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SE/30 accelerator with 32bit clean ROM?


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I'm on a quest to take an SE/30 and absolutely max it out on upgrades. I could use some help clarifying what is possible regarding accelerators.

I'd like to take the SE/30 up to 128MB of RAM, but I see that BMOW says the ROM-Inator II isn't compatible with DayStar accelerators.

And I've found some forum posts confirming they don't work and explaining why. But it's mostly stuff mentioned in passing, so I thought it was worth making a thread to ask some specifics.

What are my options?

MicroMac DiiMO? Those seem impossible to get, none show up in eBay sales history for the past 2 years. Maybe I'd get lucky on Buyee.

DayStar accelerators are a lot easier to get, some expensive ones on eBay right now.

I'm a bit late to the party for any of the Bolle accelerators.

Any different ROM options that would work?

Or just use Mode32 and deal with super long boot times?

Thanks for any insight.


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Hi! can't comment about accelerators since I don't like them/haven't used any, but if you use the stock rom you can skip ram checking during boot by holding down the mouse button. At lest that works on the mac plus.


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IIfx ROM SIMM is how I'd go. Makes the machine 32-bit clean, and is compatible with Daystar accelerators. Also works well in a IIcx, if you want a somewhat slow IIci without built-in video.


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I got my DiiMO off of Buyee last year… They’re much easier to find there but expect to pay around $500.

I can confirm the DiiMO works perfectly with a BMOW ROMinator II.