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  1. Unable to access the Wiki

    Hello All, I finally got a free weekend, the wiki is back and has been upgraded to the latest version. Thanks, //wthww
  2. Apologies for the extended downtime, life gets in the way! Please continue to let us know about issues on the new site here. //wthww
  3. Hello All, The software that our site runs on has been upgraded. A few things everyone should know: All post data must be reprocessed in the background. The site will be a little slow to respond until this has been completed. Posts and their attachments from the old phpbb site have been recovered and will begin to appear as post data is rebuilt. A few users accounts have had the email field reverted to what the value that was on the old phpBB site due to how I went about merging in the content. We know which accounts were impacted and those users will receive notifications from the admin team as we change the field back to the correct value. Invision Community 4 is a lot different, but much is the same. We're still learning some of the features/quirks of the new version. Thanks for your patience while we worked to get the upgrade in place. If you happen to encounter an issue with the new site, please in this thread so that we may keep a central store of problems as they occur. Thanks for your patience and continued use of our community, The 68kMLA Admin Team
  4. Everyone up to this point has been enabled.
  5. give it another shot for me Thanks, //ulterior
  6. Hello 68kMLA Community, We're happy to announce that defor has joined the moderation team as a sectional moderator for the Trading Post & Feedback forums. A few things to know about defor: Ikea addiction: ✔ Vidya games: ✔ Wheeler-and-dealer: ✔ user #7: ✔ Awesome: ✔ Thanks for joining the team, defor! //ulterior [wthww]
  7. Everyone up to this post has been enabled. Thanks, //ulterior
  8. Bunsen, Go to https://beta.68kmla.org/forums/ Then, click the "sign-in" button. You'll be able to use the community while its in maintenance mode. Thanks, //ulterior
  9. Bunsen, All admin accounts can logon no matter what. Let me know if it gives you trouble. //ulterior
  10. Everyone up to this post has been enabled
  11. @JT, I've enabled your account. Thanks, //ulterior
  12. Everyone up to this post has been enabled. //wthww
  13. Everyone up to this post has been enabled. //ulterior
  14. Everyone up the this post as been enabled. //ulterior
  15. You are enabled by default. Give it a try and let me know. //ulterior