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Two button ADB Mouse Repair


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So I got old clicky clickerton out of the stack of stuff I bought recently.  The left microswitch was wasted so I went with a new one (have about 6-7 switches for modern Logitech mice).  Turns out the switches are identical today as the ones in this unit.  Soldered the new in place of the old and she feels like new!

Does anyone know what/if the right click does anything on legacy Mac OS (6-9)?

Mouse Repair.PNG




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To be quite honest I have no idea. My first guess is that it would send ctrl-click for the right button but some old forum threads seem to suggest that the right button has some click-and-drag functionality, and maybe drivers can change the functionality of these mice...

What system (if any) have you tested it on, out of curiosity?



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For earlier systems you need to have a driver/extension/control panel for the second button to be recognized. I don't recall when 2 button support was added into the system software itself.

Googling seems to indicate that two button support didn't arrive in the OS until OS X. That feels late to me, but heck, that was 20 years ago now, so my recollection certainly may be faulty.

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