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Unable to access the Wiki


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Going to wiki.68kmla.org doesn't work, going to 68kmla.org/wiki/ doesn't work. Clicking the rules tab, or the rules thing at the top of the forum listing leads to a 404 error.

Probably related to the host changes, but wanted to throw this out there.



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I am happy to know I'm not the only one with this problem :)

Let us hope it gets fixed soon.

At least the snitz forums system archive works :D

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Both are still down. I had to visit the internet archive just to read the forum rules. :(  



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I can confirm this. 502 Bad gateway error when visiting the wiki or the rules link.
It's down for me too, but I get this error instead:

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 791 bytes in /usr/local/www/vhosts/wiki.68kmla.org/www/includes/objectcache/SqlBagOStuff.php on line 615

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to MWExceptionHandler::report() must be an instance of Exception, instance of Error given, called in /usr/local/www/vhosts/wiki.68kmla.org/www/includes/Exception.php on line 678 and defined in /usr/local/www/vhosts/wiki.68kmla.org/www/includes/Exception.php:598 Stack trace: #0 /usr/local/www/vhosts/wiki.68kmla.org/www/includes/Exception.php(678): MWExceptionHandler::report(Object(Error)) #1 [internal function]: MWExceptionHandler::handle(Object(Error)) #2 {main} thrown in /usr/local/www/vhosts/wiki.68kmla.org/www/includes/Exception.php on line 598



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Hello All,

I finally got a free weekend, the wiki is back and has been upgraded to the latest version.





FWIW: https://wiki.68kmla.org/ works but  https://68kmla.org/wiki/ redirects to https://68kmla.org/forums/.  I could have sworn both went to the wiki last week.
Same now (I just joined, so not sure if it was changed in the mean time).

Perhaps if this is the plan moving forward, someone could change the link in the Wiki Forum.  It currently says (and I tried it several times and thought the Wiki must just be down..  It was a while later that I realized that the wiki is up, as long as I don't use that link. ;-)   )  :

68kMLA Wiki


The creation and maintenance of the 68kMLA's information repository.