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Post Recap Death Chimes on an SE/30


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Afternoon folks,

Does anybody recognise these symptoms and have a suggestion where to start looking? This was a working board that I've recapped for my dad. Nothing went badly and it is in good condition overall.

The computer death chimes and then shows this :


Is it possible that the RAM is poorly seated causing this? I've tried it in both banks, but they both have damaged clips (wasn't me or him - previous owner).

I have a IIx ROM in it, the RAM itself is known good and both this RAM and ROM were working in a newer (slightly different board layout) SE/30 earlier in the day.

I have only swapped the logic board compared to previous tests with the other SE/30 board. Analogue board and PSU seem fine and boot an SE and the other SE/30 board.

Pointers welcome :) I haven't worked on a /30 before.


(Yes, I put the CPU and Video ROM back in after ultrasonic cleaning it after this photo).


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Yep, was going to suggest reseating RAM/ROM. I have an SE/30 with a weak ROM socket and I always know if it won't boot it's because of that.