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  1. MacSE/30

    ROM on IIci

    Where is this jumper exactly? I have a IIci that was working perfectly a while ago. Now when I turn it on it makes a click sound and turns itself off. The PSU is fine tried in a Q650. I swaped their HDDs before IIci stopped working. I might touched the jumper during the swap! Could it be?
  2. MacSE/30

    New pds adapter for SE/30?

    You are out of luck. Look here
  3. MacSE/30

    Turbo 601 in SE/30

    I tried w/ stock, IIsi and IIfx ROMs all same results. I have another set of 16 MB ROMs I'll try with them but before that I decided to wash the MoBos. I'll report back.
  4. MacSE/30

    Turbo 601 in SE/30

    I recently recaped my two MoBo’s with tantalum caps. Although my soldering skills are amateur at best MoBo’s are working with some problems I mention below. I accumulated couple of CPU upgrade cards, adapters, etc over time: - 1 x Mac IIsi ROM - 1 x Mac IIfx ROM - 1 x Daystar IIsi Turbo 601 angle adapter (1 PDS slot only) - 2 x Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ PDS pass thru (one of them has math processor slot) - 2 x Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ a NuBus port - 1 x Supermac angle PDS adapter - 1 x Stratos TwinSpark adapter - 1 x Daystar PowerCache 030 40 MHz P33 - 1 x Daystar Turbo 040 40 MHz Rev 4.01 w/ 128 KB cache attached at the back of the card - 1 x Daystar Turbo 601 66 MHz I have also the following: 1 x Asante PDS Ethernet 1 x Asante SCSI2Ethernet 1 x Lapis ProColorServer 8 PDS graphics card 1 x TVS 9” Grayscale SVGA monitor My original plan was put the, IIsi ROM, Turbo 601, Lapis, ethernet and grayscale monitor into SE/30 case. - I have used IIsi ROM. - I have installed System 7.5.5 using methot in Gamba’s page - I started experimenting using one of the MoBo’s - My findings… #1 SE/30 does not accept more than 64 MB. During cold boot I get zebra stripes w/ 128 MB and and eventually does not boot; w/ 64 MB I still get the stripes but after a minute or so it boots. #2 I know everybody waits for this part……………… Turbo 601 with Turbo 601 IIsi angle adapter in SE/30 DOES NOT WORK Turbo 601, Quad, PowerCenter and diagnostic programs still recognizes the computer as SE/30 despite I am using IIsi ROM. The Turbo is fine, works in IIci. #3 PowerCache + IIsi angle adapter w/ PDS pass thru = WORKS #4 PowerCache + Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ NuBus port = WORKS (this opens new possibilites like 100 Mbit Ethernet and HiRes external graphics, fast SCSI cards etc….. keep dreaming!) #5 PowerCache + Stratos TwinSpark adapter = DOES NOT WORK #6 Turbo 040 + IIsi angle adapter w/ PDS pass thru = WORKS #7 Turbo 040 + Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ NuBus port = WORKS #8 Turbo 040 + Stratos TwinSpark adapter = WORKS #9 Turbo 040 + Stratos TwinSpark adapter + Lapis + Lapis driver = Finder stucks. Computer freezes after “Force Quit” #10 Turbo 040 + Stratos TwinSpark adapter + Lapis + w/o Lapis driver = Finder stucks. Starts after “Force Quit”. Computer freezes If I try to open Monitor Control Panel. #11 Lapis + Lapis driver = Finder stucks. Computer freezes after “Force Quit” I have lots of options in my mind to try but I want some input from you guys/gals. - After the above trials I clean installed System 7.5.5 with SE/30 ROM + Mode32 but my MoBo still does not accept 16 MB RAMs. Any ideas why? It does accept 8 x 4 MB RAMs by the way. - How the programs determines the type of the computer if they are not reading it from ROM. I mean how Daystar control panels know it’s SE/30 when I use IIsi ROM? - Turbo 040 heat sink heats up so much that I cannot touch it. I fear that the CPU will burn if I use it couple of hours. Anyone has the same problem? - Any ideas why PowerCache does not work w/ Stratos adapter? - Lapis card works w/o drivers when I force quit finder but I am unable to change monitors i.e. make the external monitor primary monitor. I tried both drivers from www.macdrivermuseum.net with same results. Maybe my system version is too high I have not checked the documentation though. - The Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ NuBus port is an interesting one. I managed to get two of these, one with box. I never saw or heard of these until last year I saw one in a Japanese site. It has an AMD chip on it. I have not tried the NuBus port yet. - I have a IIsi MoBo I will try Turbo 601 with Turbo 601 IIsi angle adapter combo when I pull the PSU from IIci and fix my Apple Monitor just to make sure the adapter works. Has anybody knows if the IIsi video circuit will work with a multisync monitor? If so, I do not need to repair the monitor I would use Mac2VGA adapter. - I do not want to try the Turbo 601 with IIsi adapters or Startos because the PAL chip numbers are different: - Daystar IIsi Turbo 601 angle adapter PAL 3046 - Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ PDS pass thru PAL TI20L8-10CFN & 1410 - Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ PDS pass thru & math processor slot PAL 1400 & 1410 - Daystar IIsi angle adapter w/ NuBus port PAL 2928, 2929, 2930, 2931, 2962, 2994 & AMD MACH220-15JC - When I turn on the SE/30 with Turbo 601 nothing happens not even error sound! This became a long post. I appreciate any comments you will give. I can try any options you can suggest w/ some reservation.
  5. MacSE/30

    USB 2 in old world macs

    I have a PB 550c w/ PPC CPU and a PCMCIA RevC expansion module. I wonder if I can use OHCI compliant PCMCIA USB 2.0 card that are abundant in ebay w/ 8.6
  6. MacSE/30

    Compact Flash in se/30

    I can confirm that "Microtech PCD 47B" and SanDisk Ultra II 4GB CompactFlash card is working nicely in Q650. I couldn't try it in my SE/30's cause both of them require a recap. It should work in SE/30 as well. Microtech PCD 47B is an internal unit with PCMCIA Type I/II/III, CompactFlash and SmartMedia slots. However, CF card in a PCMCIA module did not work. The converter module I used was very cheap stuff so with another module it could work. Formatting the CF card was troublesome. Since the card comes in DOS format it must be re formatted to HFS. Mounting was very difficult. Apple HD Setup (patched) and Drive Setup couldn't mount. Mt. Everything mounted it but it couldn't been formatted by system. Lido7 mounted and formatted the card but after start up the card didn't mount so the driver installed by Lido7 was no good. Hard Disk Toolkit did all the tricks and now I can boot from CF card. Although after Lido7 format I had to reformat the card in a PC to FAT32. Because HDT was not able to change the driver. SanDisk Ultra II has speed of 15 MB/s. The speed is more than enough cause SCSI-2 bus in Q650 is only 10MB/s. That's why people who been able to use CF cards in their macs do not see any speed increase. The bootleneck is the SCSI-2 bus speed. I also installed Artmix's CF2SCSI 2.5" adapter in my PB 550C but I'll report that in the PB section
  7. MacSE/30

    9 on a Quadra?

    I do run Mac OS 8.6 on my Q650 but the above link says It is possible to run 9.1 which I could not do so far. I can accept 9.0.4 though.
  8. MacSE/30

    9 on a Quadra?

    I tried to run 9.1 on Q650 w/ PowerPro w/o success. If anyone accomplishes it. please let me know.
  9. MacSE/30

    SE SE/30 inscription font

    Thanks for the link. Do you know the size as well?
  10. MacSE/30

    SE SE/30 inscription font

    Does anybody know the font name and size of the "Macintosh SE" insciption in front of the computer?
  11. MacSE/30

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    Is it possible to downgrade the Q950 oscillator to 50 MHz and use QuadDoubler 50 MHz upgrade? Just a thought!
  12. MacSE/30

    Advice needed for Mac2VGA adapter

    Neither IIvi nor Q650 does not give 640 x 480 output with the rasterops adapter.
  13. MacSE/30

    Advice needed for Mac2VGA adapter

    832x624 was common for Apple's monitors... not sure why it was chosen over the standard 800x600 though. Another one of Apple's quirky, non-industry-standard, decisions I guess! Why would an Apple monitor needs a VGA adapter to work with an Apple or Macintosh computer? I do not think 832 x 624 is an Apple standard.
  14. MacSE/30

    Advice needed for Mac2VGA adapter

    With rasterops adapter I cannot get 640 480 resolution in my VGA monitor eventhough monitor supports 67 Hz.
  15. MacSE/30

    Advice needed for Mac2VGA adapter

    I saw those on ebay. Can you get an 800 x 600 resolution to a SVGA monitor with that? The thing that I do not understand is this 832 x 624 resolution. Is there such VGA monitor? VGA is 640 x 480 and SVGA is 800 x 600. Anybody has an idea about this resulution?