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Radius Pivot Model Variations - Need Info


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I can't find any information on the various Radius Pivot models. What I do know is that some of them were Mac only and required specifically the Pivot card, likewise some were PC only and required a Pivot ISA card. Then according to what little info I could find, some would work with any video card and just required the Radius software.

There are quite a few Radius Pivots on eBay right now, but I can't tell the difference in models. Does anyone have a list of model differences by any chance? Google is completely failing me. The models I'm interested in are:

M2035GR PrecisionColor Pivot (typo? Still separate listing.)
M20356R PrecisionColor Pivot
356 PrecisionColor Pivot
320 Radius Pivot (I think this one is PC only, and requires the ISA or PC PCI pivot card.)
M20361 Ergo Pivot (Verified this one to be B&W/grayscale only.)


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Someone had the foresight to copy the Radius Pivot FAQ for the model 0356. That one works with the Soft Pivot software, no need for the card. It's compatible up to System 7.5.1. A company called Portrait Display Labs released a commercial Pivot compatible driver that's supposed to increase support for Quadras and PowerMacs, as well as for systems beyond 7.5.1.

Now the question is: Is the M20356R the same as the 0356?