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Only One Boot Disk, Three Macintosh Plus Machines - How to create a boot disk?


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Hey everyone,

first time posting in this forum, excited to be a part of this community.

Looking for some help, and couldn’t find a situation similar elsewhere in the forums.

I have one System 6.0.8 Boot disk that works. It’s the only disk I have for my systems.

I have a handful of working 800k formatted floppy disks

I have three working Macintosh Plus machines.

I am trying to create two other working system boot disks for my other machines, so each one has their own boot disk.

From the boot disk, while the machine is running, I am using the installer application, and when I attempt to create any form of a system boot disk on a floppy, it keeps telling me aside from the system disk, I need Utilities 1 and the Utilities 2 disks for the copy to be successful.

Is there anyway to successfully create a system boot disk from this installer application without having the required Utilities disks?

What are some options here for me to create boot disk copies?


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1. Insert and start up from said boot disk.

2. Drag boot disk to the trash, leaving ghosted image left on desktop.

3. Insert new, blank 800k disk.

4. Drag ghosted boot disk icon onto new 800k disk icon.

5. Swap floppies back and forth while the disk is duplicated.

6. Keep new disk inserted - select "Set Startup..." from the Special menu.

7. Use Finder or Multifinder, whichever you choose, and click OK.

8. Open the new disk icon and look to make sure you have a blessed System Folder (has a little Mac icon on the folder).

9. If all of the above work fine, restart the Plus, insert the new disk, and see if it starts up. If it does, repeat all of the above once more to make a third startup disk.