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Now this is interesting... PCI to NuBus.


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Not even the fabulous (literally) NuBus90 at 20MHz caught up with PCI bus speeds, let alone ordinary 10MHz NuBus, but PCI/NuBus expansion was an inevitability given the investment that many professional users of the time had in their NuBus cards.



Dan 7.1

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that is incredibly epic and i want it.

unfortunately my spending money has gone into a new router. so i can't has it :-/



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i knew taht there are these boxes.

tho having a stargate would be even bettar :p



Somebody DO IT. Retail on the expansion chassis alone is* $2.5k

*more likely was. The website is still up, but hecknows if they're still making them.

Not even incredibly expensive, for someone local.
Given the amount of extras, it's a bargain. Stick a G4 in that puppy and watch it fly. Five PCI slots and two Nubus... MMmmm

Not that I'd waste the chassis on a mere Audiomedia II - a PCI card would match and surpass the functionality of that. In fact there is a PCI AMII - and unlike the Nubus version, you can record 4 simultaneous tracks with it (two through the digital ins) No, I'd be wrapping that up and stashing it safely till the day I get my hands on a Nuverb }:)