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Using G4 PB 1.5Ghz 12" charger on G3 Pismo?


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I have 45W A1036 charger and based on the label it outputs 24 VDC. But the plug is smaller than G3 Pismo requires. Is the 9.5mm plug used on G3 Pismo some common part I could find from electronics store? I would like to avoid buying yet another charger. I'd rather build a little adaptor if possible.



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I don't think its a common part you can just pickup anywhere.

I have both a PB G4 and a Pismo as well.

The Pismo adapter looks like it uses a mono 3.5mm headphone connector as the center pin, with a 9.5mm outer RCA connector style ring.

The G4 adapter looks like its the same but uses a 2.5mm and a 7.7mm ring.

They both seem to output the same 24v/2a power. I have no idea on the polarity of either.

You could probably bodge something together but I personally don't think its worth the amount of work (or risk if the polarity happens to be different.)



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Yep, I decided to buy a 3rd part adapter for the G3 laptop. And because no-one wants them anymore, the shop keeper decided to sell me two with the price of one. :-D  

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