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  2. olePigeon

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Hah. I had the auction on my watch, but I forgot about it. Congrats.
  3. jonpurdy

    Apple Adjustable Keyboard (M1242) keys repeating

    I was able to fix most of the bad keys on the good keyboard. Swapped a few springs out and one metal piece and the keys were back to normal. There's still one key that's giving me issues ("w") and I intend on desoldering the switch and replacing with a good one. I also gave each side of the keyboard a very detailed clean with, compressed air, q-tips, and alcohol. To protect the ribbon cable that connects each side from damage, I filed off a few plastic tabs. These were pressing down on the cable. I've attached a photo of the switches for future reference.
  4. Jinnai

    CJ's miscellaneous finds

    oh, I have that upgrade board in my 128k, it's a very nice one. There is, somewhere, a bracket and adapter board that mounts a 50-pin hard drive vertically behind the FDD, that would be nice to have.
  5. falen5

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    will have a look - thanks La Porta
  6. jessenator

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    So System 7.0.1 + tuneup was fine. Installed the Daystar cdev and it was fine. Upped to 7.5.3 and initial boot after install was perfectly fine. Copied afterDark files from my external SCSI and I got a bomb on reboot— error 10 / bus error. Tried to disable extensions on reboot and still got the bus error bomb. I'm wondering if I've got similar problems described here: No screen artefacting thankfully. At work now, but later today I'll probably pull the ethernet card first and work my way back. Ethernet is pretty low on my ultimate 68k mac list, so it won't bother me if it has to go. I also have that new GGLabs ROM and I wonder if installing that would solve anything going on here. But then that's got me wondering: does the installer hack described by Gamba (waybackmachine link) and BMOW described need to be applied to the GGLabs ROM if I install it? Or would this addition just be complicating matters?
  7. jessenator

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Thanks, all! I'm pretty terrified of attempting the caps again on this one... know attempted more than just that on my last motherboard, but I really don't want to mess up another one does anyone on here do recaps? Thanks for the sound explanation. Any idea about the battery not storing? I guess I could check the voltage first... https://denver.craigslist.org/sys/d/denver-vintage-macintosh-computers/6803841423.html So that's the listing I posted in the Craigslist finds thread. Everything (not really in detail) was on those yellow pieces of legal pad. The iisi had "accelerator" on it. Looks like there's a better HDD on the Quadra. Who knows. Maybe there's more in there he didn't jot down. I was tempted by the SE/30 momentarily, but that prize hiding under the IIsi was too powerful, even though I didn't know what it was at the time.
  8. Mikeyy00

    Recap Giga Designs G4 Uprade

    Should be pretty straight forward as long as you get properly rated Caps. Can you post a picture?
  9. EvilCapitalist

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Wow, that's certainly a very nice conquest! If this is what the original owner did to a IIsi you really have to wonder what lurks under the Q700's hood...to say nothing of the SE/30.
  10. jimjimx

    Info needed

    Essentially, I thought it’s about using retro hardware for a month. If you play video games, put away your PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, and only use a SE or IIci, etc. to play games for a whole month. macintosh garden is a good place to get software, if it hasn’t been uploaded in a chewed up form from the Microsoft emulating Mac OS crowd. Or, put down your MacBook, and use a 604, or G3 for web access. MacOS9Lives.com is helpful for using OS9, and even 8, connecting to the web.
  11. AlpineRaven

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    whoop whoop!!! Good find buddy!!! Wonders what that Quadra 700 wouldve had! Recap it buddy including the PSU as well Cheers AP
  12. Bolle

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    No sound is definetly caps (and maybe something else that got damaged by cap goo - sound section is prone to fail in the IIsi) Cap goo dries up after time depending how the machine was stored, so you don't necessarily have to see anything but they are still bad.
  13. ArmorAlley

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Moral of the story: if you want to improve your SE/30, collect IIsis. Congratulations on your find. It really is a good feeling to get a machine that was loved and used. The IIsi is a great little machine. We had one with 5MB that drove a large dual-page B&W monitor that we used for the Students' Union newspaper when I was in university.
  14. Franklinstein

    PowerBook 2400c video memory expansion - software side

    No I haven't looked at the ROM because these are soldered manufactured ROMs, so unless I was able to find a suitable replacement PROM of some sort and the machine to burn it in, the whole exercise would be useless. The 2400c does have a switch on the logic board to allow an expansion ROM, though, if I can figure that out... I've never disassembled a ROM before so I'm not sure how it's structured or where to look. I'm sure there's a book somewhere to look at regarding Macintosh ROMs. Otherwise I don't know if I can get away with figuring out how to do an Extension that can change the parameters of the video chip after initialization. Maybe if I can figure out how the upgradeable onboard cards (especially the ATI-equipped models) in similar Macs configure their VRAM I can get some hints to use here.
  15. They were probably the most cheaply built of the Tanzania clones but because of the rainbow logo on the front, they were probably the most expensive. The StarMax DT is arguably a cheaper case, though, owing to the much smaller case/CPU fan and the fact that it flexes noticeably when it's picked up with the top removed (and that they scrimped and omitted a couple of screws to secure the power supply to the case internally to prevent said flex). At least you get three proper PCI slots and the option of a second external 5.25" bay though.
  16. There were a number of machines around 1993-4 that had spots on the logic board where either the 1/2AA or square battery could be used. I assume they used the square battery on the 575 because it was easy to relocate should someone decide to install one of those socketed PPC upgrades (those things are huge) and in the 63x/64x series for the machines that used the DOS cards (and also for the aforementioned PPC upgrade). I've given thought to finding a 1/2AA battery holder to replace the pins for the square battery on my 575 boards but I haven't done anything with it yet. Really anything is better than those stupid square batteries. I really wish they had started using the button batteries before 2003ish. Yes the 1/2AA lithiums usually last longer than the buttons, but they're more leak-prone and not always easy to come by.
  17. jessenator

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    It looked burnt to be. In going to take a closer look tomorrow. My buddy told me when they tried powering it up when cash was about to change hands, he heard the PSU "click" but it may have been a pop... Had the system running for a while tonight copying files from internal to an external SCSI HDD. No problems other than my years old copy of system 7 not letting me write Install 1 because of a checksum error... I'm going to use the system disks that came with my first IIsi and then update to 7.5.3 so I can finally format my SCSI2SD card and have relatively quiet vintage Mac dabblings The only other issues I forgot to mention so far have been the new PRAM battery not saving parameters after unplugging from the wall and no sound, apparently. Don't know if it's 040 related or what. It maybe the battery is bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Could be board leakage, but I haven't seen anything at all from around the caps, anyway. Eraser'ed the speaker contacts, but still no sound. I might try a boot without the PDS additions and add them one at a time. Maybe test the Ethernet card with my other riser (but not the Daystar card... That would be bad). A little more about the system. The previous owner might not have been the original, but I think he was. He worked for Motorola and traveled quite a bit for his job. This machine was indeed a print station, loaded up with CAD and other drawing software. Some interesting documents, to say the least. Last one was made in 1996, the earliest made before this system in 1988. I definitely want to upgrade to 32-64MB and give the 040 a workout in illustrator—actually see if I can use it for a day of work! I want to stay up and get the system reinstalled back to stock and work up from there, but it's already midnight... I tried installing 7.5.3 and ran into some extension/control panel conflicts from the 7.1 install and didn't want to bother too long sussing that out.. For some reason I couldn't choose to do a clean install so I'll have to start at 7.x and see. My external has only 6.0.8 and of course the SMIs won't run, and with the corrupt 7.0.1 image, I have to break out my OEM disks.
  18. superjer2000

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    What is in the PSU connector? Mold? Dirt? Burnt connector?
  19. Has anyone had success recapping a Giga Designs G4 upgrade? My 1.4 GHz G4 upgade had leaking capacitors after about 7 years, so I pulled it and put it on the shelf.
  20. Images won't load on that listing The barrel-shaped one was recommended by 65scribe in his 4400/200 review. I wonder if the contacts were a different material. the other one is really bulky and I may dremel off the excees (which is just empty plastic at this point.
  21. jessenator

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    I saw "accelerator" in the listing and thought-- ok it's either a PowerCache, a DiiMO, a Turbo 040, or a Turbo 601. I got more excited when the seller said his dad liked souping up Macs. The dad used to work for Motorola I've come to find out. I'm pretty shocked at how fast it is. I mean, everyone says the 040 card puts it on par with a quadra... not kidding, they were. I'm not doing a single thing to this component wise. I don't trust myself. Is there anyone here that does re-capping and isn't (according to threads I've found) dodgy?
  22. jessenator, I used a square LED push light - designed to be attached to a wall with velcro. The 3 batteries were in a row - like the picture in uniserver's post. It was easy to solder new red and black wires to the battery tabs and solder them to the old battery connector wires. I used the velcro to attach the battery holder.
  23. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

  24. Taking the EE stuff out, are you assuming the TAM is overheating - have you pointed a desk fan at the rear innards of the machine to see if it doesn't crash? Also - I'd tap +12V from the optical drive (which is a modified Apple CD600 unit), if you are still looking for that. My TAM with a very low CFM 120mm fan spliced into the fan header is struggling with L2 G3 400 @ 500 and 3DFX card, in hot Australian weather mind you. I'm going to trial a Radeon 7000 PCI in there instead, but might also have to source 12V from elsewhere with a faster 120mm fan as am concerned about the amp draw with two fans at present. It is great though having a second video card in a TAM, noting the shortcomings with the stock video chipset and low resolution LCD.
  25. I also use the 3 AA holder for the 6320 and 640 and I prefer to use Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc vs Alakaline. Not sure why but all of the batteries that I have removed from devices over the years that have leaked have been alkaline. Keeping the time and settings is also a low drain application so heavy duty carbon zinc batteries should be ideal. Here is something interesting, Panasonic batteries have, according to them, anti-leaking technology. https://www.panasonic-batteries.com/en/news/alkaline-batteries-versus-zinc-batteries
  26. Zippy Zapp

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Very Cool. Nice upgrade for that machine too. I always liked the IIsi since it was a unique form factor for that machine only.
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