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the logic of ibooks


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i have a 12 inch ibook G3 800 mhz who has ( surprise surprise ) the dreaded logic board failure desease its running now with a shim made of 2 cd's who are so large the under side is bulging ( that cant be good ) and i plan to either make a proper metal shim or reach for the cleaning alcohol and see if i can reflow the solder ( il kil it is more likley )

but i can get a 600 mhz ibook with a wonky electrical connector and a crack in the screen for 125

it slogic board is how ever solid i have seen it boot up and it runs fine until the connector is touched and the ibook dies again

is it possible to swap the logic board of the 600 out in to the 800 mhz or are they incompatible ?

or for that matter is it possible with a 500 too ?



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I once swapped out a 700 for a 900. It worked great, at least until the 900 had the same failure. [:(!] !]'> To my knowledge, the 12 inch g3 iBook boards are interchangeable.

Also, I did see this place that offers "BGA chip reflow", but I haven't had a chance to check it out for sure. They claim that "Our first repaired units have been in operation for over a year with no reoccurrence of the problem", but it sorta sounds too good to believe. Does anyone know more about this type of repair? Anybody actually tried this, or something similar?



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re balling it is an option but i live in the netherlands so most options are out of reach for me and i have to first find a company that doe sit here if they excist here at all apple is stil a rather fringe faction here

either way its good to know that the 12 inch G3 ibooks are interchangable wil save me a lot of hassle and ill go after that 600 mhz

and hopefully end up with a working 800 mhz and a severly hamperd 600 mhz



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the shipping would be the deal breaker they do offer to repair it if you ship it to them.

smaller ebay link

it just depends what is a viable option to you, once you do repair it (in the way you will take) i would make some sort of bracket to try and help support that area of the logic board in hopes to help keep from that from happening again.



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that link is unfortunaly not an option to me apart from not using ebay i have no actual means of paying i dont have a credit card and i distrust paypal since it ate a tenner which never showed up again

a reflower has to be foudn locally as in in the netherlands i am afraid

ortherwise its benzeen time or swapping logic boards



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Before you get too gung-ho with tea-lights and incantations (or benzine libations), gung instead on over to Applefritter. There are a number of threads about use of shims, solder reflow and ball grid array tinkering to resettle the GPU of G3 iBooks. You are the n millionth owner to run into the problem, so you may as well capitalize on the experience of others, especially as revealed here.




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actually i got the tealight link from that apple fritter thread

and i am already experimenting with shims two cd's on the place of the GPU work so i need to make a sheet metal shim that thick the reflowing of the bal grid array on my own is the last ditch option