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Oh dear another Mac - A G4 15" USB 2.0


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My first ever Mac was a G4 15", I think the USB 1.0 model.  I gifted it to my Niece to take to University here in the UK.

I saw this as a £0.01 auction on eBay and ended up picking it up for the princely sum of £16.00.  The seller contacted me to say the keyboard had gone missing so the keyboard in the photo is one of mine, but I do have a Bluetooth keyboard from this era that I think will go well.

Its a pretty stock configuration with no significant wear and tear that I can see.  Booted up fine and I got the CD drive to eject.  I am waiting for the login password from the seller and I plan to wipe it and reinstall an OS X - maybe Tiger

There are a couple of deep marks/cuts on the surface of the LCD but it doesn't seem to be affecting the display.

Plan is to give it a through clean inside and out, max out the external ram to 1GB (and maybe the internal ram as well) and possibly install a SSD with an IDE to SATA

Not bad for the price!