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PowerBook 180c Capacitor Map


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Howdy, everyone

I found a machine I've been wanting for a very, VERY long time: A PowerBook 180c. I bought a used one back in 2006, before I started high school. But the screen almost immediately stopped working. I've been waiting for a decent price on another one ever since, and one popped on eBay last week, so that was an insta-buy.

It hasn't gotten to me yet, I'm hoping it comes in the post in time for the weekend. The last thing I want is for the screen or logic board to get damaged by old, leaky capacitors, so I'm planning to recap the whole thing.

Does anyone have a map, or even a list of which capacitors I'll need to do the job?



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The screen will definitely need replacement capacitors, but the logic board is all solid-state, so that should be fine.



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What else goes wrong on them?  I’ve got a couple that let some smoke out when I powered them up.



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Does anyone have a map, or even a list of which capacitors I'll need to do the job?
I've been looking for this as well.  I have one that needs the display capacitors recapped, but I haven't wanted to open it up (and leave it open and parts scattered about) without having the capacitors on-hand to replace them right away so I can get it all taken care of at the same time.



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Probably not what you are looking for (the 180c) but I got the following capacitors from mouser.com for my PowerBook 100 and PowerBook 165 screens. Was able to recap the PB100 screen with great results, PB165 still TBD.

PB 100 Screen:

8 - 3.3µF - 35V - SMT

PB 165 Screen:

9 - 3.3µF - 35V - SMT

1 - 100µF - 6.3V - SMT

1 - 22µF - 35V - SMT

Mouser Part #:

17 - 3.3µF - 35V - SMT - Size B:  581-TAJB335K035SNJ

1 x 100µf - 6.3V - SMT - Size C: 581-TAJC107K006R

1 x 22µF - 35V - SMT - Size D: 581-TAJD226K035

The 3.3µF one seems to be common to many Sharp OEM PB screens, but not sure if that extends to the active matrix ones.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. Looks like I'll have to do some fussing around to figure out what goes where. I'll grab a few capacitors for the 165 and see how they compare to what's in the 180c. The I've found a few pictures of the screen's PCB, and it's definitely a lot more crowded than its passive matrix siblings, no surprises there. It's definitely something I won't be tackling for a little bit, I want to have the time and room to do it carefully, so that just gives me more time to try and dredge up more information from anyone who's recapped this screen.

I should also recap my 170 at some point. I keep checking the screen for evidence of leakage, and nothing yet. I doesn't even have the "tunnel vision" issue that plagues so many B&W active matrix PowerBooks, I can run this thing for hours no problem. But my luck can't hold out forever. Sooner or later, those caps need to be replaced.



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Just recapped a Powerbook 180C

On the 180C screen

47 uF  16 Vx 4

10 uF 16 V x2

10 uF 25 V x2

on the LCD  power board 22 uF 10V x2

brightness/ contrast looks great but didn't get rid of the stripe of blacked out pixels