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  2. Dan68040

    Color classic crt pots problem

    I am restoring a Mac color classic. I recapped the logic and analog boards and the Mac is now booting and operating like new, but I have no response from mostly all the pots for horizontal screen adjustment. HW / horizontal width PB / pin barrow KS / keystone HS / horizontal shift they are all somewhere related as they affect the horizontal adjustments. I cleaned the pots, and they are turning easily as they should. I double checked the caps, traces and tested the contacts, and everything seem to be normal. is there a specific area I should focus on On the board? Also the board at the back of the crt seems normal, no loose soldering... anyone with something to suggest, I would appreciate.
  3. Gorgonops

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    The original 500/600mhz IceBooks, IE, the ones with Rage 128 video instead of Radeon, mostly didn't suffer from the motherboard issues of the later ones. I'm not sure that follows. My understanding of the problem was the root cause of the failure of those machines was largely mechanical, IE, when the machine was handled (including opening and closing the lid) the stresses were concentrated in such a way that they broke the solder bonding of the GPU. (Which was essentially placed in the epicenter of the bend.) Maybe the machines that are left alive today have miraculous-strength solder compared to the ones that died, or it could simply be that they were on average handled less before they became obsolete enough to be left abandoned in a closet in still-working working condition. They still have the same glass chin, it just happens to have not been punched yet.
  4. LazarusNine

    VGA to DA-15 (Not the other way around) Adapter

    I’m really sorry for necro-ing this post, but I’m after one of these adapters so I can plug one of my hefty multiple-scan Apple monitors into the VGA port on my MDD G4 or my 8600’s Radeon 7000 (or even *gasp* to test on my gaming PC). Has anyone had any luck sourcing these recently? I found this random site selling what looks like the kind of adapter I’m after, but I’m not sure if it’s legit: http://www.cablesonline.com/hdvgamaltodb.html
  5. Can you boot this Plus from a floppy? What happens if you turn on the Mac Plus with the HD off. Then insert a floppy. Then while it’s booting from the floppy, turn on the HD? Do you see the HD appear in the Finder?
  6. techknight

    Macintosh 128K - no video and humming sound

    LS166 seems to be a super common problem in vintage arcade hardware too. Must have had a bad run of those ICs.
  7. Thanks Crutch, I immediately tried the configuration as you told me but my Macintosh Plus (turning on the HD first and then the Macintosh), does not start, or rather, starts but then resets immediately after to continue so indefinitely . I have tried HD with a Macintosh SE and it works. You told me it should present problems if I turn on the HD after turning on the Macintosh Plus, but oddly enough it gives me problems if I turn on the HD first and then the computer. I tried to turn on the macintosh plus first and then the HD but I don't know how to make it read
  8. No problem, glad to be of help. If you manage to figure out a way to get contact with the author (he's got IMDB profile btw at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4184021/ but his contact info is behind a paywall), let me know, and I could ask him for permission for making a MACE bundle of the game (either demo or full) too. In the recent past I've managed to contact a couple authors (most notable Missile and Continuum developers) and received positive responses, so perhaps also he might be sympathetic for the initiative.
  9. Top vs. bottom doesn’t matter. Plug the SCSI cable into one, and the terminator into the other. The SCSI ID shouldn’t matter but be advised the Mac Plus will always boot from the highest SCSI ID, if I recall correctly ... see for example https://macgui.com/usenet/?group=14&id=44109 . It ignores the “Startup Device” control panel so if you end up connecting multiple SCSI devices, adjust the ID accordingly to give your desired boot disk the highest SCSI ID. Otherwise it shouldn’t matter, but standard practice would otherwise be to set your HD to SCSI ID 0. Mac Plusses with early-rev ROMs have trouble booting when a powered-off SCSI device is connected, and may get stuck at a black screen on restart with a SCSI2SD drive connected (and, I think, maybe a regular external SCSI HD, also). Rev C ROMs won’t have this issue and are readily available. If you switch on your HD before you power up the Plus, though, it should work fine on a cold boot even with earlier-rev ROMs.
  10. Trash80toHP_Mini

    IIsi video distortion before and after recap

    Looks like a memory fault to me as well. IIRC there's a way to move video memory to another memory block other than its dedicated, buffered 1MB block . . . yep, LEM. Dunno if it does what I'm thinking it does, but if you can move the Vampire's fangs to a different memory block you might be able to isolate your problem to the RAM, buffers a/o subset of traces and logic used in video. Having moved video memory to a RAM disk in system memory, if the wonkiness disappear you may have a good start? Dunno, but if you do isolate it to bad RAM, you can replace the OEM ICs with a 4MB loadout. In terms of pictures, you're looking at the diagonal section of the board from backplane to front right (FDD) corner. Close details of the 8 memory chips, 4 vertical buffers and the memory controller on the other side of them to start.
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  12. Cory5412

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    Just anecdotally, a couple years ago I was looking for some particular piece of information and ran across an advice column from ~2000 or 2001 which was either originally on LEM or some site like it at the time, pertaining to what video card would be best for a Mac IIfx/Q950/Q900 class of machine, and the answer was, essentially "there's no reason not to buy the highest end available card, they're all over ebay for practically pennies, and you can get new big PC monitors to use them with for almost nothing." Prices for that kind of 68k hardware would probably still be really low it were easy to hold onto it and do physical preservation to it in bulk without having to worry about scenarios where people need to get rid of a lot of stuff at once. The problem is, for better or worse, the kind of warehousing operation needed to do that above the cost of shipping things to and from that kind of warehouse in a place that's cheap to hold onto would kind of serve to raise actual prices anyway. Anyway...
  13. Innes

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    Prices in the UK for these things seem to be fairly stable at the moment. A 800mhz TiBook in decent nick went for 80 quid recently and Pismos also seem to be between 80 and 90. AlBooks are ranging from 20 to 70, and no-one wants the white iBooks. I actually won one for 99p last month and messaged the seller saying 'hey, i'd be pissed if this happened to me, feel free to cancel it'. The only ones selling (selling mind, not just listed) above 150 are the clamshells, which as far as I'm concerned are the least deserving of it. If any of the other laptop models came in different colours then I should think that would have put a premium on those too as everyone brought them all for their shelf. Its interesting that you post this now, as iv found that Jan and Feb seem to have lower prices in general. I figured this was down to more people listing things after Christmas to try and scrape back a few funds, and less people bidding for pretty much the same reason
  14. A few days ago they gave me an original Apple 20 external HD as in the picture. With the HD I also have the terminator and the scsi cable. In the absence of documentation, I don't know where the terminator (below or above?), and the connector, goes. Then there is a number near the connectors where it is currently set to 5. Can you tell me the exact configuration? If everything goes smoothly, once the computer starts, will it automatically recognize the HD? Thank you
  15. Cory5412

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    With the caveat that I'm not actively watching ebay, and haven't really for several years - I'm not surprised by this at all, and, I suspect we only have a couple years before early Intel machines do this too, so if anyone thinks they have an early Intel machine they'll want to have gotten cheap a few years ago, just go ahead and pick it up today. It seems like the value of old tech follows a sort of a trough curve. Something is built and then it's valuable as a new/fast/current/modern piece of technology with a working life ahead of it. Then, the piece of tech does its working life and around the end of that working life, its value drops to zero pretty quickly. The value stays at zero and there's this period where the thing is too new to be interesting but also more or less too old to be useful (The Great Plateau is making this phase a little weird because a lot of stuff, at least as far as generic x86-based computers sold for Windows/Linux/Unix go, from 10+ years ago still competently runs current software versions). (Macs also get weird here mostly because there's only one official/supported vendor for Mac hardware, and so you have Macs from 2013 that fetch 2-5x what a generic OEM or self-built system from that time will. And then, during that low period, people toss things because they take up space and they can't really find people to take them. After enough of that has happened, people start having nostalgia for that era and want machines, but they're a little difficult to shake loose and prices start rising. The older a piece or category of tech is, the smaller all the numbers are, in terms of quantity, so it'll be interesting to say how this plays out long-term when we get to the point of, IDK, Mac OS X 10.6 on 2009-2011 Macs being legitimately "vintage" - especially because this was by the time of MacBooks being among the single most popular laptop models in existence. The problem there with finding "good" examples of MacBook/Airs in 2030 is going to be that most of the people who bought and used them used them hard for a very long time. (Though, to their credit, since sometime in the mid-late 2000s the build quality overall on Mac laptops took a huge leap forward from where it was for the '90s and early 2000s, due in part to material changes and in part to Apple just getting better at it. (And, the much much greater popularity means that unless the number of people engaging in vintage computing as a hobby scales, even with greater failure rates and more difficult to recover from failure modes. (Especially dependent on what happens when the first person decides to just pull the battery out of a newer MacBook Pro and run it that way, and how that'll end compared to doing it on one of the older MacBook Pros.) TL;DR - if we're noticing a raise in powerpc mac prices, I'm not surprised.
  16. Just wanted to say "Thank you" for addressing my issue/concern. I'll try to get that disk up. I need to check the Shareware agreement, and make sure that form of distribution is allowed. And if the author is still around, maybe I can actually send in the shareware fee -- if I get to a point where I can play the game.
  17. MacFox

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    I've noticed this too. I like PPC Macs. I got most of the ones I want, but I'm always tempted to add more. The rising prices make me think twice before expanding my collection though. I got my 500mhz iceBook for around $60 shipped from eBay about 4 years ago. It's a nice machine.
  18. LaPorta

    Help with Classic II

    Yes I wasn’t sure that versus Something I inadvertently did. I think the cap goo did it in more than anything else. I can only hope my repairs aren’t too ghetto...
  19. eaten trace somewhere ? A picture of the logic board ?
  20. bibilit

    Help with Classic II

    eaten trace, common issue as well.
  21. EvilCapitalist

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    iBook clamshells seem to be more pricey than iceBooks partially because of the supposed unreliability of the iceBooks and partially because they're distinctive looking machines that were all over the place in the 99~01ish timeframe in pop culture. It also helps to drive up prices when you have a single individual turning loads of them into "art" projects. As for the iceBooks, any that were going to die from the GPU/motherboard problems they had would have died off ages ago so the ones that are left now are, in my opinion, as reliable as any other period machine. That bad rep does help keep prices low. You can pick up a decent working machine for under $50. All of this is just conjecture though, it could be that several people decided that now was the time to buy PPC Macs and drove up prices at the specific time you were also looking.
  22. NJRoadfan

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    Finding a TiBook in decent shape is rare. They weren't the most durable machines and showed wear very quickly. Almost every well used one (not a desk queen) will have worn out palm rests, chipped paint, and even a broken hinge. Being the most powerful OS 9 compatible portable adds to the value as well, although likely not as much as it used to.
  23. Crutch

    SCSI2SD and spindown

    Yes thanks! I got it working following hte approach finkmac outlined above, with some help from codesrc who made the requisite “nodelay” bootloader available again for the purpose. Works perfectly now. I had never realized the PB 500s have no fan, all you hear is the HD noise, so they run completely silent with a SCSI2SD installed. Having never opened one up until recently, I always just assumed there was a tiny fan in there ....
  24. Possibly bad memory. Have you tried a memory test program?
  25. IlikeTech

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    Thanks for the advice but that machine is long gone at this point, as it was a totally rusty mess
  26. AlpineRaven

    Performa 450 dead

    Switch on the PSU and test for power on the power plug - I bet you money the PSU is dead/needs recap. Cheers AP
  27. bibilit

    Performa 450 dead

    Probably a bad PSU (pretty common) you can have a look at outputs with a multimeter. Capacitors should be replaced as a matter of fact on both the PSU and Logic Board.
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