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Removing Scratches from Newton Screen


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Both my MessagePad 120 and 2000 have gained very small scratches on their screens in the past. They're not very deep but they're still noticeable and can be a little annoying. Is there any approved menthod for polishing these out that does not involve expensive polishes or professional tools?

I would really like to get the screens of these little Newtons blemish-free again.



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i have seen a few forums talk about this ( all from searching google and how to repair scratched PDA screens)

some say that the use of Armor All works (but i dont know about useing it)


here is another method you can try


he used this http://www.noscratch.com/novus/

also some forums talked about this


and also i have seen people talk about plexus plastic cleaner


and i have some mention about the lens doctor


after you find something that you use to remove most of the scratches i would recommend getting a screen protector.


or from here


or just buy a screen replacement from the above site



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From the Newton Talk List last May:

The display has a textured surface, see Daniel Padilla's microscopicphoto

< http://dev.newtontalk.net/~dpadilla/ >

Frank Gruendel has carefully polished all the textured material off

to get a display surface similar to the 120.

see< http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=newtontalk&m=107084164609725&w=2 >

for one discussion, you will find additional discussion in the

archives if you search the archives for K3 polish.

Matt screen protectors will reduce the noticeability wear.


On May 14, 2007, at 12:08 PM, David Oxtoby wrote:

Ok, here's one, i'd just gotten a new LCD panel for the MP2K from

ebay, but once i tired to fit it to the newt i noticed that this

isn't what i needed, since its the top layer of the screen (the glass

with the digitizer) thats scratched and needs fixing and not the LCD

panel below it, dope!, so the LCD panel is no use.

anyway, now i've figured i can't use this LCD panel for anything, i'm

now looking at how best to get rid of the scratches in the glass

screen, anyone had any luck doing this, i thought about some ultra-

fine rubbing compound to polish out the scratches......

David O.