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    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    @cheesestraws @insaneboy PMs sent.
  2. olePigeon

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    Won a boxed copy of this on eBay for $20. Not sure what I'll do with it, but if I ever get a dedicated 68k Mac server, then I'll probably use it. It has some interesting features. I'm wondering if I can bridge two AppleTalk networks from across the internet with it.
  3. olePigeon

    Stuffit Magic Numbers

    Would it be possible to make an INIT for System 6 and 7 that overrides the System Bundle icons for Stuffit files with one containing a version number? I could make up a set of icons for it. Then you could tell right off the bat which version of Stuffit you'd need.
  4. olePigeon

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

  5. @MJ313 Ditto, but 8 port. What's funny is that I have stacked on top of it an 8 port Netgear Gigabit managed PoE switch. The cases are identical, they haven't changed them in all these years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  6. I have my trusty old blue Netgear 10/100. Works as a great intermediary.
  7. olePigeon

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    Ooooo. I always like the white PCBs. That'd look great in the clear case.
  8. olePigeon

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Ah, but what LaPorta isn't telling his wife is that it's like one of those hidden night clubs behind the closet door and is 1000 qft stacked floor to ceiling.
  9. olePigeon

    Memorex CP8 Turbo Programmable Remote Controller

    It doesn't work with my DVD player or 2nd Gen Apple TV, but it does work with my 5.1 Receiver and TV. I couldn't test it with my laserdisc player because for the life of me I can't find the remote. I think I'll take it with me to a Best Buy or something and try it out on a bunch of different Blu-Ray players, see if I can find one that works.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333041464068 Not Mac related ... but it could be. I just thought this was so cool. I'm used to "universal" remotes being a replacement for a lost remote, having a list of predefined codes that inevitably don't work with one of your you devices because it's either too new or too old. With this one, you instead put the remote into "Learning Mode," then pair it with another remote, and record the buttons to the Memorex. So, theoretically, I can control any device ... assuming I have the original remote. More of a consolidator versus a replacement. However, it should work with even modern devices like a Blu-Ray player or a somewhat modern Mac or older Apple TV that still has the IR port. Plus, it just looks so damn cool with the LCD display.
  11. @stormy You need the Eject Extras from OS 9. It included a Control Strip Module and (I think) converts the F12 key on an extended keyboard for ejecting. http://wreckcenter.com/68k/EjectExtras.zip
  12. olePigeon

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    @Mighty Jabba Is that a real Space Cadet, or is it just custom keycaps?
  13. olePigeon

    Memorex CP8 Turbo Programmable Remote Controller

    I fiddled with it today, but no luck. I'll keep at it. The manual states that it could take several tries and recommends different methods for recording a remote control. I'll give them a try.
  14. olePigeon

    Memorex CP8 Turbo Programmable Remote Controller

    My ultimate goal would be to have a living room that looks like it's from the 1980s, but discretely hide modern devices in it while making my vintage ones prominent. This remote control should help bridge that gap. I'll fiddle with it, see if I can get it to work with my DVD and Laserdisc players. It also occurred to me that on second viewing, I think it's the size of a large brick. Not losing this sucker between the cushions!
  15. olePigeon

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    @Bolle Fusion Data, probably. They made the Tokamak line of accelerators, and were the only company that actually followed through with their IIfx accelerator. I believe it required them to make new GALs (ROMs?) to fix a hardware glitch that Apple never fixed in the IIfx which prevented people from actually releasing 040 accelerators for the IIfx PDS slot. You had to mail in your IIfx board where they replaced them and installed the accelerator. I think there're maybe 2 people that I know of that have one, and 1 person who has the accelerator but not he modified motherboard (so the accelerator doesn't work.) Edit: Just an afterthought. A IIfx adapter would be cool, but I'm sure would be very expensive.
  16. olePigeon

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    I'm not technical in any way, so I tried to follow what you were saying. So demuxing would be breaking up the longer instructions into 2 smaller instructions so an '040 can run on an '030 bus, but that sometimes messes things up because it was (at the time) cost prohibitive and difficult to make a chip that could account for every possible permutation and reroute said data? So looking at your pictures, you were getting a mostly good picture but missing some of the byte information, which you then discovered was being sent somewhere else that you initially thought was useless data ... one of the few times (as mentioned in the Motorola handbook) where the data wouldn't be routed correctly after being demuxed. So now you can direct that errant byte to where it supposed to go, and now you have 100% of the bytes going where they need to? Resulting in a good picture? Is that right? If not, either way, sounds exciting. One down, Applied Engineering TransWarp 040, Fusion Data TokaMac SX, TechWorks NuBUS 040, Total Systems Magellan 68040, Impulse Performance/040, Interware Booster, and Mobius Technologies Speedster to go! (just kidding. )
  17. So the QXGA panels are now cheap on eBay. Especially old 15" Lenovo laptop LCDs. For around $100 I could get a 15" 2048x1536 panel + a combo LVDS controller/inverter board. What I'm wondering is if the pixel density will be good enough at 15" to not notice scaling effects on resolutions that aren't 640x480 ratio. 800x600, 1152x864, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200 for example. What do you guys think?
  18. olePigeon

    Studio Display 15-inch spring catch broken

    Epoxy would probably work as a permanent, non-reversible solution that might make it a bit difficult to disassemble in the future.
  19. olePigeon

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Ooooooh. Interesting. If it's software, I wonder if an INIT could fix it by somehow forcibly sending a good mode.
  20. olePigeon

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    @Bolle Did you already try this with the Turbo 040 + ethernet + grayscale? I seem to recall people were having issues with that combination when using the Stratros.
  21. olePigeon

    New (to me) Sun LCD monitor

    @Von That's the exact type of feature I'm looking for, that Aspect / Expansion option. I'm going to add it to my list of LCDs to look for. And with a DVI connector, it's certainly going to be newer than the other displays I've been looking at that were VGA only. I really want to get one. I wonder if that option is on their 1280x1024 model.
  22. olePigeon

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    "How hard can it be?" - Jeremy Clarkson
  23. olePigeon

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    Oh, looks like you're right. Reading the Wikipedia, it was only for NuBUS cards. I suppose if it had caught on, it could have been used for other things.
  24. olePigeon

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    How about A/ROSE support? My IIci's networking performance was significantly improved when I installed the Apple NuBUS ethernet adapter with A/ROSE.