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OS X 10.2 vs 10.4 on Quicksilver


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I am interested in seeing if 10.3 will allow 7.1 to connect to it with the proper extensions though.

10.3 has AppleTalk-protocol AppleShare, same as 10.2, so GS/OS, System 6, system 7.1 should work.

7.1+extensions (the OpenTransport/AppleShar updates from 7.5) will connect to 10.4.


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Thank you, Cory. I will have to check to see that it works with 6. I did update my IIfx's AppleShare to the 3.7.4 to allow for AppleShare IP, and updated the Quicksilver to 10.3.9. This appears to be the sweet spot for me: my games are happy, my USB 2.0 card now works properly (spotty under 10.2), FW800 card works well, and the IIfx under 7.1 connects to it no problem. Now to test the SE with 6.0.8 to see if it can connect....and I'll be golden!