of the Macintosh for different scripts. The introduction of the Arabic Interface System, for example, did not include an Arabic ROM version. Has this ROM variant ever been dumped?
  2. It's definitely rare! The Mac AGI version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose has never been archived online in any form. I'd really appreciate it if you could upload your disk image(s) to Macintosh Garden or wherever is most convenient for you. To answer your questions: I agree with nglevin's suggestion that the Color Classic's 512x384 screen resolution is the issue. I tested every copy I could find of the other ten Mac AGI games, and found that there were three generations of the engine: Version 1.0 only runs in black and white. Version 1.5 adds support for 16 colors at 640x480. At 512x384 in Mini vMac, the game window is a small misshapen rectangle with wildly wrong colors. Version 2.0 adds support for 16 colors at 512x384, although it does this by unevenly downscaling the 640x480 graphics. Most copies of these games use the v1.5 interpreter. The only one I found in v2.0 form is Leisure Suit Larry. The one game that hasn't been uploaded in color yet is King's Quest 1, but thanks to that article you found, we know that it does exist.
  3. Daxeria

    Original mac demo program?

  4. Daxeria

    Bus error/bomb on SE/30 repeatable in one game

    This is a known issue specific to Lode Runner, according to the description at Macintosh Garden: "clicking in the main window crashes the game under some OS versions (but you can still play with keyboard control)."
  5. Daxeria

    Global village drivers

    Are these what you're looking for? http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/global-village-56kethernet-pc-card-driver