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Video Format Which Doesn't Tax G4


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I have to mention: MacTubes is awesome! My 12" G4 is still my main computer and youtube would be inaccessible without MacTubes. I don't really understand how it speeds it up so much, but I guess youtube must be running a lot of javascript or something like that?



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Pretty much. Also, MacTubes doesn't have to composite the video against the rest of the YouTube document; it can just blast it out to the screen. The QuickTime Enabler for TenFourFox is based on the same idea.



Decided to sticky this and move it to Software, as it seems like something people would be looking for fairly regularly.



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Install Niceplayer and Perian. These two help you play lots of codecs better (also flv's). I mostly use xineplayer for anything avi (divx,xvid). for you tube I use youview which is excellent. I even donated to it. My main computer is still a QS G4 867Mhz with l3 cache and 1gb ram. I rarely run anyting full screen but I can run everything correctly



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I had good luck with VLC and 640x480 videos of topgear on my B&W G3 tower (300MHz IIRC) ATI card with video out, watched the shows on the TV... Ahhh the things I used to do before I got an AppleTV :D

on the higher res side... iTunes won't let me play the 1080p itunes store videos on my '09 intel mini :(



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I find that h.264 and qt7 agree with each other.

My gen1 apple TV is still used for alot of my movie viewing.

I still use the older ATV 540P video format and add chapters with QT7 pro. Works like a charm.

I can then put metadata in with MetaZ pretty easily. (MetaZ does not support XML imports like MetaCow did)

All the older formats chew up space rather quickly and lack surround sound back channels.

I forgot what the video format encoding was that they used at Cyan for transition videos on Myst.



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Just to add, in college we were told to use MPEG-1 for nearly everything as it played readily across all platforms. (but it looked like crap...)

I remember debates raging on Sorenson vs Cinepak vs Indeo. I don't think Indeo was on the Mac until mid 2000s.

The format for games like Myst escapes me... they were in Quicktime, but, I don't recall the codec.