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Options connecting a wifi modem with RS-232 port to my IIci?

Hey everyone,

I bought a WiFi modem that will allow my IIci to dial into BBSes. If it works, I may post about it in another thread :)  my problem is that it comes with a RS-232 port, which isn't something our Macs have. Rummaging in the basement boxes I've found a RS-232 DB9 to 8P Mini Din cable. It seems like a perfect fit. But I'm somehow reluctant to simply connect any cable to my precious IIci. (I know too few about cables, electricity & hardware)

Enclosing a pic of the cable.

Will this cable work with the printer port on a classic Mac or will I need to look for another solution? If so, what would be my option?

Thanks in advance. Appreciate the help!

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I'd give it a try, personally.  You might need an adapter to swap TX and RX depending on how the modem and the cable are wired.



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I would keep to speeds of 9600baud or lower for testing, mostly because many Mac to RS-232 serial cables are not wired correctly for hardware handshaking. Once you know the cable is working, you can try higher speeds.