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Recapping a second SE/30


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Whilst waiting for my UF8s to arrive for the board with no V-Sync I cracked open my (mostly) working SE/30 and pulled out the logic board for its recap.  This is my second attempt.

It mostly went a lot smoother this time all the can capacitors off with no damaged pads using a cheap hot air station.  One or two got a bit lively.  I applied Kapton tape to all the potentially vulnerable plastic bits.  Still had trouble with my old nemesis C2 the negative side sits on a huge bit of copper and is real pain to heat up.  I got the Cap out with some difficulty but then discovered the replacement didn't fit in the hole, I then spent way too long and way too many attempts with solder braid trying to clear out the hole.  Eventually I got the raining traces of solder out.

I recapped with 50v Tantalums as per JDWs recent post.

Board had no startup chime, I spent some time cleaning up the UEs and other chips that all looked like they had seen some cap leakage.  No obvious signs of damage.

Board is now having a well deserved IPA soak following a thorough scrubbing with some anti-static brushes.



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A couple of steps that are easy to do: double check for broken traces, some are very hard to spot. And make sure everything is squeaky clean. Re-check your solder joints on all replaced caps.

Would recommend a desoldering station for the next board you have to do - really helps with any through holes that are on ground planes.



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So the recap is complete.  The board has had 3 days to dry out - no smell of IPA.  I re-assembled everything this evening and powered on, everything seems to be working plus the sound is now working again.  A complete success.