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Troubleshooting Quadro 4500 FX in G5 Quad


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Yes, grey logo is there and everything works normal as on native/original Mac version of this card while this is exact the bottom of this PC card that I’ve flashed with the provided ROM.E3A2B9BB-5C83-4561-9805-8EB5CC462846.jpeg
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Thanks! Mine looks pretty similar. It's the HP version. I'll give it a go once I have some time and post the results.



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There does exist a ROM that will work for the single sided VRAM models (the heatsinks indicate that the GPU has double sided VRAM). I can confirm it because I'm running an "unsupported" FX4500 in my Quad with said ROM.

I'll attach it here if anyone needs it. Do not use it if you have the double sided FX4500!

That is awesome. I already have a double-sided waiting to be flashed, but one-sided seem easier to find, so if I need another one, gonna go for it.