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  3. ktkm

    M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand

    Great! I removed the circular plug, and it seems right on the front part? Still, the rubber feets dosen’t fit the notches on the back of the plate.
  4. Greetings all! To all the users of my Vintage Software Library, please note the URL has changed to: http://obsolete.macfixer.com/vintage-software/ This will let me implement SSL on my main site without killing the vintage software library for old browsers. If it's possssssible for you to edit your posts, could ya? The old link redirects now, but one SSL is up and running, old browsers loading the old URL will fail spectacularly.
  5. Jinnai

    Compact Mac Repair Guide

    There are at least three different power supplies - by Astec, Apple, and Sony. I have the doc for the Sony CR-44:
  6. just.in.time

    FTP and OS7.6

    Just a heads up, 7.6 is a tall order for a stock Color Classic. At least, that was my experience with it. Most things for 7.6 can work with 7.5.3. That aside, I agree with what others have said here. 7.6 will not likely address your concerns, especially if you already have OT installed on your 7.5.3 system.
  7. just.in.time

    Installing system 7.1.1 Pro on Color Classic?

    Is it having timeout errors? I’m wondering if that could be a cause of the FTP host/client software? Or potentially the wrong version of Ethernet card driver (assuming non-Apple)? On my CC with stock logic board I find 7.5.3/7.5.5 to offer a decent balance of performance vs features. Though my board is maxed out at 10mb of RAM. I typically run Net Presentz on it to act as an FTP server so I can push files to it from my MacBook.
  8. PotatoFi

    HDD + SCSI2SD in Macintosh SE?

    Great, thank you! Looks like I can have one here before the weekend for about $9. I *am* using an external SCSI device, a Farallon Ethermac SCSI Link, which has termination built in. My understanding of SCSI is pretty weak (I feel like I'm learning how to use a computer all over again), so I'm envisioning a bus that looks something like this: Ethernet Adapter - Macintosh SE - SCSI2SD (terminators removed) - Quantum Hard Drive (which I would guess includes it's own termination). Am I on track at all there? Or in the original configuration of Macintosh SE and internal hard drive, was termination not needed since it was a 2-position ribbon cable?
  9. Iesca

    Powerbook 540c won't startup

    Would it be obviously loose? The metal outer ring on my adaptor seems pretty rigid. (Unlike, say, the one on the iBook G4...)
  10. Mikeyy00

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    Hrm.. what if I left it bone stock except an SSD, and the 7500? Really trying to avoid putting a fan in.
  11. ants

    MacToTheFuture SE30 Network Card Driver

    There's some Linux DaynaPort driver code floating around online if that helps: https://github.com/dmgerman/original/blob/master/drivers/net/daynaport.c Good luck.
  12. jamesmilne

    MacToTheFuture SE30 Network Card Driver

    Yes indeed, it has been quite helpful. It confirms that I need to implement the E_AttachPH protocol handler stuff, as that's what MacTCP, OpenTransport, etc use. I'll need a small amount of assembly glue to do that, but it seems straightforward. I've also been disassembling the Dayna DaynaPORT drivers, which helpfully were compiled with the debugging symbols left in, so I've got some annotations in the disassembly to look at.
  13. joethezombie

    M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand

    Hi @ktkm, Yes I tried it with my "M0401" 13" AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor. For it to fit the stand, I had to remove the front circular plug from the bottom of the monitor firstly. Then the puck for the stand fits in that hole, with the feet being captured on the back side of the raised Ts. Hope that makes sense! I could take some pictures if really needed.
  14. Johnnya101

    Faint lines on white backgrounds

    Ill have to get some plastic adjusting tools. I tried using a skewer but it doesnt want to turn anything. I also need to adjust the size. Ill try and do that at the same time. Are you sure cut off would cause perfectly horizontal line though? Arent cutoff lines kind of angled? It also doesnt matter on brightness. Again, it might just be my eyes since CRTs looks so different than LCDs, and it is just how the smaller compact CRTs are.
  15. Byrd

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    Yes, you'll need a fan when you add any performance upgrade in a G4 Cube - anything beyond stock makes the internals get very warm. However, you can pick up very quiet 80mm fans these days that you won't notice; keep in mind the Cube has 80mm mounts for a slimline fan, but you can fit a normal thickness part in there with some bending of the bracket.
  16. Byrd

    Faint lines on white backgrounds

    The brightness cutoff is probably too high; crack it open and adjust the CRT pots
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  18. ktkm

    M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand

    Very nice post. I read it when it was new a couple of years ago, but back than I didn’t have the ”M0403 Apple Universal Monitor Stand”. That changed today! Now I have the exact same one as pictured, however, it got me a little stumped. I intend to use the stand with an “AppleColor Hi-Res 13" RGB Monitor”, but it looks to me as if I have to remove the rubber feets from the monitor first, in order to make it rest against the back of the plate? Have you tried it with the 13" or can someone else confirm this little quirky detail? Sincerely, ktkm
  19. nglevin... I am all for overclocking when I water cool the CPU and the video card in modern computers. But with this G3 and G4 stuff, I plan on running them at the speed they were made for. I will check out both GraphicConverter and Acorn. I would enjoy some simple photo editing on the G4 if it can handle it. Thanks for the the link to OWC's ZIF guide. That looks to be what I am looking for. mraroid
  20. Paralel

    Farallon EtherMac Adapter

    Open Transport is what replaced MacTCP. It supports DHCP, etc...
  21. I'm pretty sure that you can e-mail Gus Mueller about buying a license for an older version of Acorn, he still hosts all the old versions on his site. It's a better app for G4e Macs, so I don't know if it's best for your B&W/Yikes. GraphicConverter is shareware that would be a better fit, I think. I do feel like Photoshop passed the point of being particularly desirable once the upgrades were focused on pulling in features from other, better focused imaging apps like Fractal Design Painter around Photoshop 5.x. Anything from 3.x runs great on PPC and won't set you back much on eBay, don't spring for anything recent. I don't think you need to worry about changing the jumper block right away unless you're in danger of running jumper settings higher than what your ZIF is rated for. OWC has a ZIF installation guide that covers most common jumper settings in page 2. There are overclocking guides too but... why do that to your poor old Mac?
  22. mraroid

    G4 processor swaps

    Hello Bunsen.... Would the above link include Zif socket G4 CPUs like one might find in the Yikes! motherboard? If not, do you know of a URL that covers this odd ball CPU? Thanks mraroid
  23. PotatoFi

    Farallon EtherMac Adapter

    I don't know the pros and cons of either one. I'm pretty new to this.
  24. Is it a Blue & White tower or the Beige tower? I found a nice looking Beige in a thrift shop once and regreat not buying it. It looked fun to work on and upgrade. Can you find parts in your country? mraroid
  25. Nglevin.... Good to know. I run Photoshop from CS2 and CS3 on my Windows 10 box. I guess I will have to see how it runs under 9.22 as opposed to under OSX. I will keep an eye out for Acorn and others. I found an inexpensive 500Ghz G4 proessor to drop in the Yikes! motherboard. It cost $19.95 plus $7.00 for shipping. I am now trying to read up on the proper setting of the options pins/wires next to the CPU on the motherboard. Not quite sure of all of that yet.... mraroid
  26. Anecdotally I remember Photoshop CS2 for Mac OS X being really painful to use on a 350 MHz G3 slot loading iMac. iPhoto ('07?) fared better. And Photoshop 5.5/7.0 for the classic Mac OS ran better on older hardware than all of those. Photoshop gets noticeably slower with each major update. Whether it takes better advantage of GPUs or SIMD extensions for some of its filters doesn't really seem to offset that. It does do a good job of driving hardware upgrades. I tend to use other photo imaging apps like Gus Mueller's Acorn and the venerable GraphicConverter on old hardware. On the newer hardware, I'm still using anything but Photoshop, Affinity Photo in the case of this Skylake MacBook.
  27. Paralel

    Farallon EtherMac Adapter

    Any reason you are using MacTCP rather than Open Transport 1.3?
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