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  2. It does, doesn't it! I assumed it was someone's name, which is almost equally as bad. Imagine getting stuck with the name McWeeny.
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  4. That's a great story. Although reading the writing on the box, I'm slightly bummed you didn't have a "MacWeeny" in there, which sounds like it should be a bizarre little-known mid-'80s Mac peripheral.
  5. Wow, great find! Never used one of those. Nice job on the quick PSU fix too.
  6. So, this is an unexpected but welcome conquest! Before I got up this morning, my dad was out running errands, and stopped at the dump. When he got back and I got up, he let me know there was something in his truck for me. So, I go out and discover this: Immediately I was excited, but the plot thickened when I opened the box: I was figuring that the monitor inside was what it said on the box, but no, when I got it out, I found this: Monitor looks to be in pretty nice condition, and underneath
  7. Here's a photo with 0.75 clear acrylic sandwiched between the insert. The "tapered" appearance is perspective; the profile of the adapter is 90 degrees. I haven't finished the LCD component yet and the installed prototype is white, but you can imagine it in a matching beige or black.
  8. drrrrrrrrr sorry my brain isn't running on all cylinders apparently
  9. We made it on HACKADAY: https://hackaday.com/2021/06/17/upgrading-the-powerbook-100-with-a-fresh-new-battery/
  10. I had a similar problem, however I was able to make mine fit by losing the edges of the mounting tabs. It still works fine just a little trimmed I've also just made them available to purchase from Shapeways for anyone who doesn't have access to a 3D printer. The price is a little steeper than I would like but bear in mind I'm making about $2 off each order. Definitely not in it for profit, just to cover the multple prototypes I had to order.
  11. Same process i use, except... bake dry with a disposable toaster oven. Works wonders.
  12. This is neat! Too bad I don't have a CR-10 This is how it fits on my too-small Ender 3 Pro buildplate Not exactly economical or speedy at 10 and a half hrs with all that extra support garbage Still, nice work, Stephen!
  13. Easiest way to describe this is to describe installation: Remove the 4 screws for the CRT and set them aside. Place the CRT2LCD where the CRT was mounted and install the 4 screws. Optionally, you can also place a thin piece of clear acrylic (e.g., 0.75mm) between the Macintosh Classic front panel and the CRT2LCD insert to make a fake "CRT" lens.
  14. Good ol' 4E71. I was a bit worried that perhaps the ball graphic was actually stored in a "bad" sector, which seems to me that it could have made cracking it a bit difficult without a full copy that included the "bad" sectors.
  15. Is this for mounting directly to the plastic case? Or for mounting inside a cut CRT? Also, a tiny bit of sticky foam along the perimeter could help eliminate any light bleed.
  16. Here's the listing i bought from: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383965107339 Shows the sizes of the baskets in the pictures (in mm) - 10L is perfect for most things. I recommend getting the 5l containers of the Allendale cleaners - both the PCB and the general purpose ones - they're great - mix them 1:10 ratio with water. The drain on these is a 3/8" NPT fitting - so i got one of these with a 3/8" hose barb to fit some proper drain hose: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293660846374?var=592472572421
  17. Good to know, Kai. I think in the future, when my own collection is squared away and I will repair things mostly for fun, I will do only compacts...so the 10L sounds grand.
  18. I bought a cheap 10L Ultrasonic cleaner a few months ago to clean up some of my Macintosh logic boards. I had a small problem fitting a Mac SE/30 board inside the tank, but I just had to remove the metal basket that the machine came with in order to get it to fit properly. When I first started using the machine, I thought that everyone who claimed distilled water was necessary was crazy, but my home's hard well water left all kinds of nasty mineral deposits over a dead board, so distilled water is a definitely a must. After switching to distilled water, at first, I thought my cleaner was defec
  19. Thanks, I figured as much but wanted other opinions.
  20. I only cracked the B&W version for now because we need more great B&W games. Get it here: https://macintoshgarden.org/games/titan I am assuming this is abandonware, no copyright infringement remotely intended, my intent is to preserve and allow the enjoyment of a 32-year-old piece of vintage software, if anyone objects to this being here I will gladly remove it. Otherwise: It should be easy to do the color one too, but I was lazy. This was not hard to do. I set a break on _Eject in Macsbug ("ATB _Eject"), since presumably it only tries to eject
  21. Here's an open source adapter for compact macs to convert the rounded space for the CRT to a flat surface for an LCD. The curvature and mounts of this design is perfect — I've agonized over it for years (not joking). Most likely works for other computers with 9" CRTs of similar vintage.
  22. Thinking more on this: isn't it likely that the ROM's placement at the end of the 68000's address range is throwing up issues for the PiStorm? Naturally! One step at a time.
  23. Aaaah. Well, if the PLCC can be broken out - by all means, although, i'd suggest waiting til the Classic is proved to be booting and working first, before modifying.
  24. @Kai Robinson The Classic. It's the 68K Mac that's most desperate for upgrade options, IMO.
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