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    • I equipped myself with 102 channel LA from 00s so... now just to learn the hw, sw, and wire it up all together. This one is a funny ride!   All caps were replaced at start of this fun, clock chip measured etc. Visual inspection under microscope did not show any damage. Perhaps I have to do this hard way with probing between MCU & Sonora & Ram & Rom alltogether. 64x3 + other singals IPLx3 FCx3 DSACKx2 etc. Good for winter Does this board packs more than just 2 layers? I replaced all F245 & ALS241 chips with the ones from the working board - no change - good board works well with parts soldered in from the bad one - bad one does not work I replaced all video chips with the ones from a working board - no change Graphic DAC is just a DAC that copies from VRAM, good board chimes without it Good board chimes without VRAM although chime is dissorted LCIII against what is said will display image without PRAM battery, will also chime good without one For this EGRET chip I am scared to touch it... so don't know. On the bad board it releases reset and pokes with IPL states so I will assume somehow okay...    
    • I built with the default options (just "make all"). It appears debugging is on by default, so I do have debugging on.   I did built with the latest version. I forked your repo so that I could make updates to the README with some instruction updates. But my fork is up to date with your repo.   Is the "TX" debug port just a RS-232 type signal? What baud rate did you use? I can hook up a TTL receiver and try to capture some info, if that helps.
    • This one worked out well. Replaced 99% of caps and re-soldered wires going to the base and the image is on. It will not power on without source attached though. On the board the main IC is a proprietary one but also other parts/drivers are long obsolete. Best path is to get a similar/same board as a donor. EHT still has got "wining" sound even though I soldered centre rod under pressure but image is acceptable.
    • Thanks. I was going to swap motors next to rule it out. The rails have been cleaned and lubed, so no issues there I don't expect. Is there an info resource head demagnetization?
    • No, it should be working at the point you're at. I don't have the firmware in front of me, but as far as I can recall the weird INQUIRY response is normal. Basic bus transactions must still be fine to get the info from the Nuvolink utility, so I'm guessing it's not anything with your soldering.   Are you using the most recent commit in the git repo, and did you compile with debugging enabled? I'll get my board out tonight and see if I can get some additional stuff added that might be helpful in figuring this out.