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SE/30 question ...probably basic electronics


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1) Pin 8 to the logic board (+12 volts) has capacitors 2 and 25 in parallel and they seem to be intact. It also has 2 resistors (R14 and R15, with the number "100" on them but listed as 10 ohm resistors in the schematic) in parallel. When I measure either R14 or R15 I get a short. Is this really a short since they are in parallel? If I had a working logic board I'd just measure and go from there. 

2) Bonus question: Does the SE/30 require the -12 volt line to be intact  to boot/give chime?

Thanks to anyone.

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Alright, its basic and sorry for the space  its on the Goggle (though I did figure it out by measuring a lot of the SE/30's resistors before I verified) 

for other amateurs out there:

the number on the resistor is a 3 number code....first 2 numbers then the 3rd number is the number of zeros to add to the first two.

so 100 on the part is a 10 ohm resistor (10 and no zeros)

433 ia a 43000 ohm resistor (43 and 3 zeros)

102 is a 1000 ohm resistor (10 and 2 zeros)

the resistors in my question above are  fine, two  10 ohm resistors in parallel that measure 5 ohms resistance

I don't know why after a couple of years on this board that my only focus has been on the capacitors.