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Wiki/Pages article ideas


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Article idea: dip-switch settings for VGA adapters:

Beyond the simple tables of “dip switch settings XYZ correspond to WxH” I wish I had some understanding of what particular dip-switches actually mean, in terms of tying together sense pins and sync pulses.



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How about 

  • ROM-inator ROM images for writing to SIMMs with various configurations and sizes (e.g., w/ Turbo 040 driver, w/ RAM check disabled, ROM disk, regular vs. MEGA SIMM)
  • STL files for 3D-printed case/chassis parts, bezels, etc. (i.e., true parts and not a Mac Plus Apple Watch holder) 

I've seen both of these topics scattered across posts and it might be a good thing to have them all on the same page - it would probably encourage others to contribute.



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I agree. If we all make a central repository for these, we could go and access, say, 3D printed SCSI2SD brackets and such easily.



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Yes! And any PCB designs folks have put together, like this cool Mac Plus internal scsi mod. 



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Zip drive information in general. Probably structured in a couple ways:

  • General overview of what removable storage technologies existed, properties of the different ones.
  • Reference pages for each media with how-to/guides/recommendations and additional details
  • a page detailing why Zip drives are the way they are
  • any repair findings or troubleshooting suggestions we fine


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lol, whoops. Most of my posts here that don't make sense are based on the way the old software built links internally.

Anyway, two new guide ideas:
  • What discs to I use for this machine? (esp w/re newer machines)
    • based on discussion about the emac'03 9.2.2 CD vs. others, in theory using a retail 9.2.1 disc then doing the 9.2.2 patch separately may be better than using the emac cd or a "universal" CD)
    • desired: part numbers and reasoning behind each machine (e.g. QS'02 ethernet PHY driver updates)
    • potential research: when does the emac cd work and not work, and why
  • How to image media
    • using imgburn or a similar ISO tool on a windows system to image CDs
    • DC 4.2 vs. 6
    • doing conversions on things already imaged
    • not using tools that weren't public
    • virtual cd imager/mounter may be a resolution for ISOs on system 7 machines


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(I am aware the wiki is unavailble right now and need to coordinate with wthww on what it'll take to put it and the snitz archive back up)

I've just pulled most or all of the stickies out of most of the subforums, some of them were very numerous.

Most of these would make great wiki articles. Another potential idea if anyone's interested is to make a [forum name] resource hub page for each subforum in the wiki, which could start with these links as we transcribe important information to the wiki itself.

Compact Mac

Mac II, Quadra & Centris

68k LC & Performa

68k PowerBook

NuBus PowerMac, LC & Performa

PCI PowerMac & Performa

G3+ Desktops

PPC Laptops

APple 1/2/3/Lisa


Software Subforum:


Hacks & Dev



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I unstuck these threads from the Hacks & Dev subforum:

I do not know why I did not see them the other day when I made my run through.