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    • Doesnt matter what the yoke connector is and if its compatible   ALL The CRTs are interchangeable between ALL the B&W compact macs. Its just a matter of swapping the yoke between the tubes and retuning any geometry. 
    • I'm not sure that it was.  If it wassold as a retail package, it probably wouldn't have been packaged in it's own unique box, but rather as an upgrade disk included with 8.5.   I think it may also had been offered as a free downloadable update to 8.5,?  Apple's FTP site was available on the Wayback Machine last I knew, so perhaps I can check....   c
    • This looks like one of those deals where OldMacGuy disappears and this thread disappears and its all best if no one asks any more questions.
    • Now that would be cool (and is a potential fresh batch of colour ribbons an incentive?) My boys think “laser printers” when they want to print. Would be great to show them how it used to be done (with lots of noise and time!)...I have an old ImageWriter II on my “get it working” project list I’ll have to take a look at.
    • Recapped the worst looking IIcx board first. I didn't try it before hand as I was told it being totally dead. After recapping it starts up fine but no chime from loudspeaker or headphones, no video, no disk activity.   The corrosion on pads was pretty bad and I two caps fell off during the initial wash. It was pretty difficult to find some clean metal but I managed to do all electrolytic SMD caps. I guess there are some broken traces as well.   Edit: Where is Nubus controller on this board?