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  2. travistouchdown

    PowerBook 520c Score!

    Nice score, have wanted one of these ever since i saw the 540c used by Dade Murphy in Hackers
  3. techknight

    512K Flup Flup Flup and Schottky diodes

    You cant reliably read Diodes in resistance mode. you need to use Diode check mode and check the voltage drop across them. Best test is out of circuit. (by removing them).
  4. Crutch

    PowerBook 520c Score!

    Always happy to see a 500 series, they are such iconic machines and that one looks great. Nice score on the price too.
  5. When you order, give us a link to which belts to order. I have a DV SE that will need one eventually, no doubt.
  6. Today
  7. If you have gotten it to charge, IB has done its job, which is basically to wake up the microprocessor in the battery. Emmpathy, Lind, and IB Recondition all did basically the same thing there, but some of us found that used in combination they could revive the intelligence in an intelligent battery where one of them could not. But you are there already. Freezing would help, though how much anything can help a 20 year old battery is hard to say. If it can be done, however, then what could also help is a few thorough battery cycles. Another utility, Battery Amnesia, would help with that. Have you tried any of the remaining hotline servers for these kinds of tools?
  8. One more quick note The rubber roller is loose, turning independent of the shaft so I will have to fix this as well. I know that there is a youtube video out there showing how to fix this in a CD slot loading car audio system but failed to find it. The CD player being worked on in the video is surprisingly similar to the Panasonic/Matshita/Matsushita SR-8186-B found in the Cube and Snow iMac.
  9. Short update: It turns out that the issue with my drive is the drive belt. I am pretty sure because the belt has gotten deformed, assuming two hard corners, losing its original circular shape that is characteristic of a new drive belt. * NOTE: If you have old optical drives in your old computers, from time to time exercise them. These old belts can deform as a result of sitting idle under tension. They will lose their shape over time if they are not exercised. * I also took the time to remove any old lubrication on gears, replacing it with fresh lubricant. I cleaned the roller which is near the slot, the rollers are in very good condition from what I can tell and have a strong tactile feel. I will purchase a new drive belt because I suspect it the most. The motor sounds very strong and is not a point of suspicion. All other mechanics in the drive move smoothly without issue. Relevant link: Although I searched high and low while working on the drive I did eventually come across this page which shows the exact drive that came out of the iMac Snow. It appears he went as far as I have with my own drive. Having known about this link would have saved me a little bit of time but it's always fun to figure out how to open and fix stuff. http://www.ncitymacs.com/G4Cube.html Also saved to http://web.archive.org/web/20190704223506/http://ncitymacs.com/G4Cube.html
  10. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    I tried this morning with a known-good SCSI HD, to no avail. Using Apple HD SC Setup from a floppy freezes the machine. There must be some other error somewhere (diode, resistor, etc) along the chain that is likely causing something, but I don't know where that might be. I'll look at the schematics and see if there is anything obvious. Suggestions always taken, as usual. Also, is it rather easy to get replacement 50-pin SCSI headers if you really mangle them with heat?
  11. toples50

    SE/30 does not boot

    I tried with two other non-working hard drives I have(from LC's) and I've got the question-floppy icon which I think its usual.
  12. If the drive is dead, I would open it and look if the reading arm is stuck. Sometimes a little push with your finger moves the arm. I could get some drives back to life by opening the drive. Old drives have sometimes some rubber bumpers that have become soft and sticky with the years.
  13. kb3wmh

    PowerBook 520c Score!

    I just won a PowerBook 520c off eBay for $9.50 sold as-is (with shipping it was about $24 in total). The 520c is my second 68k PowerBook; I already have a Duo 230, but since I don't have a place to setup my DuoDock, it is pretty hard to use. I figured it wasn't much of a risk if it didn't work, and from the photos in the description, it looked really clean. It came in today, and it fired right up! It is in almost perfect condition (thankfully, it was packed really well)--I don't think it was used much by the original owner (It still had 7.1.1 on it, and there weren't many documents and files on it.) There are a few small marks on the case, but I think they will come off pretty easily. I spent a long time getting the 20 floppy disks necessary for 7.5.3 copied over to it, and upgraded it. I'll probably upgrade to 7.5.5 this weekend. After spending much time finding the Intelligent Battery software, I was able to recondition the battery and make the computer recognize it. It technically holds a charge, but will only run for about 5 minutes on the battery. Next on my list is a RAM upgrade--it only has 4 megabytes, which is pretty painful. I also plan on getting an AAUI to RJ45 adapter, so that I can get it online. Eventually I'll get a SCSI2SD, but I'm going to wait on that one for a while (the original drive seems to work fine) In this photo I have it connected to my laptop using Z-Term and VT100 emulation--but I'm hoping with the ethernet connection I'll be able to do a direct SSH connection to my PC.
  14. I've set up many SSDs, although all were either Toshiba or Samsung, on various models of G4 and G5, without any problems. This is the first I've heard of any problems with booting. Not seeing drives, sure, but I've only ever seen all or nothing - either the drive isn't seen at all, or it's seen and works fine. It'd be interesting to see what your device tree looks like from Open Firmware.
  15. insaneboy

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    OOOOOOoooooohhhhh I tried to get my hands on that in college for $0, to do basically that. Had a friend that worked in one of the computer labs, we were going to try to bridge the administrative Appletalk network to the dorm Appletalk network. Just so we could monkey around on the network and see what kind of mischief we could get up to. Closest I came was when one of the lab printers suddenly popped up on the dorm network... I printed lots of many things to it.
  16. Do you know where I can find Lind battery utility? That one seems harder to find. With the Intelligent Battery tool, I was able to get it to recognize the battery and charge (which took a few hours to get to 100%), but it only ran for about 5 minutes. Would the Lind tool/freezing it help? Or is it a lost cause?
  17. I wish this was the case, but this is not true for me in the least. I can clone it, but it will not boot from it. There are posts on Apple's discussion boards that show many people have had issues with SATA III drives that are not seen or bootable using the on-board bus of the G5, and it's less of a headache to get a SATA I or II drive, or even another separate controller. I tried a clean install, and it installs the OS, then on reboot - nothing.
  18. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    Update: I got the 858 iron as well as nozzle for the chip. Nice little package. Worked well too. I’d say the replacement was not so bad as far as my first try with removal and then resolder with regular iron: I fries the SCSI connector plastic a bit: will learn next time to cover it with foil or something. The positive is this: the machine now starts from a floppy! The old chip must have indeed been fried from past carelessness. However, I can not locate the internal drive in the bus, and it worked the last time I had this thing fired up. There may yet be some kind of issue, I wonder where to look next...
  19. The list of Sad Mac codes says "4 = Memory test - Mod3 test"
  20. Which brand of SSD did you buy?
  21. olePigeon

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

  22. Gorgonops

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    I ended up stripping down a few smashed-to-heck PB G4s back then; used to have a small collection of those little boards the PRAM batteries were soldered to. Probably tossed them all by now, alas. Also had a few slot-loading drives that I always intended to try using for some cool case-mod project that I never got around to.
  23. You also want the Lind Battery Utility, which will sometimes work where the other utility will not. Try freezing the battery for a night first, leave generously to thaw, and then give it a shot.
  24. beachycove

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    Yes, in combination with another software product, Apple IP Gateway, and with the router software running on a machine at each end, it is possible to connect two separate zoned Appletalk networks through an IP tunnel. Kind of neat, actually.
  25. olePigeon

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    Won a boxed copy of this on eBay for $20. Not sure what I'll do with it, but if I ever get a dedicated 68k Mac server, then I'll probably use it. It has some interesting features. I'm wondering if I can bridge two AppleTalk networks from across the internet with it.
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  27. pcamen

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    Brilliant. I'm pretty sure my replacement parts includes at least one set of rollers. But I suspect the rubber on those is goo or crumbly too given the age.
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