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Sonnet/ZIF G4 1.0GHz


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I am trying to find the differences between the Sonnet/ZIF G4 1.0GHz models to figure out what makes some revisions B&W compatible.

The CPLD logic on Rev. A is LC4384V-35F256-5I:
I assume its the same for later revisions, but I don't have a picture to confirm that.

There is a chip "SC1173CSW" on the back which is a double DC/DC converter.
This is replaced by "SC1182CSW" in Rev. C, which is a triple DC/DC converter.

Would it be possible to compare the logic in the CPLDs between the different revisions?
Any idea if uploading later revision CPLD code would make it compatible with B&Ws? Or, serendipitously possibly increase the bus speed from the bottleneck of 66MHz?


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