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  2. 2008 macbook pro any good?

    For what its worth, I use an early 2007 MacBook Pro for precisely this task (watching videos from Youtube and other miscellaneous places), and it works wonderfully, although internal WiFi died for some reason I have been unable to ascertain (I just use a Linksys WiFi card in the ExpressCard34 slot, which nicely solves the problem, and OS X sees it as a native card, so I don't need any extra software). I agree that a 2009 would be better, one of which I have, if only because they're significantly more reliable, from what I've read. However, I happened to have this 2007, it worked (it works better now, though, since I rebuilt it a couple years ago), and my '09 was in use elsewhere, so I figured why not. If it dies, I'll just go get another (they're getting cheap enough that this is within reason). Also, have you redone the thermal paste on your MacBook's heatsink recently? Doing so might help it run a bit cooler, and thus not spin up the fans quite as much. c
  3. 2008 macbook pro any good?

    Something to consider is Apple has discontinued OS updates for almost everything prior to mid-2010.
  4. Mac LC III don't boot up from a non apple HD

    Does it have a working pram battery?
  5. 2008 macbook pro any good?

    The 2009 15" MBP is a better machine.
  6. 2008 macbook pro any good?

    I need a macbook to just watch youtube and use the web. I was looking around and i think this whould be the right choice (https://everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook_pro/specs/macbook-pro-core-2-duo-2.6-15-early-2008-penryn-specs.html) But i want to hear form people that use it. Do you recommend a macbook like this for youtube and browsing the web? I also want to know if the fans will run fast when watching youtube because thats the problem i have with my older macbook. The only computer i have that runs more loud is my xserve!!
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  8. New Quadra 700 Feet

    yup I need a set.
  9. I might have mousepaint or something like it. Let me look for that. There are also two other ram cards that came with it, one is an Apple brand memory expansion, the one thats in there is a G Ram or something like that (not an apple brand I know that for sure) there is also another ram card like G Plus or something, but it doesnt have very many chips on it, I think just the soldered ones. The computer did boot with both of those cards....but those two test programs would not run. So dont know if that means there wasnt enough memory on the other two cards. But if that is the case, then if I can get a smaller program like mousepaint loaded, then I can throw in those two other cards, and see if anything is different with them installed.
  10. lithium batteries - longevity of them

    Half charged and cool is all I've seen. The trouble with that is that old cells don't seem to hold a charge for long, so long-term storage is a real problem. I'd probably try to rotate them in and out of the machines rather than just use two of them.
  11. SE/30 Pixel 'Snow' Artifacts After 10 Minutes or More

    Yea your case is unique just like mine. I have replaced UE8 and all the other ICs with no change with the board I have. So its sitting in the junk pile until I can get another look at it.
  12. Interesting! The question then is whether UE8 is faulty, or if it's just sitting on the very edge of spec because of the other load on the PDS slot. I wouldn't bother heatsinking UE8: try replacing it and see if the problems still persist.
  13. radius rocket photo booster

    radius rocket photo booster add on card
  14. radius rocket info

    radius rocket spec sheets
  15. Apple, so far as I'm aware, only made a single RAM card, the 1MB capacity model that holds up to 32 41256 DRAMs in four banks of 8. Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure the first bank of RAM was soldered in those, so even an otherwise unexpanded IIgs should have 512k of RAM if *any* memory card is present. One thing I will say, I guess: out of two Apple IIgs' I started with one had the bad keyboard controller, while the other had bad RAM on the memory card, so I had to make one working one out of two. (I also later ended up taking the power supply out of dead keyboard to put in the working one because the caps in that one were really starting to smell like dead fish.) I suppose it's possible you've got some bad RAM going too. If you have the ability to generate disks for your GS you could try something like "Mousepaint". It's an 8-bit MacPaint wannabe that will run on a 128k IIe/IIc, so it should work on a IIgs with *no* cards present whatsoever, but I'm sort of thinking we're barking up the wrong tree here.
  16. Your troubleshooting technique is... novel to say the least..
  17. CC's Latest...

    Oh, Wow! That's neat!! No it wasn't too hard. Just had to resolder the contacts, which seems to be a common cause of inoperative power ports on these. I did notice the writing on the battery cover, but it's not too noticeable, so I'm OK with leaving it there (besides, it adds character). Did you want it back, now that it's in tip-top working condition? c
  18. CC's Latest...

    LOL I think I sold you that iBook on eBay! Was it hard to fix the charger port? As I remember there was some letters scratched into the battery cover which made me think it came from a school district.
  19. Yeah. It's the 8-Bit shift register UE8. Check this out!! @Bolle @techknight @apm
  20. My half-informed hunch is that you have a Nubus card that is either confusing the software or frying something in the hardware, possibly because it is itself fried. Fixing a fried Q950 is beyond my ken. However, the other possibility (system software confusion) would be a relatively easy thing to set right. A/UX is supposed to rebuild the unix kernel when a nubus card is newly installed. I don't know for sure whether it does this for video cards or not, but let's assume that it does. I would therefore remove the card and run newconfig, ideally in conjunction with booting into single user mode or whatever it was in the 1990s, all of which details can be found in the troubleshooting sections of the old A/UX manuals. I have in the past had really weird anomalies in A/UX involving a Supermac Spectrum 24 card, with text getting jumbled up on the screen (as in, the arse end of a line of text being run into the beginning of the line, so that the whole line is illegible, or just five or six letters being run together in the middle of a line on occasion, piled on top of each other). A/UX does not like certain fancypants video cards, essentially, and this has got to be software-related, as no such problems appear outside of A/UX with said card. So my working hypothesis would be that popping in an exotic video card occasionally buggers up the software, which then needs to be put right. In your situation, I would test out the limits of that hypothesis, methinks, for a while before tearing the machine apart with a soldering iron.
  21. Hey everyone, I'm back with updates! It's UE8, I'm pretty sure. -With the logic board removed and the cables extended, I ran it for close to two hours and the artifacting was extremely light, like in the first picture I posted earlier. (Points toward the heat issue) -Placed a piece of paper on top of the board and ran it longer. That helped trap heat and it produced a bit more artifacts. Funny though, after I removed the paper, they got less pretty quickly. -Froze UE8, and the artifacts went away. I'm wondering if I should just place a little adhesive heat sink on UE8..
  22. Hi, I've recently repair a LC III macintosh. It had a 500 Mb Quantum Apple disk, but ir doesn't work. I change the disk with an IBM 1 GB. I tried to install several times system 7.5, and I did, but when I shut down the computer, the HD didn't boot up. I have to start up from a diskette and then with LIDO or something similar mount it and then, always that I restart (don't shutdown) the mac start up fine. I try to initialize the HD with LIDO and with tha patched version of the Apple HD util, but no success Please do you have any idea about what to do?? Thanks in advance
  23. I've always had less-than-reliable (but better than wonky) functionality with the Thunder24 NuBus, to the point where I put off any work involving new cards... and once I had to open to open the case and move something, I crossed fingers and left it alone. However, this situation called for Occam's Razor so I did pull it. With the card, it doesn't appear to boot or get me to the usual "Option" resolution select screen/cycle, without the card I get the OP behavior.
  24. Sorry, I somehow overlooked that you had cross that bridge already. Do you get this behaviour when the monitor is plugged into logic board video, or the Nubus card, or both?
  25. Hmm, thanks for that. I forgot to mention it takes 3-4 rapid clicks for me to do anything but, to your point, I suspect something bigger than the keylock itself. I have a Snooper card and application I can pull out but I don't have loopback dongles so not sure what I'll be able to find out (and tracing VIAs, even spelling the word 'oscilloscope,' etc is not my bag)
  26. Very odd, but the key position is related to the ADB system....
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