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Won a Performa 5210CD, importing it. What should I look out for?


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I hate to say this, but they made me use FedEx. Luckily it was a lot cheaper than I thought, but still damn expensive. $274 to get it over to the states, and they already packed it.

I guess there is no turning back now... LMAO

Who wants a 15" Non-retina 2012 MacBook Pro?


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I noticed this particular unit was made in Singapore whereas other units were made in the USA from what I can tell. Sendico even took pictures of the item as it was checked (attached).

The hardest part is coming up with $280. I had money for surface mail, but not for FedEx. Surface is apparently limited to a 2 meter volume/area/whatever and 20kg weight. Sendico did not state such limits on their website.

Whatever I see here might be fine, but not immune to its eventual downfall of bad plastic. I kinda regret doing this, but I have no other option.

Do your research, kids!


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I didn't see a picture of the back, (maybe you had one and didn't post it) that is where I started having issues with my 52xx, I lost one of the clips on the rear panel cover, then the when I tried a disassembly of the entire unit, the little rear-side-screw-covers just splintered apart as I tried to take them out, then it just disintegrated worse from there. Just to point out, this was kept in a nice climate controlled den, away from sunlight for the entire time that I had it. I wonder if the Japanese/Singapore sourced one that you are getting will have better plastic?, I hope it does - best of luck.

Oh, and although some folks don't appreciate these, I found them to be nice, stable (easily upgraded with networking/memory) all-in-one machines that worked well for archiving floppy images and other similar tasks. They are heavy, so be careful picking it up.


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They didn't take a picture of the back but I can gather the Yahoo Auctions pictures.
They didn't seem to test it either, probably since they weren't sure how to turn it on even with the keyboard in mind. However, it does appear to be in good shape! Yet looks can be deceiving... If I'm honest this could make a nice bridge machine if needed.

be careful picking it up.
I own three eMacs. :)


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Looks like there's already some cardboard scuffing (that line pattern) on the top of the unit. Probably from the first trip to Sendico. Hopefully that's the worst damage it sees.


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If you truly cannot afford it, tell that to Sendico and either cancel your card or file a chargeback if they do end up charging. Tell them you'll file a chargeback if they do end up charging you. You'll never be able to work with Sendico again, but if that's the position you're in, you have an out.
@k24a1 Wow, lucky you! I just got a 5260 in Dec.. (grew up with a 5200 as a kid) and whoa, everyone's right. they are super fragile now. They weren't back in the day. I snapped a tab on the logic board cover putting it back on, and I could feel it cracking as I lift it up. SUPER fragile. But, you're aware.

I love mine - it's my favourite machine thus far. It trades places with my SE/30 in that regard. I'd like another one, ideally in better physical shape (mine is very yellowed, and has scratches on the front, but, works perfectly) - the seller was local and sold it to me at a discount because they were aware there's no way they'd be able to ship this particular unit and keep it intact.

When it arrives, what upgrades would I suggest? 1) IDE-to-SD card adpater (super cheap on eBay), and 2) an Ethernet card. And sure, some RAM, but those 2 or 3 upgrades and you're set!

Congrats again, and keep us up to date!


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I'm very worried for you. I had a 5200 shipped from a few states away and the seller was amazing. He packed it up extremely well with layers upon layers of bubble wrap, double boxed, corner protection, just top notch... even after all that it still arrived cracked in a few places. But I really hope everything turns out well and you receive it without issue! It's a neat machine and I'm sure you will enjoy it once it arrives.


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Umm enjoy? I hope for you it turns up in wonderful shape, you’re paying for it to expect as such!


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Well I was going to spend no more than $150 with surface mail, but they couldn't do that so I ended up paying twice as much. From the photos, the machine does look to be in great shape, and it arrived to their warehouse without issues. Either I could pay for this or it gets chucked into the sea. I might end up selling some stuff from it that I don't need, so if you're on the lookout for a disc set/keyboard/maybe 5200 mobo, stay tuned.

Don't worry. I've bought worse.


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Well, it'll be picked up on friday or after friday, to be sent my way from FedEx.

I'm sorry if I made anyone go insane. I wasn't even planning for it to be shipped via FedEx and not surface.


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Well, it'll be picked up on friday or after friday, to be sent my way from FedEx.

I'm sorry if I made anyone go insane. I wasn't even planning for it to be shipped via FedEx and not surface.
Fingers crossed for you!


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You're braver than me, those things are like made out of glass at this point. I'll be curious to see what condition this shows up in. Best of luck!