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  2. Curious if anyone has seen this before. I had a working 550c with 117 MHz PPC upgrade that someone had installed Japanese OS 8.0 on. I swapped out the hard drive for a SCSI2SD with a known good 7.5.5 install (copied from my SE/30) and suddenly have an obscure problem: the Mac periodically reports it is out of memory. In particular, most apps can’t play any sounds (Crystal Quest does for some reason, and the POST chime works), instead blinking the menu bar. If I open the System suitcase and double-click a snd resource directly, I get a memory error (see photo). This happens 100% of the time including with extensions off. The system has 40MB RAM and most it is reported as free. Is there a config somewhere I’m missing? I haven’t played with a PPC machine in a while but this just seems strange.
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  4. The same thing used to happen to me with my Dayna ethernet PC card with PowerBook 1400. I think it has something also to do with the presence of Alternate Ethernet not being available prior to the machine checking for it's local network connection, so it simply defaults to regular Printer Port local talk.
  5. beachycove

    Classic Mac defaults to LocalTalk v Alternative Ethernet

    Most likely spot on. What's the speed like?
  6. Hello again... I wrote a long post until the page refreshed. I’m very frustrated now... Anyway I made the disassembling. What I have now is this: • the liquid was like water, no color at all... • there was little liquid inside • no @BadGoldEagle orange little balls • what kind of hoses they are? Seems very strong and made with two materials. The inside is something like plastic, and outside rubber. • What kind of glue it is? I need the same glue. That’s all...
  7. jessenator

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    If only these mirrors had been imaged https://web.archive.org/web/19970711132306/http://www.iomega.com/support/software/ftpmac501.html that v.5.0.1 one could speculate is the last version of the software that supported the Bernoulli Interestingly, the previous image of that page shows v.4.3 for Zip, but the Bernoulli driver is still v.3.53, still accessible from MacGUI, so there never was a v.4.3 for Bernoulli it would seem. sigh, dangit, another dead end. https://web.archive.org/web/19981212014111/ftp://ftp.iomega.com/ English 404s and captures past that date 401 error. I tried a couple logical directories but no luck. Might be that someone, somewhere out there has this "Mac501.hqx" archive...
  8. CC_333

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    This is a long shot, and you may have already tried, but you can search the Wayback Machine for old FTP sites too. There's several archives of both Apple's and Microsoft's FTP sites, for example. Not sure if there's more. c
  9. macclassic

    Classic Mac defaults to LocalTalk v Alternative Ethernet

    My error, I had the Gateway IP address wrong in MacTCP So I put my routers IP address in the Gateway box and placed an alias of MacTCP Ping in the startup folder to give my Mac a presence on the network, and this works and also retains my setting of Alternative Ethernet in the Network control panel through restarts. So my guess is a check occurs during the startup of networking and with the wrong Gateway IP address this check fails and makes networking fall back to LocalTalk ?
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  11. My Classic Mac defaults to LocalTalk instead of Alternative Ethernet and doesn't save my selection of Alternative Ethernet on restarting which I would like as I am using a Mini Asante EN/SC for file sharing. Is there a way of making my selection stick?
  12. jeremywork

    PM8100: all three NuBus slots free HPV install?

    I finally got these two onto an open bench and they look like a nearly identical case, save for this little retaining clip structure on the 8100 that I can't discern the purpose of (perhaps more interesting are the presence of stabilizing arms that look like they hold a card in place in the 840AV, where there is no slot present on the motherboard. The right clip was retained on the 8100 to hold the PDS card, while the left clip was deleted to make way for the slot opening.) Despite this retaining plastic, the PDS card itself narrowly fits into both cases. It appears there's a pretty enormous waste of space in that female computerbus connector. There seems to be enough height between the case floor and the table beneath to carve out a slot to accommodate the top of the upside-down PDS card. Because of the video port position, this may mean sacrificing the lock port on the back, but there may still be a better way.
  13. Yeah the 2uf one is still there. I'm probably less concerned about that one compared to the RIFA ones.
  14. Rather than posting randomly in the "what did you do to your mac today" thread, I thought I'd make a separate thread for this project in here. Hope it's in the right place and people find it interesting and want to throw ideas at me. The plan/project is to write a userland AppleTalk stack aimed at UNIX-like OSes that prioritises talking to vintage macs, especially from the 68k era. Netatalk no longer bothers with DDP, and AppleTalk in-kernel support in operating systems will, at some point, go away, probably rather sooner than later. It is being written in Go, partly because it's the main programming language currently in my short-term memory and partly because channels are useful. The other important theme here is that I want to write this prioritising code clarity and readability rather than performance. I've often been trying to work out how to interact with a device and looked at the sample code, and then I have two problems rather than one, the second being to understand the sample code. I'd prefer that not to be the case for this. Due to the terms of my employment, I can't release any code until I get the project signed off (sigh), but code *will* be coming. At the moment, you're not missing much anyway, honestly. Also, updates to this will be very sporadic for various life and health reasons. State of affairs as of mid-December 2019: I've implemented a slightly hacky Localtalk over UDP multi/broadcast thing for minivmac, using most of the same code as the existing LToE code. I think this is more flexible for reasons I am happy to go into if anyone wants me to, but is mostly for my own dev convenience. There is actually a bug in minivmac, even using LToE, that prevents duplicate address detection working. The chances of anyone hitting this in the wild are fairly remote, but I think I've fixed it and I'll submit a patch when I can. I have the ability to send and receive LLAP packets over an LToUDP network and parse them. The "physical" layer and the LLAP layer are separate, so in theory it ought to be possible to swap out LToUDP for LToE or "real" localtalk later. I have the ability to acquire a network address on this network and participate in the duplicate address detection protocol with a virtual network of minivmac instances. I can parse short-header DDP packets, but if I want to send any I have to craft them by hand.
  15. cheesestraws

    Make the sound volume higher...

    You probably want a little amplifier. A headphone amplifier might do the job, since presumably that's what's in the cheap pair of speakers? You can get perfectly reasonable ones of those for not much money.
  16. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines Versions

    I have that one (c)1987, here's the clearer of the roadmaps. ISBN listings of all (most?) of the Apple Tomes are listed in the stickied thread in Hacks&Dev. All versions of the books seem to build upon the previous versions, they're available in print via Amazon links or go straight to https://www.abebooks.com/ and search from ISBN listing in thread.
  17. Dimitris1980

    Make the sound volume higher...

    Hello, today i tried the following on my Macintosh LC475. I connected one cheap pair of speakers in the computer's sound port and then i connected my logitech X230 speakers in the phone jack's port of the cheap speakers. So the sound was coming from the logitech speakers and it was a lot louder. It was great. Then i did the same connection on the Roland MT32 and it was amazing. So much louder and so clear sound from the Roland music on Sierra On Line games. Is there also another easy way to make the volume louder without using two pair of speakers? I am not familiar with sound stuff.
  18. Sure. PM me for snail mail address @Crutch
  19. Thank you @netfreak very helpful! I’ll order the same set from Digikey. Did you keep the old 2uF cap in place?
  20. paws

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    I remember when the TiBooks came out, how beautiful and powerful and ahead of everything else they seemed - it's also quite amazing how well the look has held up, I think. These look to be in extremely good condition, what a catch. I missed one locally a few months ago and I'm still a little sad about it.
  21. Bolacore

    Radius SE 2.1 ROM Dump

    Hello, just wanted to share I've uploaded the v2.1 ROMs for the Radius 16/25 accelerator for the SE. I've not found another copy online, so hopefully this helps someone who wants to run Sys 7.1/7.0 on their SE with Radius card. Link: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/27255-radius-se-accelerator-2-1-roms
  22. Mighty Jabba

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    Inexpensive is a relative term. If you search on ebay the only non-used Clamshell iBook batteries are being sold by one seller who wants upwards of $200 apiece for them. But there is a third-party seller on Newegg that is selling them for $60 + tax and shipping. I got one and it lasted almost exactly 6 hours, which I found very impressive (admittedly, most of the time I wasn't actively using the computer, but I did have the screen set to not turn off during my test). So I don't know if I would say it is cheap, but it's not that expensive either, considering that they function better than most replacement batteries seem to. Here is a link to their stuff on Newegg. They list them by iBook color, but as far as I know they are all identical batteries. Just make sure you don't choose a difference seller that sends them from China. https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=ibook+clamshell&N=1065515555
  23. DeafMetal

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    You mentioned that you got hold of batteries for iBooks rather inexpensively, from where and were they any good? I managed to get hold of two iBooks and the batteries were rather ok, but if the price is right I can buy a new one!
  24. If 68kmla had a like button I would like that post
  25. Can you send a copy of that to Apple and have them forward it the iTunes team?
  26. @pcamen I found my old copy of the original (I think) “Human Interface Guidelines: The Apple Desktop Interface” copyright 1986. I notice you don’t have this older edition on vintageapple dot org and haven’t seen anywhere else online, any interest in a donation?
  27. jessenator

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    I tried (manual installation) of v4.x iomega driver from Macintosh Garden) and it's X'd out on startup and I get a warning dialog at Finder launch saying it couldn't find an Iomega Drive. The installer won't run, rightly, because there's no Zip drive, but I thought that even with a manual driver install something would work. No dice. I can't download the Bernoulli driver from VintageApple.org, as it's linking to iomega's old FTP site*. I did, however, successfully get it to work with the link Cory provided above. Works with my PowerWave running System 7.6.1 just fine, even the "Workshop" utility for formatting and scanning disks. I did some searching on the wayback machine and there were other, newer versions of drivers, specifically for the Bernoulli, up to v. 5.0.x, but unfortunately I don't know how/don't think there's provision for wayback to access FTP. *There were several other mirrors as well, but none of them worked, sadly.
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