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PowerBook 5300cs error chime/random shut down

Hi all,

I was recently given a powerbook 5300cs that was working fine until one day it would not turn on at all when connected to power. As a fix, I tried 1.) desoldering and resoldering the power jack connector on the motherboard, as that is a common source of power problems, and 2.) replacing the DC power board with a brand new replacement board I found on ebay.

The 5300 will chime and turn on every time I plug it in now, but there's a new issue: after about 1 or 2 minutes, the screen flashes on and off, the speakers will emit a 4 note error chime, and then the computer just shuts off.

Does this pattern still point to power issues, or are there larger issues with the logic board/processor at play now?
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Sounds like you’ve got a flaky power supply or a flaky DC board. Buying new ones off eBay won’t solve you’re issues, just delay them - you’re much better off getting what you have recapped which will likely solve your issues.