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Powerbook G3 & Clamshell iBook Power Supply (AC Adapter) replacement suggestion


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Hi there -

Maybe you're seeing this because you got a Powerbook or Clamshell iBook without power supply.

After verifying that it's possible to DIY build a power supply with a 3.5mm plug and a 330k resistor, I decided to seek out a moderately priced solution that wouldn't power down if I jiggled the plug.

I found that perfect-fitting power plugs (that convert into standard barrel jacks) can be found fairly cheaply online from Bixnet.com. Then it becomes a need to find the right standard center-positive barrel jack 24v power supply. I went and purchased a Canon CA-CP200 24V 2.2Amp printer power supply which fit perfectly. The jack adapter is black but the power supply is white and not too terribly offensive to the color scheme.

Total Cost: Under $24. (For me it was $10.92 for plug (incl S/H) and $12.34 (incl S/H) for power supply)

Would have been a lot cheaper to reuse a used 24v power supply from the junk drawer but hey, that's not bad for getting this Clamshell up and running!

I hope this helps others.



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I've just had a revelation.

I swapped the jack out from one with a dead 12" PowerBook G4. Probably not the best idea, though. I should do that someday! Great work~