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Powerbook 100 working


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So was able to pick up a local powerbook 100. Couldn’t believe it was local and really nice shape and cheap!. No power, dead. Psu dead. I have two new power supplies, but still dead. I removed all old caps i had replacements on hand for (47uf, 10uf, 1uf etc) cleaned board really well, clean pads really well, recapped what i could, let dry. The display hasnt been recapped yet. Fired it up, she works:) my other powerbook 100 logic board gives me the black screen with its display, and the new one, but this new board works fine with both displays. So yay, that was a good pickup. Also had the ram upgrade in it. Came with floppy drive as well


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Will display the no contrast/black screen when the caps are dead. Likely one gave out, or another issue.