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  1. The flashed FX5200 i put in mine has worked fine for everything i've thrown at it so far.
  2. FunnymanSE30

    Seek Pismo opinion.

    I love my pismo. I have 640mb of ram, an airport card, and 10.4 everything runs fine except flash video(like youtube). i get about 8 hours of battery life just websurfing i got my replacement pismo battery from the seller "wholesalelaptopbatteries" Here's one for sale on their website The batteries are fairly freshly made too, less than a month old.
  3. FunnymanSE30

    The Sound of the SE's Hard Drive

    Ahh... The bliss of using a Plus, just the very faint electrical buzz of the CRT.
  4. FunnymanSE30

    So I am not crazy.

    I'll have to take pictures of mine sometime.
  5. FunnymanSE30

    So I am not crazy.

    I have a boxed shrinkwrapped one, It's called the Envisio NDA030, it's a little video-out upgrade made for the powerbook 140 and 170, that plugs into the memory socket, it provides a ram upgrade for the powerbook and the video out. http://calbears.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0NEW/is_1992_Jan_22/ai_11872921
  6. FunnymanSE30

    Complete Collection of Every Compact Mac?

    cant be too hard its been in production for 6 years just make sure that the keyboard is in working condition its extremley hard to find a replacement 4 years.
  7. FunnymanSE30

    Complete Collection of Every Compact Mac?

    No not the color classics, i dont count those as compact macs.
  8. FunnymanSE30

    Complete Collection of Every Compact Mac?

    I have all the classics and 2 of the SEs, and a Plus, so I'm close.
  9. FunnymanSE30

    *Any* source of 2.5" SCSI hard disks?

    The guy that owns artmix.com has them http://artmix.com/j_home.html
  10. FunnymanSE30


    How many points do I get if i follow Edward Alcosser's book: How to Build a Working Digital Computer(©1968) to build the computer, and use that for July? PDF Here's a review on it on Amazon and if you want more info on the computer google "Paperclip computer"
  11. FunnymanSE30


    I'll be using my se/30 to get on the net, the powerbook 100 or Portable for a laptop, the mac plus for some stuff, and the IIfx for non internet work(if i can't find a nubus rj45 ethernet card by then).
  12. FunnymanSE30


    Then why join the the MLA? The forum was meant for the preservation of classic macs, IE: ones that don't run OS X.
  13. FunnymanSE30

    SE/30... best Mac ever?

    Ethernet cards are pretty common, and work much better than a SCSI ethernet solution you'd have to use on the classic II.
  14. FunnymanSE30

    Mac II Shortage?

    I run 7.6.1 on my IIfx, and I have thought about dropping a 50mhz 030 and 68882 in it and maybe overclocking to 60mhz. I'd also like to get some science equipment, some interesting cards and a bigger desk for it.
  15. FunnymanSE30

    Mac II Shortage?

    Not a lot at the moment, and I doubt whether any would be a good long term investment. There are still lots of them in the hands of Mac collectors (or just stuffed in the attic). A possible exception is the original Mac II -- 800KB floppy drive(s), original ROMs -- which has a lot of historical interest. Most Mac IIs were purchased by people who would upgrade at any cost, so original spec machines are rare. If it were boxed and complete, an original Mac II would sell for *lots*. I might even put in a bid myself. IIfxs havent dipped below $30 for a long time now, and ram for them seems to sell fast, so i assume that there's some sort of following for them.