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  2. @olePigeon I have no software disk. Mine just came with the unit and the power adapter, that's it. Didn't occur to me it might need one. I just assumed it was a mechanical process.
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  4. Bolle

    Recapping accident on Macintosh Classic :-(

    C6 is connected directly to ground and 5V right at the power connector. Just try to leave it out, it should still run just fine.
  5. hoi polloi

    How to set L3CR Cache for DIY G4 CPU Upgrade

    Did you have any luck with this? I found a dual 800MHz quicksilver CPU card to play with. I swapped in a couple 7455B chips and it's working now at 1.2GHz with the 2MB L3 cache. The 7455B chips are much better than the original 7450. They're both faster and cooler at a lower voltage. This board has a microcontroller chip on it. Does anyone know what it does?
  6. According to eBay, should be here sometime next week. @pcamen We might want to compare our software disks incase one of us has a newer version of the software than the other.
  7. Cory5412

    AppleTalk net cable

    LocalTalk is itself a ring network design, physically, even though it won't work to create a bunch of multihomed 2-machine LANs. Regarding distance: Apple's own Localtalk wiring kits can achieve the same distance PhoneNet can, it's just that serial cables are typically only six feet long. (I have seen a couple longer ones, which would be nice for a couple different scenarios.) There is a localtalk bridge tool and AppleShare and ASIP server machines are supposed to be able to multi-home AppleTalk, so if you were using a beige Mac as an ASIP or AppleShare box, that could be a way to have some flexibility. The other thing is, if you have an AppleShare IP server and some newer clients, you can use that server on ethernet with IP and turn AppleTalk to a serial port for local. (I used that method with my beige G3 to move files from vtools to my PB1400, for example.)
  8. Jaek_3

    Recapping accident on Macintosh Classic :-(

    OP could you snap a picture and post it?
  9. Hello. I have a SCSI2SD Powerbook Edition 5.0, but I don’t know how to connect it to PowerBook 550c - there is no key on the connector, one pin should be missing there. I can remove it myself, but I don’t know which side the cable is attached to SCSI2CD. Help me please. Thank.
  10. It's been a while since I've had this much anticipation over getting a manual.
  11. @joshc Yeah. I paid about $100 for it + shipping. Like I said, I paid more than I wanted to, but the last time I saw one of these on eBay was a couple years ago. They don't come up very often. Knowing my luck, someone will find a 20 of them in a box in some warehouse and offload them for $20 a piece. :P Seller got back to me. They said as they were packing it up for shipping they noticed it does indeed have a power adapter. So good to know.
  12. Compgeke

    Macintosh SE flicker and interference

    Don't trust it. Capacitors are cheap and can fail short and/or go pop when they fail, spewing corrosive goo all over the board. In general capacitors tend to work a little better once warmed up a bit which is probably why it's seemingly working now. Let it sit a few days and it'll be back to before.
  13. Mirokai

    Macintosh SE flicker and interference

    Strange. After turning it on and off a couple times yesterday and letting it run for some time it seems to be fixed today. No more horizontal lines and the screen looks perfect. Maybe I will still recap it but this is very nice. I remember reading about self-healing of capacitors.
  14. techknight

    SE/30 video issue that has ME stumped!

    You cant swap in an HC for an LS, because that is TTL vs CMOS, they have very different logic level High and Low thresholds. And yes, I checked for that, although its been a very long time, I can check again as if I recall, I dont know if I was the one who changed the IC.
  15. HeartletTullius

    Recapping accident on Macintosh Classic :-(

    Yes, this guys videos are brilliant! I would highly recommended him!
  16. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Recapping accident on Macintosh Classic :-(

    Generally, any nearby ground would work. However, if you want to do it neatly, I'd suggest giving this video a full watch, and seeing if any of the suggested methods of dealing with ripped pads apply to your case:
  17. Hi Guys, I finally got lucky and scored a Macintosh Classic in good shape. It got (of course) the checkerboard issue due to capacitor leakage. The board looks pretty clean but looking closer revealed that the capacitors close to the power connector leaked (C5, C6, C8, C9) . The one worst was C6 and when I tried to unsolder him I managed to rip off the negative solder pad (the side with the black stripe on the cap). Anyone able to tell me where I can wire the negative of the replacement capacitor to instead? Just hope I am not completely screwed now :-(.
  18. dochilli

    Would these Floppy Disks work on a Macintosh SE/30?

    The easiest way is to use a D sub 25pin male to D sub 25pin male cable. It must be a 1:1 straight through cable. I have this one: https://www.reichelt.de/d-sub-kabel-1-1-25-pol-stecker-stecker-1-8m-ak-401-p3996.html?&trstct=pol_0 An adapter is not necessary.
  19. joshc

    What’s this C1?

    Someone could've done their own repair on it in 1992, or as @MOS8_030 says it could've been Apple repaired. Apple tended to support machines for a lot longer back then, so they would've still been repairing Pluses in the early 90s I think.
  20. error1

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    It was a complete nightmare to remove the pins from my new ATX supply to rewire the plug, even with the right pin removal tools from ebay it took at least an hour just to learn a working method to release the pins. If i had to do it again I would much rather buy an extension cable like in the instructions I linked, cut the wires that have to be changed and solder them back together while leaving the plug pins alone. As long as you're not in a hurry the proper cable is quite cheap to get, something like https://www.amazon.com/24-Pin-Detachable-Extension-Conversion-Cable/dp/B01N5MWYX1/ with a 20/24 convertible plug and color coded cables makes the process easier. You'll need to buy a new 120mm system fan as well, the original fan is powered by a custom pin header on the standard power supply. If you get a modern quiet fan your G3 will be almost silent. I am really happy with how mine turned out
  21. A small bump, but I can report that, if you turn off saving passwords to the system keychain and the auto-updater, GyazMail 1.5.21 works fine in Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.14. It's a shareware client that costs $18. The developer has had the wisdom to add sensible defaults, like turning off downloading images in HTML and triggering privacy-violating read receipts that caused a fuss a few months ago. Everything's customizable to a good degree. I think it's worth it. Michael J. Tsai gave it a nice shout out in the midst of reporting on Catalina woes. I can confirm that it works well on modern IMAP with SSL.
  22. MOS8_030

    What’s this C1?

    That's probably the correct date. Check the dates on some of the other caps. If your system isn't original then there's no telling when that board was installed. Certainly Apple provided replacement parts for Plus's for several years after they officially stopped production. They may have still been selling Plus upgrade kits in '92, I don't know. (Apple also supplied re-worked boards as warranty/repair replacements.) If you pull the board completely out and check the soldering on the back you can usually tell if the board has been re-worked. There may also be a date penciled on the motherboard there next to the Apple Computer name. It would be the same format. (that white square to the left in your photo.)
  23. MOS8_030

    iMac G4 screen swaps

    Maybe. I would check the part numbers to start. iFixit might have some info as well.
  24. nglevin

    .dsk raw floppy format?

    Some of us settled on Mac OS X Leopard Server and VMware Fusion, in the absence of a solution like FuseHFS for the latest Fuse for macOS. As far as mounting the disk images with a double click in Finder, for any given Mac OS X going at least as far back as when Tiger introduced the file system metadata system that Spotlight is based on, if you change the file extension from "dsk" to "img" then Finder will attempt to mount the image through DiskImageMounter.app. The underlying hdiutil ends up sniffing the file headers and some other bits on the disk image to figure out what the image actually is, it doesn't really care about the file extension. The best solution for backwards compatibility on Mac OS is to keep some (virtual, actual) machines going with an earlier Mac OS X. As many are finding right now with Catalina.
  25. jessenator

    Tanzania to Tanzania II upgrade

    I think I'm one of those weirdos who would rather have a Rage128 in every PCI mac :P I actually just acquired a 4MB module for the beige G3 MT. And so far I haven't minded the on-board video in the 4400 now that I can use something larger than my 13" AppleColor display: I also acquired a Radius Pivot cable, which works a treat connecting my D-15 mac connectors to my SVGA Sony LCD. In that transaction I received a ViewSonic dip-siwtch adapter as well as the Apple D-15 female to SVGA male adapter, but the cable has put them both out of work I do kick myself a little for not getting that 6500/250+monitor+goodies... oh well, onward and upward. Thought about buying OleLila's 6500, but shipping that would be a pretty penny, though it does seem a nicer deal, cosmetically, than what's on ebay... I can be patient I guess. I think my main crossroads now is what to do with my Starmax 5000 board. Part of me wants to modify the 4400's case to accommodate it (the PS/2 ports I think are adding just enough to not align with the board pins), and slightly widening the video cutout on the i/o. I mean, it's not a stock 4400 now anyway, what with the PSU substitution and industrial hook-n-loop attached battery holder. Using the Starmax board would alleviate my need for a 64/6500 anyway.
  26. Does anyone know if the late 2003 iMac g4 screens (with arm etc.) can be swapped with the screen of the earlier models? Are the logic board connections the same?
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