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    • Holy crap - You’re right!   Unfortunately, it’s empty. No Apple ID card, no reference card, not even a playing card.
    • That is surprising! Your keyboard has the same groove in the same place as the first Twiggy Mac's keyboard. 
    • I just checked, thinking I might have overlooked it and wondering for a second or two if I’d find Steve Jobs’ Apple ID card or something. Alas, it doesn’t have a pull-out drawer.   You’re welcome. I’m happy to share this odyssey.
    • Interesting concept, I like it!  Sounds like 90% of that is heavy lifting from a software prospective.  That is something neither my engineer nor I have the skill set for.  However, if anyone is interested in joining the project...  Let me know
    • It’s the original belt.   The battery wasn’t in it, thank god. No popped caps, no battery leakage.    The Twiggy Mac, along with its keyboard and mouse had been in its original padded carry bag at least since the original owner died in the 1990s. The original owner was a member of Apple’s board of directors at one point in time and when he died, his daughter ended up with it. I’m her computer tech and she called me over one day to go through “a bunch of old equipment” to identify what to donate and what to throw away, and this old equipment included the Twiggy Mac.   Neither of us knew what it was, but I knew no production Mac had ever been released with a 5.25” floppy drive and that it was probably a prototype of some kind. She wanted it to go to a good home when I told her it was likely a semi-rare or rare Mac, so she gave it to me in mid-December. I did some research and realized it was a Twiggy Mac and that finding it was, as I put it at the time, “like finding an albino Bigfoot.” (Yes, I’ve kept quiet about it for nearly 6 months. It’s been hard to do. I mean, imagine finding an Albino Bigfoot - Who wouldn’t want to let the world know about it?)   When I got it, the floppy was inserted incorrectly. It was face-up, but it was rotated 90° from proper orientation (see the video). I couldn’t remove the floppy; it was wedged in pretty good, so I left it in the drive and only removed it after I pulled the Twiggy drive and its frame out of the case.    The FileWare floppy - a literal one-of-a-kind item due to the OS on the disk being written for the specific ROM revision on the board - may be damaged.   The Twiggy Mac starts but does not load the OS. I’m pretty sure the Twiggy drive is working as designed (for what that’s worth ) but I can’t tell. Due to the utter uniqueness of the hardware, Im thinking I can’t just pop in a FileWare disk for a Lisa and expect it to be read (although I haven’t tried).   If anyone wants to lend a hand with backing up the FileWare floppy and/or troubleshooting the Twiggy drive, I would be eternally grateful. I know this is a special Mac, one of only 3 of its kind known to exist. I’d love to get it working again.   And I’m glad people are digging the fact that it exists and that it’s not a hoax. If anyone is skeptical - I get it. I’m a skeptic by nature and I could scarcely believe it myself at first and didn’t believe it was an actual example of the near-mythic Twiggy Mac until I saw Mac Man on the logic board.   So that’s the (recent) history of my Twiggy Mac.   Thanks for reading and for the interest in my Albino Bigfoot.   OldMacGuy   And now…   This is a Public Service Announcement (unfortunately without guitar): IMG_6276.MOV