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  2. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the original gear with the 3D printed replacement.
  3. I have a similar situation where I also have two machines with cards (technically two Q605 motherboards but only one case) with just one Sonic AAUI RJ-45 transceiver. Anyway, curiosity got to me at one point so I did some investigation, I recall discovering the same issue as you where the reserved pins were clearly in use and this didn't match the pinout. I thought I must have been doing something wrong, so good to know someone else spotted it too. I toyed with the idea of building a transceiver. Searching aliexpress for LXT902PC, MDR 14pin*, and 20F001 show them all as
  4. Batteries came in today. Connected my 22" ADC to the IIfx and got..........nothing. Zip. Tried three different video cards; same result. ADC power light went on, then went off. Holding down the power button on the ADC yielded nothing either.
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  6. And of course now that I ordered the parts I see half a dozen Asante AAUI-RJ45 for 16€+6€ shipping from France on ebay… Anyone know if these work with 5V only? Oh well, I'll go ahead and build them anyway.
  7. Plated for sure, bare metal transforms itself to rust at the speed of light.
  8. Update: OpenVPN on the VPS that the site goes through (long story) had stopped responding, and a cron job to check on it brought it back.
  9. Hello, I don't have any information yet on exactly why, but, the site was unavailable today from roughly 8:45 to 5:15 p.m. (UTC -7/Arizona time). Unfortunately, this one's a mystery because the literal moment wthww pulled in to start looking, everything was back. I'll update this post if I find out anything else!
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  11. A trade sounds perfect for me! I'm focusing on my SE/30 (working on my second build). Also care a lot about my color classics and TAMs.
  12. If you need them, i can get hold of as many IDT7174 Tag SRAM chips as you like
  13. Different card, but same manufacturer and supposedly same architecture of the accelerator but targeted at another Mac. I guess I'd still be up for a trade if you want. Faster accelerator for you (SE/30 I guess?), new toy to tinker with for me. Already read your post, but didn't get around to PM you yet - but did already put the last T040 aside for you
  14. Oh well. I'm up for one of your 040's that I can run faster, i posted in your thread. I don't have a IIci. Is there anything useful I can do with this accelerator? @Bolle, searched for info and ended up in the thread below. Is this the kind of card you guys are talking about?
  15. I appreciate that it's called 'tokamac' and one of the chips (programmable logic presumably) is called 'torus'
  16. This is indeed a Tokamac IIci accelerator. You can swap the CPU, but it won't run any faster than 25MHz. It looks like it is hardwired to run at 25MHz in sync with the bus on the IIci. Interesting piece of hardware nevertheless...
  17. I got my hands on a 68040 accelerator. I don't have any drivers, but I was told it's a "TokaMac". Would it be possible to put a faster 040 on it?
  18. Thanks! There are definitely other Macs waiting to be discovered, in my stash. I’ve ordered all the caps for the PSU and the motherboard, and should be doing a recapping video, next. - Alex
  19. I wanted to test out mac OS 8.0 on a different sd card and I can't get my mac to boot from a 8.0 cd! I can hear the cd spin up the light blink a couple of times but it just sits at blinking ?. I downloaded the ISO from winworld. Then, I saw there is a floppy version so I thought I can use disk 1 as a boot floppy and then use that to bootstrap the mac and load the installer. But nope! I put in disk 1 it reads it I get smiling mac for a second or 2 and then the floppy drive automatically ejects the disk! I know the drive and disk work I used it in system 7. Why does my mac act like it's incompat
  20. I'm quite glad to know there are at least a few of these things going around now. If I'd had the only example I'd feel a lot more pressure to be overly cautious. Would you consider these cards standard enough? Edit: I see you meant standard as in form factor. If it's what you would use in my position then I'll trust it. -- So I suppose the IIfx SCSI Bolt doesn't have docs in this binder. It seems to share a large number of components with the 040-PDS Bolt which is documented, however. I'd expect the 50MHz oscillator means a 25MHz 040 PDS is expected
  21. Can second it works very well for the standard stuff... EPROMs, flash chips, common GAL variants... It's also very robust. Mine survived lots of evil experiments with applying external voltages for GAL cracking. If you want to burn very old stuff that needs high programming voltages you might be better off getting either something really old or really expensive modern gear. The same applies if you want to read/write really obscure stuff... PALs, PROMs...
  22. Yup, they're very good value. Whether they are 'forensic quality' as it were for grabbing insanely rare stuff, I have no opinion or experience, but since nobody else had suggested anything I thought I'd throw in my tiny little opinion for what little it is worth
  23. Thanks, I'll look into finding a genuine one. The price is a big plus!
  24. FWIW with ROM readers, I haven't blown anything up with my TL866 II, and I've heard the genuine ones at least have a reasonable reputation. There are obviously far better ones you can get, but at least for my uses I haven't been able to justify the cost, and this one seems pretty good value.
  25. Section Five: Hurricane 5. Hurricane.pdf --- That concludes the included paper documentation. Will post ROM dumps when I have a suitable EPROM reader (I think the one I have connects to a C64 )
  26. I echo those sentiments. An 040 PDS LVD SCSI card would be sooo nice to have. If someone would stick in Firewire as well, that would be even better...
  27. Don't need the monitor, thanks for the offer though. Pinout of my cards connector: 1 gnd 2 red 3 csync? 4 sense0 5 green 6 gnd 7 sense1 8 blue 9 gnd 10 69hz vsync 11 gnd 12 64khz hsync As is the card does 2bit grayscale at whatever the Pivot resolution was. With the added VRAM you get up to 16 (or even 256?) grays. Will actually have to hook up the card again to check that. Or to obscure whatever is inside the ROMs. However you could still read it out from inside the debugger though.
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