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Takky Color Classic - bypass the internal video chip?


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Hi everyone. 

About a year ago I made a post asking about installing a new power supply into my Takky'd CC... I got the parts in the mail shortly thereafter but I decided to put the project on hold because by that point I had been at it for over a month and needed a break.

Well the other day, in a spur of the moment sort of thing, I decided to finally tackle the mod and (with a little help  :) ) managed to get it working! Now the internal CRT's image is perfectly stable and the computer doesn't crash anymore, even with a ginormous Voodoo 5 shoved in. A Voodoo 5 is obviously not ideal, so now I use an ATI Rage 128 instead.


But now I'm running into the same issue I had earlier, the truth is a Color Classic with two monitors, and two simultaneously running video chips is just not an ideal arrangement. Aside from the incompatibilities and conflicts posed by the PowerPC 5500 logic board's built in RAGE II chip and whatever graphics card I happen to have plugged in, it's annoying to always have to lug out a big external CRT whenever I want to take advantage of the external graphics card's 3D acceleration.

So I was wondering if there was a way I could bypass my logic board's outputted video altogether, and patch in the VGA coming off my PCI graphics card into the internal CRT? From what I gather, the logic board and the analog board are connected by this card edge here which is just standard VGA right? I suppose I would have to cut the traces outputting the VGA signal on my logic board, and patch in the VGA coming from my graphics card right? I understand there are some sense lines that would have to remain intact. I'm not really an expert, but this idea occurred to me earlier and it seems like it could solve some of my problems if it's possible.


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