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    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    @North Hedge Ned I've seen Twiggy prototypes that have your front plate, but they cut away at the plastic so the floppy would fit. So even the Twiggy Protos occasionally had the 3.5" faceplate. They were obviously trying all sorts of different things. Just because yours has the 3.5", doesn't mean it wasn't around the same time as the Twiggy. You could argue that it was after Twiggy development, but the afore mentioned cut-away Twiggy would indicate otherwise. Obviously some simultaneous development going on. Certainly after the Disk ][ prototype, but could be concurrent with Twiggy. Only person who would really know would be an Apple engineer. Might be worth contacting the Vintage Computer Museum in Mountain View, California, USA. They might actually have someone on staff who could tell you. Provenance is one of the most important thing about these old machines.
  2. olePigeon

    Baroni’s Collection

    I think it's a combination of oils, humidity, friction, and chemical reactions that cause them to melt. The kits I've seen on eBay look normal.
  3. olePigeon

    Baroni’s Collection

    Apple used a lot of the same parts from Canon and HP. You might be able to get a cheap HP or Canon roller kit to replace some of those rollers.
  4. olePigeon

    Boxed Turbo 040

    Well, sort of. Someone posted pictures of their brand new Turbo 040, which appears to be a fairly generic box that Daystar used for all their products. Their earlier revision box was white with all sorts of graphics and charts on it. Since mine is a Rev. 4, it most likely shipped in this newer generic box. So except for that sticker on the right side, it appears to be the same box as this item which I picked up with a $50 offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DayStar-Universal-PowerCache-Cache-Adapter-Board-for-Mac-IIcx-BRAND-NEW/183833731862 So I now have a complete-in-box Turbo 040. Anyone need a brand new IIcx adapter? I just wanted the box.
  5. olePigeon

    Profile rifas

    Nearly all power supplies of that age with those old caps give up the magic smoke. Just make sure the replacement capacitor is of the same capacitance and at least rated for the same voltage, and you should be fine.
  6. olePigeon

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    TechShop? Do they own Radius now?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the people over at GOG are watching this thread and monitoring the project.
  8. olePigeon

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    @EkriirkE Oooooh, that helps a LOT! I never even knew who made it before today. Thanks! I always assumed it was Kensington because they made those kind of things back in the day. Although I'd imagine the stickers get lost all the time. I'm wondering if it was originally sold by Supermac. It would make sense to have both a Supermac monitor and a Radius branded stand because Radius eventually bought Supermac. So now I know they existed in the wild outside of advertisements. I've still never seen the IIci/IIcx/Quadra version in the wild, only in print. Thanks for the pictures. It goes without saying that if you decide to get rid of the stand, I'd be more than happy to trade/buy it. I'm in the South Bay.
  9. olePigeon

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    I'm as jealous of your IIfx as I am of the monitor stand. I've been looking for that stand (plus the IIci sized one) for many, many years. Are there any markings on the stand? I thought it might be Kensington.
  10. olePigeon

    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    @ZaneKaminski I designed the logo for anyone who wants to use it. No strings attached. No web sites, nothing. It's just a Jolly Roger that I thought would be fun for people to use on their homebrew products. An homage to the 1980s homebrew & pirate scene.
  11. olePigeon

    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    @ZaneKaminski Could I entice you to adopt my Mac Homebrew Hardware pirate logo? dougg3 and bbraun utilized it to great effect, especially when using 2 red LEDs for the eyes. My IIci's custom ROM is my favorite part about it with its glowing red eyes Jolly Roger. http://wreckcenter.com/68k/Pirate/
  12. olePigeon

    Apple Extended Keyboard II (and mouse) 29 dollars total!

    Not too shabby. I have both versions of that keyboard, early one with salmon and the later revision with cream. Even though they're technically identical save for the dampeners, the clicky feedback is still somehow better.
  13. Oh, nuts. I took a second look at my G-Dock, and it actually doesn't have ADB ports. It has instead 2 Geoports, Parallel port, and 6 USB ports.
  14. Not a picture of mine, but it's the same: I wanna find an I-Dock, though. It's just a USB to ADB adapter, but it looks like a miniature PowerMac.
  15. I have a CompuCable GDock on my QS. Adds serial, ADB, doubles as a powered USB hub, and also has a slot for a floppy, zip, or whatever you want (mine has an LS-120 installed.) It's pretty darn cool. I also have a Stealth G4 port.
  16. Oh, I thought the ultimate accessory was the optional speaker grill cover that always gets lost.
  17. olePigeon

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    I have the ADB version of that Mouse Systems mouse.
  18. So that function make a little loop that basically sets the FPS of an animation?
  19. olePigeon

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    @tokyoracer Civ's fine on 68k. I run it on my IIci with no problems, even late game.
  20. olePigeon

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    Sim City Pirates! Lemmings PGA Tour Golf Warlords Pararena
  21. Very cool. I wish I had the mental aptitude for programming. I have a lot of ideas, but no way to realize them.
  22. I was trying to find free examples of oscilloscope music, but didn't see any. But if you find some, you could stress-test your app by uploading the waves: https://oscilloscopemusic.com/
  23. olePigeon


    @YMOKID Give this a try: https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/video.shtml
  24. olePigeon

    Shipped an LC 5xx based system!

    I used foam Pool Noodles along the edges of all the SE/30s I shipped (including one to Japan.) They all arrived in one piece. Only exception was that the SCSI2SD LED connector broke off during transit with the LED wires connected.
  25. @ClassicMac I mist be misremembering. According to EveryMac, Dual 533 is OS 9 only. Odd. I coulda sworn I had 8.6 on it.