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  2. The thingies in B15-16 are different. Whether they only differ in form is another matter.
  3. it's more than that, the Egret is dealing with power management/startup and other stuff. some information here (the LC is not dealing with soft power though as the CC does) https://www.leadedsolder.com/2019/11/13/bad-adb-mac-lc.html
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  5. Ok, i found out it's the chip responsible for ADB management. It'll be helpful to know what voltage should I read from the 5V ADB pin when the computer is shutted down, but the switch is ON. Right now I'm reading 0.18V, that goes up to 5V if I isolate the logic board to analog board connection.
  6. According to a quick check in the schematics: * J20 connects the CPU's /CDIS pin to ground, that pin is otherwise pulled high. * J103 connects /CIOUT (wherever that comes from) to pin 64 of the memory controller, that pin is otherwise pulled to ground. * J106 connects pin 11 of UK6 to ground, that pin is otherwise pulled high. Rev A motherboards seem to have J103 closed and the others open, and mine did too. The rev B motherboard shown above doesn't have the jumper headers at all, but that W1 butterfly pad thing that connects to where J103 used to be, presumab
  7. Probably Logic Board and Egret failure, lot of issues.
  8. I'd need some help here with a Macintosh Color (ColoUr) Classic I bought a couple weeks ago. It was listed as not working, but when I got here a quick inspection at the logic board revealed a bad placed ROM chip, which had two pins out of the socket. Once placed properly it booted up, although without sound and a partially working screen, with artifacts and lines. I dishwashed both the analog and the logic board and that brung the sound back, but the screen was still affected. So I did a full recap of both boards and now it won't turn on. I did the analog first and, stupid me, I didn't test be
  9. I have a Fujitsu DynaMO 1300 FE (firewire edition) complete with box, manuals and floppy & CD. Let me know if you want images of them. I plugged it into my mac mini G4 and it was recognised automatically.
  10. Not at all. The Li-Ion dialog was itself a bit of a hijack I merely posted upon request. Very interesting certainly. Would love to scope it and do a little bit banging. If it can manipulate the power manager's behavior, that could open all sorts of possibilities, including possibly overriding the 11v cutoff that necessitates an internal boost converter in my Li-Ion packs. You don't perhaps happen to have any info on what differentiates the 3 types of batteries do you? I haven't been able to find much of anything in the various Duo-related Developer's Notes or Service
  11. I have a 2300SF coming. Not sure if it’s got a driver disc or not. The pictures weren’t clear. I have a 1300SF coming that has no driver. I would expect the 2300 and 1300 should share the same driver. Also a MCM3130AP (IDE version of the Fujitsu 1.3GB) is on its way. I want to put this internal to my Dual G4 where the Zip goes. I managed to find a copy of Fujitsu 2.3.8 driver I believe. I’ll have to see if it works when I get the drives. OS X should work natively from what I’ve found. Fujitsu is awesome in that I’ve found the manual PDFs and specifications on their site and
  12. I understand that, school is often keeping me from many of my electronics and car projects, glad to hear you might be able to get it working, I am still trying to round up cells for my Duos
  13. Sadly, they don't have the FAT AMIC. 343S0148
  14. Please keep us posted. If you find a current model printer that supports AppleTalk (over Ethernet) many of us would like to hear about it. Printer companies used to list the protocols supported (TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, AppleTalk, etc.) as one of the categories in their specifications, but now days they just say, "Works with Windows 10, Mac OS 10.9, etc., which is fairly useless.
  15. I think I've got a copy of the DynaMO 640 disk. I'm guessing you need the software for the 2.3GB drive?
  16. Sorry to sounds like a broken record on this and the battery, but no. Been slammed with too many other priorities. Hoping to spend some time on it this weekend. It's a long-shot, but based on that hint from the dev note, I'm still hoping there might be a way to signal to the Duo that a serial modem is installed and bypass the software Hayes emulation layer. The guts of my poor 280c are strewn about my office, taunting me, judging me for my indifference and inaction. It's time to wrap it up I suppose...
  17. If you install your SCSI2SD externally then file transfer is easy if you know the size of your partitions you can extract them from your SD card and edit the contents with Basilisk II. https://www.savagetaylor.com/2019/12/19/how-ive-setup-the-scsi2sd-that-i-use-in-my-lc-475/
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  19. So applying a generous amount of contact cleaner fixed the problem. The potentiometer seems o work as it should now! This almost finishes this Classic's restauration. The only thing left to do, is to finally figure out how to make the SDcard extension cord working for the SCSI2SD (as in this thread) By the way, I now have a working Apple SC40 Harddrive that was internal to this Classic. I would give it away for shipping or trade with some other retro Mac stuff. Anyone interested? Preferrably in Europe but this is no strict requirement. In any case, I won't throw it out,
  20. Supports PostScript, but lacks AppleTalk support (support was dropped in new printers awhile back). No it will not work out of the box.
  21. Hi everyone I need a new colour laser printer. My IT guy is recommending the following - will this work with system 6/7 Macs on the same network running the LaserWriter driver? Not easy to tell Brother MFC-L8690CDW
  22. You’re welcome. It’s unbelievable that they would keep their support documents up for devices as old as these. I wish they had their Mac driver up there as well but I haven’t been able to find it. Hoping one of the drives I bought has a Fujitsu Mac driver.
  23. Hello @erichelgeson. I am interested in purchasing a pre-assembled kit if one is available, and I am more than happy to help with the project such as trying out new firmware etc. Nice work, keep it up!
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