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Powerbook 3400 PRAM Batteries

Rick Dangerous

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I have been looking high and low for about 6-12 months now... Someone please point me in the right direction.

Bought some off ebay that looked right but wound up being too small. Reached out to another guy that used to make them up until recently, etc. etc.

Not against paying for a custom build either if anyone knows someone who can make them.

Please help me track some down, I figured someone on here has to know something!

Need 2x Pram batteries for my favorite pre-G3 laptops! :)


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I had to make up my own for my PB's

I used conductive "glue" for fixing rear-window defrosters to hold the cells together and then I removed the wires from the old pack and re-soldered them to leads coming from the new one.

I used VERY thin brass sheet metal to make the top/middle/bottom contact pads. For the 5300 series, its just 2 cells, so I just "glue" them together and then attach the top/bottom leads and then covered it in shrink-wrap/"press-n-seal". For my pismo battery, I cover it with spray on "plast-dip" stuff (for covering tool handles).

My Pismo just got a new pack after a few years... soldering right onto the cells is a great way to shorten their lifespan.

My 5300ce

Rick Dangerous

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Yep...my hunt continues.

I tossed my old battery packs because they were foaming and about to get rabid. Should have saved the damn wires. Oh well...they pop up for sale on ebay from time to time, just have to keep an eye out if someone starts making them again.