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Recapped Macintosh Classic with checkered screen


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4.8v is still low. I don't think summer heat is the issue either, it gets toasty in that case regardless of the weather. This stuff is almost always PP1 in my experience, but you've replaced it. What's 12V at with the new pot?

Have you tried cleaning and adjusting PP2? Contact cleaner and a few turns back and forth can do wonders.


Do you have a source or parts # for all those please?? :)
It's definitely a problem with my parts list: I just recapped another Classic board this week with the same parts, and I get the very same problem. I have a working board I recapped in August 2021, so I compared the August 2021 parts list with the June 2022 list. There are some differences, due to components availability. Now I am going to swap the different components one by one from the working board to one of the two that do not work. I hope to find the problem this way. The parts list can be found here:

Items that differ between the two lists are highlighted in red. (Descriptions were mostly downloaded from my order history on Mouser Italy, so it's in Italian, but you should be able to understand the technical data anyway).