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Who has a iMac G3 with either a Sonnet Harmoni processor upgrade and or a item that uses the Mezzanine slot?


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I would want to know if someone has or had use them. Feel free to post your experiences. Please add a photo if possible.
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I haven't grabbed a Rev A/B, but I have stored pictures away as the auctions have gone by. Here's what I've seen:


First, there's the Griffin iPort, which uses the physical slot opening but not actually the mezzanine interface. The PCB runs cables to the standard 8-pin mini-din serial connector for the infrared port and the DB15 port for the internal CRT to provide both interfaces externally.



Then, there's the iPro RAID, which was delivered in two versions; one with an ultrawide SCSI controller and another which also bundled analogue video (/tuner?) input. (only one picture of this available) This card does use the mezzanine interface. I actually have one of the SCSI-only models in box, despite not yet finding an iMac to put it in...

s-l1600 (11).jpg
Capture-d’écran-2016-08-27-à-17.01.02.pngiPro RAID TV.jpg


And finally (that I know of) the 3dfx Game Wizard, which adds Voodoo II acceleration to the onboard display.


And also, the Sonnet Harmoni G3 500 or 600MHz, which occupies neither the Mezzanine interface nor the slot opening when installed.
IMG_1249.jpg.bd09e90a6e0d43698affe3ea274ce256.jpgIMG_1251.jpg.bc6ed421652e1581d65e8f7764cfca9d.jpgs-l1600 (3).jpg
s-l1600 (4).jpg
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Thanks for the photo: my iMac is happily secured in its original box, it would have been an ordeal to take out and photograph.


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I so want one of those Harmonis!

Alas, all are too expensive for me (I thought $400 for one back in 2005 was expensive, but in retrospect, that price is actually quite affordable, because these often go for 2x more!).



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There is an iProRAID on sale on eBay Germany with a BIN Price of €22.
I've posted more about it in a Trading Post thread.


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I wonder whether there would be a way to adapt the brains of the DVD PCMCIA decoder card for the PowerBook G3 to the Bondi Blue iMac's mezzanine slot?


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i also have an iMac G3 Rev. B with the Sonnet G3/600 Harmoni in it, got that Sonnet Card for 25 Euros, it was in a broken iMac (seller didn´t know what he had...)