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PB100 Screen with Line


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Ok... so I recapped both the logic board and lcd displays caps.. The LCD has the 3.3uf caps and I've done this many times before... Anyways.. I hate that this display has a line in it.. Any one know what may be the issue?? This display doesn't suffer from that annoying purple/pink splotch from the trackball pressing on it.. so I hate to trash it (well not trash it, but want to fix it)

Techknight any suggestions??

I have tried to check the display cable and wiggle it and so on but the line remains... so I don't think it's a connectivity issue with the display cable.. perhaps one of the display caps is bad or not making contact? I just don't know why that would create a line..


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the glued on ribbons to the screen may be able to be re attached much like on a gameboy with lines.  low heat soldering iron run quickly back and fourth on those spots on both sides as to repair the connection may be possible.  Ive dont it with game boys, not sure if the glue is similar on the 100.



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Yup, thats a ribbon bond. I have successfully repaired (modern) LCDs by using a bar tool tip for my soldering iron to re-heat the ribbon and re-bond it to the display and PCB. if the cable is delaminating instead of the glue coming apart, well.... 



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Ok everyone who's PB100 happy..... Quick real nice tip!!! I wasn't aware that the PB Duo 230 screen (lcd portion) is exactly the same as the PB100's... so for all of you peeps out there with those pesky pink splotches on your screen just swap out the ACTUAL LCD portion of the display from a Duo 230.. It's a little tricky to get it out of the Duo 230.. it's sorta like stuck to the display housing plastics after unscrewing the bracket. Of course you will need to recap the LCD display board with 8 I think 3.3 uf caps.. I use tantalum radials.. small ones.. So from your 100 retain all the display metal and plastics as well as back light and the 3 backlight plastic films... just replace the actual LCD film that attach to the boards. The LCD portion is what is impacted by the pressure of the trackball... I'll post a pic later of mine successfully replaced.

IMPORTANT: This procedure is not for the faint of heart... It does require a dust free environment and no touching of the various LCD display pieces to avoid dirt and finger prints on your display when complete! So it is a delicate procedure... and needs to be done in a relatively clean environment.. A can of air is good to have handy for falling dandriff if you have any...



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Is there a possibility to see some pictures or a video how to repair the cable? I'm not sure what to do while reading the text about the fix.



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Just adding this for other people that might search. I just recapped the screen on my 145 and suddenly a line appeared almost identical to the above! I used contact cleaner on both ends of the connecting ribbon so decided to open it back up.

Near one of the caps I had replaced, there was the tiniest blob of solder that had brushed off and landed on the ribbon bond that connects to the screen - I'm guessing it was causing a short. It wasn't even attached - just sitting there. I recleaned the area and put it all back together and now the line has gone.