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    • @jjclay I too thought the gears might just pull out, but I could only get the little yellow gear and the white one above it out by gently pulling.  I didn't try to apply too much pressure to the other two bigger gears for fear of breaking them, so I look forward to hear the technique you employ on the next drive you service.     I will PM you my address.
    • I followed this video's suggestion to stick an older card into the late 2005 G5, and it works fine.     In Apple system profiler, the card appears under PCI, listed in slot 'GIGE'. Normal PCIe cards are listed in 'SLOT-1', and so on. Edit: not sure why it's in the list twice.   Given that this older card works, that means it's not a PCIe bus at least on the wifi side (older cards like this don't offer Bluetooth). No older Apple computers had PCIe. I suppose the slot could be using one of those PCI to PCIe adapters in the chipset it connects to.   Edit: bcm5714 (as shown in the PCIe device list) is a pci-e to pci-x bridge chip with built-in dial gigabit Ethernet ports. So it's 100% a PCI link for at least some of the card.   I am curious whether the Bluetooth module is listed under USB. Hey @jeremywork, could you check under PCI and USB in the apple system profiler to see how your card appears?   Ignore the date in the attached picture, I just took that this morning without setting the time.   Another fun possibility this brings up would be a card that lets you use a PCI card in the G5. Wonder whether it's specialized to airport only.
    • No problem! Nice to know he's still got that going on the side.   Got them Friday (decided to get both 66.666 and the 71.7948, just to see). and the rest of everything should be here Monday. Also got a solder sucker, so hopefully that plus heat gun makes easy work of the through hole connections.   I'll also have those last two values of capacitor that I missed in my initial inspection of the power supply (but rectified in the parts list), then a working Q700.   Short of finding a TechStep, is there a program that would test the sundry aspects of the system that might be disabled/impaired by an OC over 33 MHz? That wouldn't be identified with a MacBench test or even the Apple Personal Diagnostics? I suppose the only thing relevant to me would be floppy drive control (I'm guessing it effects floppyEmu just as it would a physical drive), ans I don't recall if it does, but perhaps Ethernet.
    • No.    The Portable was designed to run on battery, not without one and not only using the external psu.    So the main goal of the psu is to keep the battery charged, the original psu (1,5) is more than enough to keep that goal.    Using the 2 A is not an issue if everything else is in good condition (Logic board)   the 3 A is to be avoided, the risk is heavy to blow something.     
    • Gotcha, so, I imagine it would be annoying if you were using this thing with -RWs to make rolling backups or whatever, but for day-to-day burns, probably not that big of a deal.   "Good enough" CD-Rs are extraordinarily cheap in the US at least. (I've got that 100-stack of Memorex discs, which I bought pretty much because I forgot I still had the remains of the other 50-ish stacks, and that was probably $20 or so when I got it -- and it seems like they're a bit closer to $15 now.) so most of the economic reason to use -RWs is gone, though operationally I know they're more convenient. (see also: coryw fighting with blu-ray media.)   *EDIT: So it depends on what your workflow is, basically.   I don't have any other early CD-RW drives. Have you seen this behavior in others? Like if someone looked for a Que! burner or something in SCSI is this something they'd experience, or a pecularity of this specific Sony device?