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Where do you actually get accelerators in Europe?


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I've owned a pretty clean, recapped SE/30 for a number of years now, and I'm using it quite a bit. So far I'm using a SCSI2SD, 128MB of memory and Asante MacCon as upgrades. I was interested in getting an accelerator from the start, but have yet to find anything on the continent. Very rarely something pops up on ebay and could be imported for horrendous sums - it seems most if not all accelerators were never originally sold in Europe. Am I looking in the wrong place? Are there accelerators for other systems that can be hacked to work with the SE/30's PDS slot and that are less rare? Or is there some secret underground market for these rare items I'm not aware of?


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We are the secret underground market you are looking for. Check posts by Bolle, who makes new renditions of these cards and is also based in Europe.


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We get ours from Bolle ;-)

More serious answer: I think, especially for the SE/30, which has that kind of cult status, most of the accelerators around, even in the US, are already owned by people who want them and aren't particularly inclined to sell them. Over here, where they were rarer to start with, that's even more noticeable.

The only place recently I've seen SE/30 accelerators for sale on a regular basis is Japan, and that's probably partly because the same few eye-wateringly expensive ones go around and around...


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Its cheaper to drink heavily so your brain slows down and the SE/30 feels faster, although you keep missing icons.

Options are US Prices, Japan + insane shipping or Bolle. Bolle's look nicer :)

What type of accelerator are you looking for? fast 030 or an 040? Do you have something specific in mind?


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One thing I will say is in general Japanese sellers package really really well.
Absolutely - I keep the boxes - they're usually double thickness and often use that expanding foam stuff that you get inside new PCs to keep the cards in place.