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Was just given a trove of vintage goodies, including an in-box Macintosh LC!


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This past weekend, I met up with a lovely woman from my town - she'd seen some of my "Retro Roadshow" events and thought I might be interested in some of the stuff she's had stashed in her garage for decades. Among other things, she gave me the Macintosh LC that she bought new when she started attending Stanford back in ~1991!


I was both excited to add this to my collection, but also very apprehensive about likely battery leakage. I popped open the box for the CPU and took a look. Nice, we've got the keyboard and cables, and I'd already spotted various manuals and floppies in another box - this is starting to feel closer to "complete-in-box!"

Taking the top styrofoam layer out revealed the CPU itself - quite yellowed, but looked intact:

Took extreme care when loosening the topcase tabs - really didn't want to snap them straight off the machine...

At last, the motherboard sees daylight for the first time in nearly 30 years. Even better, I'm not seeing any signs of battery leakage!

You can probably guess what my first instinct was: GET THE DAMN BATTERY OUT!

The original owner had been studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering while attending Stanford in the early 90's, and she'd held onto some other items - this is perhaps the most interesting to our group: a Motorola 68HC11 development kit and evaluation board:

Anyway, there was a bunch of other really cool stuff in this haul - a new-in-box SCSI-to-Ethernet adapter, some Windows desktops, an IBM ThinkPad 365CS, and a ton of various cables, accessories, software packages, manuals, floppies and more. Good times!


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...which is why you had to dig out that battery, post haste!

But seriously, awesome haul, always nice to get items with their original wrappers.